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Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by BlackRob, Apr 10, 2014.

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  1. BlackRob

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  2. AnonyMary

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    I'll try to finish watching this tonight. Couple of questions:

    1) Do you know who the name of man being interviewed? He looks familiar to me.

    2) Do you know who the woman is? Like is she org staff or sea org? Or an FSM?

    Just curious
  3. Knows

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    On the new Routing Form for
    Stupidz Powerz at Flag - they now have you watch this video as you read the promo:

    Ladies and Gentleman - GAT II - Here it is Stupidz Powerz - This is 100% standard pure unadulterated LRH tech! Finally....:whistling:

    Why don't they interview the guy when he gets home to the empty Idle Morgue in the Twin Cities and let him settle in a bit.

    Wait until those credit card bills start coming in....then his wife finds out he gave their entire retirement to the IAS and they are broke...AND - he refinanced their home to donate to LRH Memorial Hall - because it just seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

    Is this Gavin Potter giving one of his sensational business briefings on "HOW TO MAKE OTHERS GIVE YOU THEIR MONEY" or is this GAT II Registrar training?
  4. La La Lou Lou

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    I tried to watch it but I could hardly get past the East European cackling witch noises. I suppose that was to prove that she's uptone. I'm afraid it failed she just looks a little odd. I don't know the chap, but he looks a little peeved at her tone 40 serenity of glee state himself.
  5. Knows

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    "East European cackling witch noises" - remember the gal in Squirrel Busters? It is an OT phenomena that only occurs when you are totally possessed!

    She must be a Stupidz Powerz Reg! Poor thing!
  6. Gib

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    I listened to the whole thing. It's too funny cuz the guy is basically trying to promote super power but the only mode of persuasion he is using, whether he realizes it or not is Pathos or emotion. There is no ethos and logos in his interview.

    I just started learning about rhetorical writing in the above two links, and it has been an eye opener for me since I never learned this stuff from Aristotle.

    I mean a lot of hubbardology AKA scientology is mostly Pathos when I look it over. All the success stories and all the promo are basically pathos, appealing to the emotions. The bridge to total freedom is pathos at it's basic level.

    Most of the posts here on this blog and other blogs introduce logos to call out the bullshit that hubbardology/scientology is.
  7. I'll take the Theta Mystery Sandwich Special, please and hold the Ethos and Logos.
  8. FlunkYou

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    LOL at the dude perving on her ass when she goes to check the recording in the first minute. (I have the same super power btw)

    Yeah, the manic tone 40 cackle is totally obnoxious.

    And WTF? "The 10th dynamic"? I didn't know they added 2 more dynamics. Do they cost more?
  9. Gib

    Gib Crusader

    no really, check it out dude, the links I provided. You're a master at logos. :thumbsup:
  10. Gib

    Gib Crusader

    laughter, I saw that too, he was checking out her ass. Later on, they both "love" each other. :hysterical:
  11. I'm agreeing with you, all the guy is giving in his review is the typical bullshit Scientology mystery sandwich, nothing of substance, just a steamy pile of shit.
  12. Gib

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    ok, I guess you forgot the mayo. :duh:

  13. FlunkYou

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    This is why there is so much promiscuity in scn. You get a little "group agreement" going on some next level "theta" BS and all of a sudden you're soul mates for a couple of hours, days, weeks or years (how ever long you decide to drag it out). And you're clearly not at fault because "thetans are incapable of being out-ethics". (per the dude in the super power video)

    At least that's my take. :biggrin:
  14. Leland

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    the original, OP video link is not coming up at all on my iPhone . Can someone try re-posting it please.
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  15. guanoloco

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    It gets one to "reach" by promising a gain...even if it's a gain from a negative situation (one that is unwanted). This is the "come on"...the "reach". It threatens one with "withdraw" by threatening a loss. The "promise of gain, threat of loss" are pandering to the spiritual ego...the temporal, unfulfilled self. This makes Scientology NOT a close cousin of Buddhism that the GREAT and INEFFABLE Ron claims. It makes Scientology a pseudo-spiritual tool of a shallow spiritual truth seeker (Ron).

    It's a sham that only collects crums (us). True aspirants probably see this right away and I used to think/believe that when Buddhist monks and such "discovered" Scientology it would sweep through those cultures like a storm.

    That's because my head was thoroughly pushed up my ass with all that Ronsense.

    This is the HAU = S triangle where "H" is for "Head", "A" is for "Ass" and "U" is for "Up" and this triangle equals "S" which is for "Scientologist". The further one's head is up their ass the more that one is a Scientologist. The simple act(s) of extricating a being's head from their ass is a direct index of the being leaving the cult and recovering from the state of being a Scientologist. This is called the HAUS and degree of being a Scientologist.

    In order to assist beings with their duplication of this principle here's a quick illustration to compensate for any lack of mass:


    This is a picture of one Stu Pedd - a very thoroughly indoctrinated Scientologist who is 100% standard and on-purpose...furthering Command Intention (which, oddly enough, comes out to be "CI"...sort of like Opp Term comes out to be "OT"...that insouciant Ron!).
  16. Lone Star

    Lone Star Crusader

    When he started talking about the "Ethics and Justice Rundown" I had to stop. His pontificating about realizing that "a being is ethical and can't be unethical and how freeing that is to know". Fuck him. Oh, and he said "everything is fixed" with super powers. Uh huh. Right.

    Fuck all the goddamned still-ins who support and spew this shit while SO staffers are being treated like slaves, and while people are imprisoned in the Hole, and while children are having their childhoods stolen.
  17. PTS

    PTS Elliott

    He sounds like he has runners high. That never lasts either.

    What would this cost the poor schmuck? Has anyone heard the price tag? Six FLAG intensives with IAS and volume discount, say 40K these days? Then there are all the other FLAG expenses, plus getting regged day in and day out. A hundred grand seems about right.
  18. Gib

    Gib Crusader

    As I highlight in red, I thought the same. And it was always a thought of WTF, why aren't the buddist really involved with scientology, as somewhere in the promo scientology stated Buddhism was the closest religion to scientology.

    So here was a appeal to logos, logic, but yet the actual truth is no buddist is involved with scientology, or not many.

    But, hubbard stated Buddhism, is the closest religion, or most similar religion, and why? Because Buddhism is the most widely spread religion on the planet,

    why hubbard was trying to connect scientology to Buddhism, which is ethos, or credibility.

    Persuasion, the art of, also called rhetorical writing. Some call it hypnosis. Hubbard learned the art of persuasion well.
  19. Gib

    Gib Crusader

    laughing, there is always the missing info, data, of how much it costs. LOL

    I'd like to see this fella interviewed a year from now, and have him state how great "super power" is? :laugh: