Stabbing outside Sydney Org

Discussion in 'Breaking and Major News about Scientology' started by vumba, Jan 3, 2019.

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    So very sad to read that a Scientology employee was stabbed to death by a 16 year old teenager outside the Org in Sydney after he was asked to leave, and another person was injured. “Inspector Jones said both men were employees of the church and were trying to establish why the teen was asked to leave”. “He had a lawful reason to be here originally and they’ve asked him to leave for various reasons, which we still need to get to the bottom of and speak to staff here on premises”, he said.

    Inspector Jones said the domestic incident yesterday did not relate to the church. He said a
    Member of the teen’s family had been at the church today.
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    I think this is the fourth thread about this incident. Maybe the mods can combine them?