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Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by Sharone Stainforth, Jun 15, 2007.

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    Sharone, it is because people like you who have experienced the worst now speak out, that others begin to speak as well and also to realise that what Zinj always says is so true "Scientology, it's worse than you think".

    Yet as I said above, we need balance. Normal everday life still goes on, the wonder and joys and hardships of it and that also deserves attention. So a little bit of this and a little bit of that, keep the balance. Follow your gut instincts. I understand, others understand. You have done tremendously and you have opened a lot of eyes. And here's a hug <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< :)
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    Sharone here just :bighug:
    I sent you a PM

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    If you would be more comfortable not having this thread hanging around the Internet to be seen by whoever, I'm sure Emma would delete it for you if you asked.
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    Just finished reading this thread.

    I had no idea!

    Fills me with righteous indignation and resolve to quietly go about my own little attempt to help those still trapped inside.
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    Anonophunkik said;

    No, alot of people don't.

    I never did find out how you started protesting, but whatever it is you do, it was good to meet you and I say keep at it.

    I have printed cards with 'You found the' written on it and I have been known to deposit them in phone booths, library books, on busses and trains. I don't know how successful this is,but I do know alot more people are aware of scientology and what it does now, than ever before.

    Once upon a time, I was afraid to tell people I grew up in a cult. The truth be known, I was afraid of ever having being a child, because you were not allowed to be one.I am not afraid anymore, but I don't want to lose my children.

    As long as Emma is happy about this thread being here,I have no intention of deleting it.
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    Somehow, having met you it makes all the stories I have read more personal.
    To be honest I guess I started out on this path from a slightly militant atheist background. But lets be honest, most christians are fairly harmless, the same cannot be said about scientology. My parents had 'a book of beliefs' at home which had a section called 'cults' and guess who appeared besides The Peoples Temple and the Moonies etc... I guess I always had an interest, but I really did not get indignant enough to do anything but laugh when I saw a stress test cart. A couple of years back I started looking at stories on ex scientology kids, and looking up videos on youtube etc... I think that was probably around the same time as the BBC documentary with John Sweeney and the start of anonymous and chanology. Still being a lazy bum with a family it took me a while to really get off my arse.

    Now I think there must be something that can be done to help some of those poor bastards escape, nobody should have to put up with the kind of abuse I hear about on the RPF.

    Look after your family, they are my priority but there are some fairly quite and not overtly confrontational things that I could perhaps do.

    Would it be OK to pm you?
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    Feel free.
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    Ding Dong! Ding Ding Ding Dong!
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    :bump2: for newbies to read.
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    Thank you for bumping this story - it is so important for people who just left this cult to see that it was not only their own life that was ruined by Hubbards crazy ideas. It can help them to get free from his "Soul Hacking" much sooner.

    To the newbies I recommend the essay by Caroline Letkeman about Hubbards "Soul Hacking" :

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    ^^^^^^^^Bumping this thread^^^^^^^^^^
  16. great thread, great story

    i haven't finished it and it's been much too long since it has surfaced
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    I know someone who is totally convinced that she is a 'walk-in' and at around age 16 she just bumped somebody out of the body she wanted and just took over it.

    Her auditing goes back to that age and then she goes track as if there was never anything before 16.

    She believes it. Can't name her, she is still in ( God only knows why ) and I'd not want to cause her trouble.

    Oh, for any interested, the above is from kinda 'pillow talk' she was never my PC, didn't ever CS her, or FES her folders.

    And she is still a friend.
  18. God bless us, every one. There but for the grace of God, go I.
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    Sharon: I can relate as im sure many abandoned SO kids could. Just a side note..i would always relate to movies with stories about lost is a good one that relates to all those feelings

    what everyone must know is that it happened on board the apollo to sharon and others...and then very simlar to myself in the 80's and then I can see stories of children in the SO from the 90' the millenium generation will be heart breaks to think this hasnt been stopped and they seem too powerful to be stopped and there are children enduring this right now....away from parents.. slave laboring..mind games and no nurturing or education ...causing endless damage......when will it stop?? when will chrildren no longer be subject to this ) '= thank you sharon and everyone else for speaking needs to be done...or it will continue. Thank you all!
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