Scientology White Paper - Islam Covering All Religions; Scientology As The Religion of Religions

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    Scientology White Paper - Islam Covering All Religions; Scientology As The Religion of Religions

    From the official Scientology Religion website:

    Official Scientology White Paper - Scientology and Islam: An Analogous Study.


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    Islam was founded by Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him and his descendants). In the Quran, which Muslims absolutely believe in as the word of God, one may be surprised to find it written that the truth that has existed through this universe before the creation of this world is also termed Islam. All the messengers and prophets of God since Adam have taught “Islam.” Per the verbal tradition of Islamic prophecy, the number of messengers of God is said to be 313, while the number of prophets is said to be 124,000.

    It was revealed that these messengers and prophets of God were sent to all communities, tribes and races and that they disseminate the same truth in each one’s language. In chapter #2, clause 136 of the Quran, it says, “Say! We believe in God and the things revealed to us. We also believe in things that have been revealed to Abraham, Ismael, Isaac, Jacob and the tribes as well as things given to Moses and Jesus and things given from God to all prophets. We never create discrimination between any of them, and we are Muslim.” Here is the Arabic word faraq which is translated as never create discrimination. The word also means separate, isolate, cut through and distinct. Thus, this meaning from the Quran not only means to never discriminate against other religions but also to never isolate, or cut through them. This does not only mean a tolerance of Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and Shintoists but it means to hold them all in harmonious regard. That is what the world of Islam teaches. And thus, if a Muslim were to speak about Islam, he would naturally also include Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism and other religions in the realm of his understanding. This is original Islam, revealed by the prophecy to Mohammed (PBUH).

    As a comparison, Scientology as Mr. Hubbard explained, is the religion of religions. This is outlined in the Introduction to Scientology video where the interviewer asks Mr. Hubbard if a parishioner from the Roman Catholic Church or the Anglican Church can be a member of Scientology. Mr. Hubbard answered that they could and further explained that Scientology was a religion of religions.

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  2. Enthetan

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    The author is correct in his characterization of Islam, as Muslims believe it.

    The word "Islam" means "Submission", as in submission to the will of Allah. The word "Muslim" does not mean "follower of Mohammad", it is an Arabic word meaning "one who submits (to God)". Thus, from the Muslim viewpoint, all the earlier prophets like Jesus and Moses, were Muslims.

    Now, how they manage to reconcile all that with Scientology (which does not acknowledge the existence of any God, but only that we are all thetans) might be interesting to hear.
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    Now the above is complete bullshit, as far as mainstream Islam, as laid out in the Quran, is concerned.
    But I will refrain from doing any further derail.
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    And Catholic means universal, as in it too covers everything and everyone.