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Discussion in 'L Ron Hubbard' started by kate8024, Jul 28, 2013.

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  1. kate8024

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    So I was thinking it might be a good idea to have a thread with quotes from L. Ron Hubbard which are either unintentional funny or funny for completely different reasons then they were originally intended.

    I'll start with this one which I found today that I laughed at

    context: After 7 pages of detailing all the different types of crimes in Scientology and talking about punishment for those crimes:
    "A reward system for merit and good performance also exists."
    - HCO Policy Letter of 7 March 1965RA Issue III Revised 10 January 1991 (Basic Staff Hat, page 474)

    it doesn't detail that reward system on any page that I was able to find and doesn't reference any specific policy detailing a reward system.

    and one I cried a little about but found it funny that he would have mentioned this:

    "The only way an org will come out straight is by forbidding musical chairs"
    - HCO Policy Letter of 2 August 1971 (Basic Staff Hat, page 223)
  2. kate8024

    kate8024 -deleted-

    "Well, my machinery - I don't know about yours - is delicate."
    - The Game Called Man, page 26

    Poor guy, he was so delicate lol
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    Hubbard made up the word "randomity" - I used it with a WOG once and he corrected me - told me it is NOT a word.

    I felt like a total idiot because I argued with him in my self-righteous Scientological valence then I looked it up in the dictionary. It is NOT a word. I need an emoticon with "egg on the face". LOL
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    kate8024 -deleted-

    I think that's probably my favorite word that he made up. I think I first saw it as the title of one of the "Classics" lectures and I think I literally asked the person at the Org "What the f*** is 'randomity' :laugh:?" granted at that point I had already read all the basics books and was quickly getting over my initial illusions about what was going on in this place.
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    It's funny!

    Before I started to get rid of all my library and ''lie dector machine'' for saving the planet

    I tried to figure out wich one of LRH book I would keep, in case I would need written proofs of the mindfuck and mental illness of the LWrong!

    So I kept ''Hyms of Asia - wich is my favorite - it makes me so much laugh and I suspect Scientology inc might be embarassed of this epic failed attempt at pseudo-Buddha pseudo-reincarnation'' :biggrin:
    It's from page one to the end full of crap crazyness and sexism of LRH.
    Apparently, LRH wrote it for a buddhists convention to attract buddhists in.
    Had you seen any BBS (Buddhist Body in the shop) ???? :biggrin:

    My favorite Quotes:

    “Am I Metteyya?
    If you see me dead I will then
    live forever.
    I come to you in Peace
    I come to you as a
    I do not come as an
    officer of Church or Sect
    I come to you as a
    I do not come as a
    I come to bring you

    I come to bring you
    all that Lord Buddha
    would have you know
    of life, Earth and Man.

    I come to you with
    I come to you with
    I come to teach you
    I come to help you.

    With complete attention
    With arduous study
    With interest and
    You will al
    In very few years
    Some in months
    Become Bodhi.” ​

    I like to have someone - especially a ex-$cn in doubt read it
    and watch the reaction!...

    Oh...regards to all the bodhi

    * bodhi: Bodhi is the name of the specific Ficus religiosa tree under which the Buddha sat when he obtained Bodhi 'enlightenment'

    Ficus religiosa in $cientology
    The tree of enlightment


    What a shame! :nervous:
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    ''the late Aleister Crowley , my very good friend ...''




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  15. Operating DB

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    Shit = L. Ron Hubbard

    L. Ron Hubbard = Shit (squared)
  16. Operating DB

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    I love and always will remember this succinct quote from a wonderful ex scio friend of mine: "Hubbard was full of himself".

    It's simple. Just take a listen to the full-of-himself-ness in the above video or any other audio tape or any written nonsense he put out.

    Have any of us mentioned lately that hubbard was full of himself?
  17. La La Lou Lou

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    I loved the Hymn of Asia, it was very pretty, but his false humility at not actually saying he was the next Messiah but implying it with a sledge hammer was too much. He was as humble as a lion after killing a zebra before having a wash.
  18. kate8024

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    "We have seen an entire race of philosophers go out of existence since 1790. We have seen philosophy become a very unimportant subject, where once it was a very common coin amongst the people. The philosophers themselves, put themselves out of communication with the people by insisting on using words of special definition which could not be assimilated with readiness by persons in general."
    from Dianetics 55! (2007) page 110

  19. Gib

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    You might want to add, the everybody who now gets invloved with scientology,

    they have to do the "basics", or listened to a whole lot of hubbard lectures before they can go up the bridge. You can read about it at Mike Rinder's blog.

    So hubbard's power of simplicity has turned into a complete study of his bible. LOL
  20. kate8024

    kate8024 -deleted-

    Yeah this is something I don't get at all - if I were running Scientology and trying to actually get people to give me their money instead of laughing at me I would want them to _not_ read the basics.