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  1. Leland

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    54620E93-AD6E-4AFF-BE87-74BA27A9FE2C.jpeg WoW....saw this tonight!
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    I just went to Amazon headquarters stormed right into Jeff Bezos office, demanding that he remove all Scientology books by Ron Hubbard from inventory. Because Hubbard's books offend me with religious hatred.

    Because Hubbard claimed that Mohammad was a pedophile, that there was no man on the cross (Jesus) and that Buddha only made it to "Clear".

    Bezos apologized and said Amazon will never sell Hubbard's religious bigotry again.

    As I left the Amazon parking lot I smiled to myself, knowing that when Scientologists hear about my 4th dynamic win, they will realize it is pointless to try to sell Scientology books, after which they will just shut down their orgs and go to work in normal jobs.

    So, this is the end of Scientology! Pretty cool, right?

    (Helluvahoax turns to gigantic wall photo of Hubbard, crisply salutes and barks: "DONE SIR!")

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  4. Leland

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  5. Leland

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    CE09BEFB-7399-469F-BC8B-BFF2A48611F0.jpeg Saw this tonight;

    Dec. Wed the 20th, 2017
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  6. Enthetan

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    Which one? Some many former execs have spoken up. Or has Pat Broeker finally decided to tell all?
  7. Teanntás

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    Scientology revered founder has been unmasked as an FBI informant — and a double agent for the Russians! That’s the bombshell revelation contained in FBI documents obtained exclusively by that expose the cult’s leader, L. Ron Hubbard, as an underhanded KGB spy!
    The trove of newly released files is packed with explosive details about the celebrity-studded church and its traitorous kingpin.

    One document reports Hubbard allegedly adopted the dreaded Soviet terror tactics of brainwashing, drugging and hypnotism to control his followers.
    “No matter how historic these incidents are, Scientologists view Hubbard as a god and leader who can do no wrong,” a source said.
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  8. Leland

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    Oh Fuck! Things get worse?

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