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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by nahatsu, Mar 16, 2017.

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  1. nahatsu

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  2. Free to shine

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    G'day to you!

    Before I really answer your post I wanted to tell you that if for any reason you may have the possibility of disconnection from any family still in scientology, you may need to make your posts more anonymous. No names, dates or family connections, you can edit this yourself or ask a Moderator to do it for you, just click the little black triangle at the bottom of the post and ask for help. OSA does probably still monitor this site, and being here is a real no-no for people with current scientology connections. (I don't think mentioning Sydney is a problem because there are thousands of people out of scientology from there. :))

    I was in Sydney in 1967 and we may even have met! I won't go into that now, I am just concerned as you mention a family member still there and want to ensure you know the possibilities.

    Welcome! :welcome:
  3. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    I see you did edit your post so perhaps this isn't the time to talk here yet. I want you to know that when that time is right there are people here who you probably know, and that you are very welcome. Do keep reading! There is a wealth of information, connections and stories. I have 4 generations affected by scientology, starting in Sydney, then the UK and now Melbourne, so I really understand the dynamics of that and what it's like trying to find out how it one fits into it all as an individual. You can still post, just keep names, dates and details out of it and you'll be fine. Feel free to send me a PM (private message) if you like.
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  4. nahatsu

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    Hello... I came back today with renewed intention to shake off the what-ever-the-hell that was [back-off I expect!!!!] and start again! You're very perceptive it was exactly like that - I freaked a little thinking I'd done some damage or whatever, but hey that's me... your note was very sincere, and I enjoyed seeing your reply actually! It was great to come by today and note your response, and I certainly will PM you shortly. I feel rather amazed to realise that there are some of those folks I used to hang with either in the org or out - back then there was never a scarcity of terminals; it was so much a happening thing I was swept up in it all; but the common denominator was always the tech and applying it was the name of the game. Making your own, and other people's lives improve was such a big part of it all. I am very pleased to be here; among those who joined in with glad hearts, and the freedom to BE... Speak with you soon then! *(-_-xx

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    Excellent! I didn't mean to scare you, it's just a fact of life around here. Scientology likes to control everything and everyone and gathering info is part of that. I doubt anyone saw your posts, it's ok.

    Yes we all wanted to 'clear the planet' and it's such a seemingly noble cause that a lot of good people tried their best and ended up in places and situations they could never have imagined. I was 14 when I became part of it all, no choice really, and in those days it all seemed such an exciting and wonderful world. I don't feel like that now though, my story is around here somewhere.

    You know the most 'workable technology' I have found is something profoundly simple - kindness. To ourselves and others, though it helps if we learn about boundaries first. Having been told how bad I was and that there was only one way to fix that for most of my life, it took a while to understand the concepts I had never been taught yet felt instinctively. What matters most is what we do each and every day to have a happy and fulfilling life, not something like 'eternal salvation'.

    Oops, better not get started.

    I'm glad you are still here. :)
  6. nahatsu

    nahatsu New Member

    Although I joined this site early this year - I have no clue how to or where to write a new post; so I have simply posted on an old thread... ;)

    I joined this site some months ago during an extremely life-threatening issue with health. I admit I made a mistake. I need to delete the account, but don't know HOW. I see there is purpose and a definite 'theme' to being here and quite honestly, while I have found some very fond memories of bygone days in some of the stories, I am no good at all with prevarication if that's the right word. I speak as if I am me, or not really at all! I found it very difficult to write in the first place because I don't think I can do the whole 'Fabian' thing when appearing but without appearing if that makes sense.

    I confess I was looking for some kind of help is some rather unrealistic way by joining - a desperation was the driving force behind it; I was terribly ill and without the right kind of support I was terrified of letting go the body. I have since found and used an excellent system which has produced some excellent results; I am no longer in the risk zone, but I am deeply affected by the passing of time; wanting the security of those long-gone days; and the terminals I had - there was never a scarcity of terminals back then; I LOVED having so many comm lines and miss it to this day. There is no safe place anymore since the whole thing went into a zone with what I considered to be 'the hostile take-over' . . . . .since that day, I quite deliberately distanced myself - not wanting to be associated with such out-ethics and destructive/mad leadership.

