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Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Leland, Apr 21, 2015.

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  1. Leland

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    I just finished listening to the 4th tape over at The Bunker....with Dwayne Powell...and it was amazing.

    There is one part where, Dwayne Powell tells the police that Terry Roffler hires and runs ALL the private investigators for the Cult of Hubbard...

    That is why I started this thread.

    IMO....This makes Terry Roffler an important character as this is all unfolding.

    Not to say that Dwayne Powell is privy to all the Cult info on this....but as he states he has been working for the Cult of Hubbard for 9 years....I imagine his take on the Cult of Hubbard's use of private investigators...and the Cult's "Machine" to do so.....is at least something.

    I have done a bit of research online...and will be posting some web pages and info about Terry Roffler on this thread in the future.

    I'm not in the same league as Smurf....but its fun.
  2. Boson Wog Stark

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    I wonder if Terry Roffler was let go after this f-up. After all, he would be the one held responsible for selecting quality PIs, and making sure they're not traveling with a circus and mobile arsenal, unless he wanted them to do that, of course.
  3. Udarnik

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    Terry Roffler's father was career Navy. I can find absolutely no record of Terry himself holding a military or law enforcement position so far. He is the Chairman of the Florida Board of Certified Investigators.

    His PI firm seems to be about 7 years old, but he's in his mid-40s. he has a past history of working at other investigations firms, as well as being part owner of an equestrian firm. Interestingly enough, the other co-owner was also a PI - Darel Dougherty. Does that name ring a bell with anyone?

    I don't have time to do a lot of digging, but if anyone has any clues, post them here, please. I, too, am very curious about this walking, talking plausible denial.

    Thanks for starting the thread, Leland!
  4. Leland

    Leland Crusader

    Apparently Terry's wife is a Psycologist specializing as a Behavioral Analyst.

    Karla Valentine-Roffler.

    As far as I can find they both work out of the same address.

    Foot bullet?

    More to come.
  5. mawena

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    What are hoping to find on this guy and what is the plan of action?
  6. ILove2Lurk

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    . . .

    Principal Address: 12157 W. Linebaugh Ave., Suite 216, Tampa, FL 33626

    Mailing Address:
    12157 W. Linebaugh Ave., Suite 216, Tampa, FL 33626

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    Need I say any more? :shrug:
  7. Udarnik

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    The ultimate plan is to add this detail to to IRS complaint forms.

    But generally gathering data is also helpful to other Exes this guy might be responsible for tailing. Sunlight is a great disinfectant.

    Or something else might fall out: Co$, it's always worse than you think.
  8. mawena

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    Cool, I'm in.
  9. mawena

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  10. Udarnik

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  11. Udarnik

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    When I look at what I'd assumed were previous firms where he got his experience, it turns out they were all his, and all filed at the same time. He's let the licenses on those businesses expire, though.


    Advanced Detectives and Protection Group. (Also in partnership with Dougherty).
  12. Udarnik

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  13. Smurf

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    She's not a Psychologist, but a certified behavioral analyst which allows her to work under the supervision of a licensed psychologist, but she cannot counsel patients.

    Karla Valentine-Roffler
    Location: Tampa, FL United States
    Certification Level: Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst
    Certification Number: 0-02-0558
    Original Certification Date: 06/30/2002
    Next Renewal: 06/30/2015
    Next Recertification: 06/30/2017
    Expiration Date: 06/30/2015


    It would be a mistake to put too much importance in Terry Roffler's role in Scientology investigations. I worked with some of them when I was in OSA & I can attest that they are paid tools of the cult.

    Private investigations, like any lawyers, is a very competitive profession where one would bend over backwards to appease a client like OSA Invest that flashes wads of $$$ at them. Over the last several decades, the cult has used multiple PIs.. they go through them quickly because of the constant, frenzied demands in time, effort & reporting demanded of them, especially when the one running the ops is a violent, unstable psychotic named David Miscavige & his equally unstable lap dog, Greg Wilhere.

    Terry Lee Roffler once co-owned a PI firm with Darel Dougherty called Advanced Detectives & Protection Group, LLC, which folded in 2010. Both started their own agencies which serves OSA's interests.

    Roffler, Dougherty & his wife Deborah used to own Advanced Equestrian Academy, LLCm which folded in 2011. (Dwayne Powell's mother & stepfather are also equestrians in Tennessee.)

    Terry's currently owns Roffler & Associates, LLC; Relfordata, LLC; and is on the Florida Board of Certified Investigators.


    Both live in middle-class neighborhoods. http://www.whitepages.com/name/Terry-Roffler/Tampa-FL/bd51p2r

    Roffler sold off a vacant lot in Port Charlotte, FL. last year. |



    Dougherty lives Brandon, FL. http://tampa.blockshopper.com/property/20291129VB00000000070U/405_scrub_oak_court

    Many of the PIs that the cult hires are former law enforcement officers who still have ties to friends & allies in the agencies where they worked, which allows them unbridled access to confidential local & national police records on individuals.

    One of the cult's favorite longtime PIs in California is John Jay Gaw, of La

    Quinta, CA. I lost a high-paying job at a company after Rick Moxon (OSA Legal) & Gaw lied to my employer that I had a history of violence & being investigated by the LAPD for murder.

    Jon Jay Gaw continues to own & operate J.J. Investigations. In 2011, he was also hired by the Riverside County Sheriffs Department as an Investigator.



  14. ndp

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    The name "Terry Roffler" sounds familiar.
    Has anyone checked whether he is ex-OSA or ex-GO?
    Maybe it is just a similar name.
  15. McLinda

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    Just wanted to let y'all know that the Linebaugh address is a UPS store. His physical address is 11431 Cypress Reserve Dr, Tampa, FL 33626, that is where he lives with his wife Karla Valentine. His email address is roffler@att.net, that's his main one anyway.

    I don't know if it's true that he's a goon for Scientology, but I do know that their time of being untouchable is over, he knows it too. There is a state licensing board for PIs, and while he may think he's safe by paying his dues to all those PI associations the truth is that they don't have the union mentality that they think they do. He gets so many complains against him and he's on his own. I don't care if he is VP of the FALI, go after his license, without it he can do nothing.

    I was never a Scientologist, but the whole thing fascinates me, normally people that get lured into stupid cults are idiots, but I've never met or heard of a mentally diminished Scientologist. I still don't get it. But what angers me the most is how they're able to get away with hiring PIs who are licensed by the state to basically stalk and harass their enemies.