#ScientologyOffset: Contribute to The Aftermath Foundation if you buy a ticket to Mission Impossible

Discussion in 'Breaking and Major News about Scientology' started by CommunicatorIC, Jul 28, 2018.

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    I wouldn't go to see & financially support a Tom Cruise movie if they PAID ME to.

    Not one thin dime for any of Tom's crime.

    Yeah, sounds tinfoil right? LOL

    But what does Cruise do with his money and celebrity currency? He promotes a rapacious fraud, hoax and cult that ruins peoples' lives.

    Why do I get the feeling that if Cruise was asked in private (in a session while on an e-meter, where he feels safe) how he feels about Scientologists being disconnected from their families/friends, bankrupted, stalked and terrorized---using his millions donated to the IAS---that he would begin having a "floating TA", accompanied by that horrific and endless CACKLING LAUGHTER, and it wouldn't stop until the e-meter ran out of charge.
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    I understand and indeed I agree.

    Nonetheless, as I said on Tony Ortega's blog, while I know many, if not most, if not all people here will not see Mission Impossible Fallout, I think @WillChamberlain’s solution to the ethical dilemma of seeing the movie and supporting Tom Cruise is interesting. It is a sincere, well-intentioned and thoughtful attempt to address the ethical dilemma, particularly for someone who is probably not as informed about Scientology as we are. It also brings more attention to The Aftermath Foundation.
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    Sure, makes sense.

    However, I will repeat the auditing command, "Not one thin dime for any cult slime". LOL
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    I will, however, pay for and go to see a future installment of the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE series.

    Specifically, the sequel where Tom "confronts" and "shatters" and "blows" from a sociopathic " cult.

    Look for it in a local theater near you: "MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: TOM COGNITES THAT HIS GURUS ARE 1.1 SPs."