    You see: it wasn't that I was disaffected personally: I didn't have any big old grudges as such: I certainly knew when things had gone wrong, but it was always in my universe that I saw both sides of any picture. I had gained a pan-determined point of view - I had a lucky knack of steering clear of suppression; and if anyone put (crap) on my lines.... put it to you this way: those that did (ie by false reporting me, or enturbulating me, etc) were later declared! I had a history of that kind of thing - it was like I was born under a lucky star or something. Whatever it was, I had some kind of invisible force that protected me from suppression while I was in the Sea Org. I was at Saint Hill in the early 70s; but due to being openly 'recognised' by some crew, I fled back to Sydney unable to face whatever it was about possibly having been in (previous life) . . . .

    I was to find out eventually that I had indeed been around for a very long time as far as Scn was concerned.... There were people who came to ANZO on missions while I was on crew in Sydney (Circa 1980 to 1990) who openly recognised me by indication but who then left a big mystery and never really took it to the end of the avenue... it was like "I know you.." but that was it! I was more enturbulated by that kind of thing than anything else! I was a target for some but not many, and as I've said, I seemed to have an invisible force of protection round me (thank god for that eh?!) and when I saw the way things were going - I got out fast. I've never looked back that way being a conscientious objector. . . . . my right as a being...

    Of course, there are some regrets. I wanted to accomplish ALL my goals and with the advent of what occurred, that was no longer possible. I am happy to say that I still retain the FN of my wins, the gains I made from the books: I'm talking about the understanding which enabled me in so many ways. I don't have an 'un-handled' protest so this is why I feel I don't really fit in here....

    Now I have spoken out on this, I wonder what impressions I will leave. I thought it would be better for me to delete the account here all together under the circumstances..... I want to thank those who have shared some fun memories I particularly enjoyed the old photos showing a young me, and the memories shared on various guys who were part of who I was with back then (eg Linnah McFerrin and her husband, Kevin) I was on who went to those come in any valance parties etc.... Thanks for listening to my comm today. (-_0)
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  7. strativarius

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    If you want impressions, then all I can say is the impression you left on me is that you are still a scientologist at heart, but one who is unhappy about the way things have gone since Miscavige took over. There are web sites on the internet that are far more favourable to others with this mindset than the one you are on at the moment.

    Unlike those who remain in the cult who have a closed mind and cannot see beyond the conditioning they have received during their involvement, most folks here are open-minded and supportive.

    Your post is littered with scientology terminology (or nomenclature, as the great leader would say), usually a good sign that you are still fundamentally a believer in L. Ron Hubbard and his works, a viewpoint not shared widely here on esmb. Perhaps you'd do better to seek out 'terminals' in the freakzone to 'comm' with, here we do stuff like 'chat' with other 'people'.

    Well, you did ask.
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  8. Demented Hubbatd

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    When a believer in Hubbard's "doctrine" asks me why I turned away form Scientology, I reply with, "Find the page in book 1 where Hubbard lists all illnesses that Dianetics can cure, and then ask yourself if you have met a single person whose illness was cured after he/she was declared Clear."
    Need I to remind you that this list includes kidney ailments, multiple sclerosis and my favorite, dwarfism? The last one is very funny because it implies that after Dianetics sessions a dwarf grows up to a normal size?

    Here is my person experience with Dianetics auditing -- as a Dianetics auditor, I tried to cure my friend from multiple sclerosis. Guess, what happened -- he passed away many years ago because of multiple sclerosis!

    You sound like a renegade Scientologist with your Scientology lingo that I have trouble understanding.
  9. wigee1

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    Just curious about the Dates , after mentioning the Mcfersons , was that Lee street or Castlereigh st,
  10. TheOriginalBigBlue

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    I enjoy using Scientology nomenclature here sometimes because I know there are people who can understand it but it is no longer me - it is my Scientology valence.
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    Was just trying to figure who you are, I must have joined 76 they were on lines , 9months to a year latter , they were gone ,I was gone in 79,
    Kathy Palmer took over their Tee shirt Business and is still running it today,
  13. nahatsu

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  14. wigee1

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    are you still in.>?
  15. exseaorgclocmoflagetc

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    TO stratavarius: ( and other Ex's) there are some ex's who still have family held up and disconnected ...very near and dear loved ones that they can no longer speak to..........Im sure for those ...they subconciously know that if they let go of the beliefs it will be obvious to the loved ones still in and they will lose them forever.....the disconnections are an extremly powerful control tool to keep a hold on person to still keep trying to find the good in it and ignore that truth. I personally know one...who is still trying to keep in touch with a loved one( after 30 years of dissconnection) cant be easy. Myself , I have many in, and I finally gave up after many decades of hope and somehow that released me to not be afraid to speak anymore.
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