Seeking some information about Scientology for a podcast

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    Now that you are known to them, you can expect to receive lots of promo.
    The first Reg step, now that you have bought a book, will begin with a Personality Test. The OCA. From it, they will tell you what is wrong with you and how Scn will help you with that.
    If you continue, you will embark upon a Course of Training and Processing.
    Smoother than Duck shit.
    You are a Scientologist.
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    JeezOPete! I felt unsafe on that fooking Flagship Apollo because I was unsafe. I was out in the middle of the Ocean with a bunch of psychos! WTF!
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    Some of your posts have enough information for them to identify you. Naming the org and quoting correspondence verbatim with phone number, etc. They monitor this board and could very possibly put it all together. You can delete or edit your posts for a limited time. Otherwise you may need to request an edit from the mods.

    I think the immediate risk of a physical encounter with you as raw public is negligible. And your interest in conducting a podcast seems relatively innocent to where they probably would assign you a low risk category unworthy of PIs and Fair Gaming. A threatening letter from OSA or an attorney maybe.

    The real risk becomes greater in proportion to one's involvement. This is especially so since that implies more cooperation on your part and more assumption/demand of your cooperation on their part.

    But I by no means intend to downplay the actual risk:
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    The scientology organization does everything according to the instructions of their founder L. Ron Hubbard.

    Hubbard said that if a newspaper reporter asks for an interview about scientology he must be refused. This is because, according to Hubbard, they have already got a negative story written and they just want to add credibility to it by saying they conducted an interview. They probably apply this policy nowadays to all such requests, even podcasts.

    Scientology organizations can't be "completely restructured" because they can only work in the manner that Hubbard outlined in his policies. Therefore they will continue doing the same crazy things until they eventually die out.

    They have billions of dollars but only a few thousand people so it is difficult to say when their demise will come or what will happen to the money when there is no one left to spend it.
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    The answer is in your question.

    Scientology cannot change. I know it sounds bizarre however it's the truth, the 'policies' written way back when are to be followed to the letter and of course Hubbard did not write anything that would cover today's social media except that any media are "merchants of chaos" and to treat them as such. Add the people who have spoken out who are routinely attacked for doing so and you have a mad dog organisation hiding beneath 'clerical garb'.

    It cannot change, restructure or re-brand or it would not be scientology, and that is against Hubtub's orders. And if it did appear to do so it would be more lying and cloaking. Scratch the surface and the mad dog is soon visible again. Crazy huh? :duh:
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    Listen to Surviving Scientology Radio Podcasts. It will tell you all you need to know.