Stonelands and St. Hill Peace Stories

Discussion in 'Staff "War Stories"' started by vumba, Jan 13, 2012.

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  1. solo

    solo Patron with Honors

    The Didcoates are still together and I think they're still in. They were a lovely couple, Flag Rep and LRH Comm at AOSHUK. They're still in the LA area. If they read this, I hope you're both well, you're welcome to drop by here - come and say hello!

  2. Mick Wenlock

    Mick Wenlock Admin Emeritus (retired)

    if you mean by "in" you mean still believers - then yes.
  3. solo

    solo Patron with Honors

    I remember Amy (later known as Aimee) very well. She was a sweet young girl who loved fashion. When she went home to the US on leave (how did that happen?!!!) she took an empty suitcase so her "mom" could fill it with new clothes. How on earth did she end up in the SO at Saint Hill? I don't think she even got mad when people treated her like a "dumb blonde broad." She took her job in the reg office very seriously.

    I don't know what happened in the basement, but I think it would be good if you kept it there.... What would you say to her if she came on this board wanting some answers? Would you say she was abused in any way?

    I hope she's had a happy and successful life in whatever she has done since she left and wish her well.


    ps this thread is supposed to be about peaceful experiences at Stonelands, as I had to remind myself earlier!
  4. solo

    solo Patron with Honors

    Yes, they're still believers, as were we all. Deluded, brainwashed and wasting their lives, which is a terrible shame. I still hope they are well and come here some time.
    I wish I could think of a way to undo all that with a few words, but no one can. It will happen when they're ready, I don't see anything is gained by blaming them for where they are now.

  5. vumba

    vumba Patron with Honors

    Well, I should love someone else to back this up because I think I saw this ghost, and I would love someone else to report their having seen her too. The ballroom has been cleared for a large party we had (Dulloldfart wrote about this separately) and no-one was about. I used to get a little spooked down this end of the house on this ground floor and the one upstairs... no idea why, except for the fact it was colder and darker perhaps, and also by the back staircase. However, I walked into the ballroom and sitting right in front of the fireplace was an old woman rocking in a rocking chair. The chair was creaking, and she was just rocking to-and-fro with a peaceful grin on her face. I actually felt quite peaceful and not scared. Then as I was watching her, she just slowly started to disappear, then she was gone.

    I have tried finding out more about the house but can't really find much. I think it used to be a school at some point possibly, with nuns as teachers like St. Mary's in Rottingdean, when FOLO and CMO moved down to Rottingdean near Brighton, but I haven't been able to confirm this. I wonder if anyone else knows?

    I am sure Stonelands was haunted. If one were to walk around her during the day when everyone else was out, with only Mick Parkee for company in the galley, you could really feel something in various places around the house all over.
  6. vumba

    vumba Patron with Honors

    Hi LLLL, do you mean the nursery at Stonelands. I don't recall the Nursery building having wooden panels. The building was a more modern one at the front and then later on another building at the back? We didn't have any toys from LRH's kids either. Was there one at the Manor maybe? I am intrigued ?:yes:
  7. Kutta

    Kutta Silver Meritorious Patron

    Another peaceful memory: Mick Parkee himself. :yes: What a beautiful person. Loved by all, especially the children. When my daughter, Kirstin, had to do conditions and work in the kitchen with him, she didn't mind at all.
  8. solo

    solo Patron with Honors

    Sorry, I never saw her, but I vaguely remember someone else posting a while ago about seeing a ghost. I'm just not sure if it was at Stonelands and I can't find the thread just now. If I find it I'll post a link.

    Anyway, if there was ever a house that cried out to be haunted, it was Stonelands, for sure!

  9. La La Lou Lou

    La La Lou Lou Crusader

    The nursery at Stonelands, yes modern building it had wood around the windows it was like cheap plywood shuttering, but a rich brown, big patterns in the wood no idea what wood it was, truly lovely. the toys, that must have been 1974 or 1975 they didn't last long. I remember someone saying how Quentin used to play with them.
  10. vumba

    vumba Patron with Honors

    Dear Mick, he made our lives a little less stressful. He was so giving, even when he was a little cross! When we had to wash up in the evenings when we were on the RPF, he was always there to support us. I remember once having the most God awful headache, and he gave me Chinese salted plums, and do you know, they did work. Where did Mick end up I wonder? Did he go back to Australia, or did he end up in the States?

  11. Crashed Alien

    Crashed Alien Patron with Honors

    Still true now for fluorescent tubes - The starter uses a good wallop of power and is then pretty much idle once the light is on. Turn the light off and it all starts again.

  12. Crashed Alien

    Crashed Alien Patron with Honors

    I think I remember Pedro... Didn't he have split thumbs?

  13. Crashed Alien

    Crashed Alien Patron with Honors

    I love kids too...

    I read to my children and also eat around the table - I could not agree more, it is very important.

    I really don't know who the little girl was... I was just a little boy. Things such as names, and even words sometimes were not really important then.

    All I remember was her flowery dress, usually a slightly dirty face, big eyes and little teeth... Wavy hair, possibly, but now the memories are a bit vague.

    When we would sit with our feet in the water (hoping that the water boatmen would not bite us!) we were both too shy to take all our clothes off - It didn't seem proper anyway - So she would sit there in her knickers, me in my undies! Our clothes folded neatly on the small seat.

    The water was very cold, excellent in the hot sun! I remember that the most.

    We were friends, just as children are and should be - Care free... No funny business... I hope she is OK and hope she missed out on anything nasty...

  14. Axiom142

    Axiom142 Gold Meritorious Patron

    When I was last ‘on lines’ at St Hill, Mick was working in the AO. Had a brief conversation with him a few years ago and there was none of this “What are you doing to help us?” – he seemed genuinely interested in how I was doing.

    I always liked Mick – he was very down-to-earth, you didn’t get any BS from him.

    I first met him when I was joined the SO in ’86. He was the CO of the Estates Org (the org that was responsible for maintaining the grounds of St Hill, all the buildings, providing transport and even all the food) and being on the EPF we often worked for Mick or his staff.

    Not sure how he ended up with that job as he was ‘OT’ and had previously worked with Hubbard, and I’m not sure that he really wanted it. Rather a thankless task as Estates were never given the full allocation from the orgs, yet everyone moaned if the food wasn’t very good or the busses didn’t turn up on time.

  15. La La Lou Lou

    La La Lou Lou Crusader

    Pedro Doria, don't remember his thumbs. Soobash Sood, he was and Indian Doctor on lines as public about 1980, he had double thumbs. Nice guy from what I remember.

    Mick Parkee is a saint. One of those very rare people that remain human despite management. A man with integrity.
  16. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    I believe Mick is dead and reported here.
  17. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    You're not thinking of Isla Pryde, are you?

  18. solo

    solo Patron with Honors


    can you remember where you saw this? I have searched for anything about it but nothing came up. I hate to talk about people being dead when they're not..... (it wouldn't be the first time)!

    Mick Parkee shows up on the electoral roll at Walsh Manor from 2006-2012, but that isn't concrete evidence.

    I'm sure I've said it before, but I really liked Mick, he was a good friend and a really genuine person. I'd rather hear news of him leaving the SO and having a great time going to the races with his girlfriend!

  19. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    I can't remember. I may have been mistaken.
  20. solo

    solo Patron with Honors

    I was remembering Peter Morgan today, after a post on another thread, and suddenly a memory came back of a sunny afternoon or early evening at Stonelands, when a group of us sat out on the grass at the front of the house, with Peter playing guitar. It was a very special time and it was lovely to recall us all singing "Summertime" and enjoying the company and the place.


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