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  1. Jennifer123

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    My name is Jennie and I am studying journalism at University. I am doing a story on Scientology and the effect it has on the individual. I would really appreciate the chance to interview someone either over skype, in person, or via email. I would love to hear people's stories and will only ask questions which people are comfortable answering.

    The main focus of the article will be on the Chatswood centre, in Sydney, which opened late last year. The centre is the biggest outside of the United States of America, and I am interested in the ethics behind the Church and if in fact it really is growing.

    Many thanks,
  2. scooter

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    :wave: Jennie and :welcome:

    Do another post or two so that you can PM me - I live at about an hour north of Sydney.:thumbsup:
  3. dchoiceisalwaysrs

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    Welcome Jennie.

    How far into your studies are you?
    How did you come to choose scientology as a subject matter?
    Do you expect that your product will be publicly available?

    Maybe I could start with giving you an suggestion.

    Make a few columns. Label one as Provable facts. Then another as acceptable truth/facts. And you may ideas for the other columns but for sure have one with the label 'claims vs evidence of those claims'.

    Since there are few millions of hits when one puts scientology into a browser.. (fact column entry = About 8,590,000 results (0.95 seconds) here at my end just a few seconds ago.

    What do you know so far? How did you come up with Chatswood's size?