Stonelands and St. Hill Peace Stories

Discussion in 'Staff "War Stories"' started by vumba, Jan 13, 2012.

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  1. Kutta

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    If Mick Parkee had died, it would have reverberated around the world — he was so loved and had so many friends.

    Nah, he's still with us, somewhere.
  2. Crashed Alien

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    So far as I am aware, the "Wise man of the East" is still alive and still as great, warm and nice as he ever was...

  3. Crashed Alien

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    I am having issues with my memory, or something...

    Solo mentioned tents at Stonelands... I don't recall any tents. Not any...

    Were there tents? If so, where were they and when?

    I hope I'm not going mad...

  4. solo

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    No you're not going mad! It was one small tent which was put up temporarily by someone on the EPF. Don't worry about it.......
  5. solo

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    Brilliant news, thank you Crash!

  6. vumba

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    Hmmm Crash sounds intriguing doesn't it? :coolwink:

    SOLO, I am soooo wicked aren't I?:blush::whistling:
  7. solo

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    Yes, naughty naughty! Ha ha!
  8. Crashed Alien

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    Not sure what this sounds like really... Seems to have sinister undertones to me, especially as I can't recall it.

    Why was a tent put up? Where was it? When was it there?

    I really can't remember it at all...

  9. My goodness...thanks for uploading the photos and good thread..I'm getting a lot of flashbacks...
    I was living in Stoneland around 1989-1990 with my mother(she was a nanny) when I was 7 years old.. while my father was back in Denmark with my brother (in the SO)...
    That whole year I was there, I got a few days of schooling at the scientology school in stoneland.. My best friend was a cow on the front loan (it's not a joke)..that's how lonely and sad I was growing up there...One day the cow had died, and since I was prob. the last to be with the cow, all the children at Stoneland blaimed me for killing this cow...I just remember being so traumatised by that...
    A more pleasant memory was when I'd run through the fields with all the other cows and enjoy the sun..But most of the time I was so unhappy..
    Then there were these puddings (once in a while) for lunch..I remember these puddings always being bright yellow...That was luxury..
    Oh and that swimming pool somewhere behind the house in a sort of deserted area..and yes it was totally abandoned filled with insects..I remember wishing someone would clean it up so that I could swim in this swimming pool...I loved walking up there through bushes etc..
    Then there was the child labor...I remember being forced to pluck weeds off the ground...(remember..I was 7!)..I'd even been sent with other children in a bus to saint hill to do garden work (non voluntary) and I remember it being hard work out in the blazing sun for hours and much I hated it...It makes me so angry thinking of this that I could sue the whole fucking church right now(excuse me for my language)...
    The food in general was ofcourse horrible as usual...I was always pale and skinny as a child and very often hungry...(Back in Denmark I had convinced my father at one point of time to get some money for cheese and ham as I just couldnt eat that rubbish was so disgusting...It took me weeks to convince him for that little money for food...I wanted it for my school sandwhiches..anyhow, I would put the cheese and ham in a plastic bag and hang it outside the window so that the food would hopefully stay cold)...
    Back to Stoneland...after a year being stuck there with my mother (she threw a shoe at me and said it was all my fault that we ended up in England...Before escaping to England with my mother, I had an ear operation..a very big operation which lasted hours and a lot of anastetics..I threw up for days after the operation..My parents hardly visited as they didnt have the OK from the SO. I ended up being so traumatised by that that I kept trying to escape the hospital...The nurse wanted to keep me there untill a decision was made so that I could be under psychiatric care..She thought I was crazy for trying to escape the hospital, crying too much and just being a traumatised child because my parents couldnt get the ok to visit me at the hospital...So that led to my mother taking me out of the country to Stoneland while the SO kept my father in the SO in Denmark with my brother...he was one of the few that could speak the danish language so he was valuable...)...oh the beautiful memories...
    One day my mother got so fed up of staying in England in the the middle of the night she woke me up and we escaped down that long winding road in the dark...I remember being so frightened...we caought the bus and the ferry to France where my grandfather lived...untill we came back to Denmark...

    And those packed children goodness...they looked like concentration camp dorms...gross..

    Aaaah good old Stoneland...Loved the countryside...but boy oh place for children..
    I could go on and on but thats for another thread another time...

    Good old childhood in the SO...beautiful..:duh::angry::no:

    Oh and btw. there was this girl at Stoneland when I was there...She had big puffy curly hair..she was around my age and she had a brother...she was a good friend of mine...But I can't remember her name...if anyone knows?
  10. LOL!!! Without any broken windows...good one :duh:
  11. Dulloldfart

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    One of the ducks swam into the frame of #3. There were often a half dozen or so of them there. The last one shows Chris Burton.

  12. vumba

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    Paul great pictures thanks. Whatever happened to Chris Burton and Mark Gardner?
  13. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Hi Vumba :)

    As far as I know from SH promo Chris is still there as AO DofT. When I visited SH in 2002 from LA I stayed in a house up West Hill (I think). One of the long-term residents there was Mark G and wife, an Eastern-European import. He had left the SO, and borrowed money from a bank to pay off his freeloader bill, thereby managing to convert a fake debt into a real one, compound-interest bearing too! I don't know the figure, but it would have been thousands of pounds. Haven't heard anything about him since then.

  14. strativarius

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    As I've said on quite a few occasions, my memory is shot, but now and then a chink of light shines through. The name Chris Burton seems to ring a bell Paul, is there any possibility that he was supervising the R6EW solo-audit course at SH in 1969 when I was on it, and was he a big E. E. 'Doc'. Smith 'Lensman' series fan?
  15. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Maybe, maybe not. I arrived at SH in late 1972. I started working in the AO around 1980 or so, and Chris was there by then. Before he had been in B1 (GOUK I think) but got busted. I recall Chrissie Radburn (wife of Bernie Radburn) sup'ing in there in the mid-70s, then she routed out. Late 70s just before I got there Peter Gallop and Mark Jefford (both Aussies) were sup'ing there: I think Chris was still in the GO then. I don't know his full staff history.

    Dart might know.

  16. strativarius

    strativarius Comfortably Numb

    Ok, thanks for that mate, I had an idea you were at SH a little earlier than '72. Chris Burton definitely rings a bell though, and the more I think about it the more I'm convinced he was my sup on the solo-audit course.
  17. Uk-86

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    Chris Burton, Peter Morgan! Great guys.
    The only time I went to Stonelands was when Cam Frost was ill. He was Tony P's right hand man at SHF. Flag rep.

    I think they were out in the big garage, now a house? Jean Francoir Paris was there too.

    I was at Brook House. The one that burnt down.

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