The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold

Discussion in 'Books About Cults and Extracting Oneself from Coer' started by Björkist, Jul 18, 2008.

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    :omg: No WAY am I gonna TOUCH that line!:no:

    Love ya, kid!

  2. quietheart

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    I've always talked with my hands, Dad used to tease me and say the only way to keep me quiet was to tie my hands behind my back, then I learned sign language and all was lost :blush: . Here's another interesting thing. You know how y'all talk about TR's, well this one time Dad got so frustrated with me he had me sit in front of him, with my hands in my lap at the start, and try to talk without moving my hands. I couldn't do it, he ended up making me sit on my hands, lol. At least he was trying to do it in a fun way though :yes: .
  3. quietheart

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    I knew one of you guys would go there, that was my evil plan :clap: .
  4. Pixie

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    He sounds like a sweety, you were very lucky to have him. :yes: Sounds like a fun guy.
  5. EP - Ethics Particle

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    Don't you see, sweetheart...

    It was the pure INTENTION in my TR1 that penetrated and transcended mere WORDS!:duh:

    Somebody gimme some pink paper here......


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    Why did you not TELL me you're Italian!

    Even ML!

  7. quietheart

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    Dad had 2 sides, I loved him dearly but was also petrified of him. Yeah, I was lucky to have him during the good times. It's nice to remember the fun things. He's a great Dad and Grandpa now and that took a lot of hard work on his part :happydance: .
  8. quietheart

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    Actually I'm German, Irish, French and English, but my God-Mother is full blooded Italian :wink2: .
  9. Pixie

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    Sure, I do understand, I think we all have two sides, and to allow either to dominate isn't good really, but when there's a full acceptance of both, then both 'sides' just seem to disappear. But anyway, you're right to just remember the good times, and you are lucky you had good times at all, so, these are nice memories to have. :yes:
  10. EP - Ethics Particle

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    I WAS Right!!!

    :clap: Knew it all the time! The apple does not fall far from the tree!::coolwink:

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    At the time I saw that on TV I compared to controlled demolitions with explosives. At some time prior there had been a TV documentary about that. The reason for doing it is to have the buildings come down orderly, so as to not damage neighboring buildings... I therefore assumed that if a building was collapsing uncontrolled it would be more disorderly.

    Also, in the days following the event, there was some 'experts' wondering why the towers collapsed. They thought that the structure should be able to withstand the impact of the planes.

    However, like I said. I can't really believe in a conspiracy. Too big an operation to pull off... If WTC indeed were prepared with explosives it would have taken a large crew working in the weeks before. Some of these people would have talked by now..

  12. Pixie

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    How can you be all those things Quiet Heart?? :confused2: Is it not where one is born? Gee... phew!!! I can't see how this can be. I was born in one country but brought up in another, however I still say I am Scottish.
  13. quietheart

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    I was talking ancestry, I was born in the US. My Grandma is really really big on tracing family tree.
  14. Pixie

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    Ah!! Thanks!! I just couldn't get my head around how anyone could be all those different things. :duh: Like, I'm Scottish because I was born in Scotland, I went to live in Ireland when I was ten, then went to live in London, then went back to Ireland, and now I'm living in Spain, but I'll always be Scottish because that's where I was born you know.

    I think in Europe people see it differently perhaps, I find quite a few Americans do tend to say, like when I met them on holiday in Ireland or London, as soon as you said you were Irish, they'd say oh yes my grandad was Irish or whatever, or if you said you were Scottish, they're grandparents were Scottish which I found to be strange because it's like, is that supposed to tell me something about you that I don't know? To me, it doesn't matter where anyone's from really.

    Anyway thanks for clearning that up for me QH.. :thumbsup:
  15. Terril park

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    Not an expert here, but Iraq was starting to trade oil in euros and not dollars. That was bad news for the dollar and the US. They can't print euros.
  16. quietheart

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    NP, I guess I just didn't think of it that way since my Grandma and Mom have worked on the family tree as long as I can remember. Grandma has 1 line of the family traced back to the 1400's last I heard, I think that was the Irish line but not sure. I myself enjoy learning about the culture of the areas where my ancestors come from. I think part of it is because I had some really good history teachers who encouraged learning as much as we could from the past. I probably spend a bit too much time dwelling on the past though :whistling: .
  17. Pixie

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    :laugh: That's hilarious! Yes, I always found History teachers quite heavy you know, in general, spoke of nothing else but the past when you knew you'd be better going out to play.. :eyeroll: . I can understand the interest though, if it's what you're into then great!! :happydance:
  18. StoveBolts

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    Hello Björkist,

    I have studied, and continue to study Christianity as a whole, and while I have not read the book your reading, nor do I have the desire to read that book, I would like to suggest that one of the beauties of the Bible is that it tells the whole story. Good bad and Ugly. The Old Testament (Covenant) is a story of YHVH revealing himself throughout redemptive history as His chosen people strayed from their intended purpose.

    That being said, I believe the date your OP is set withing the the thirteenth to the seventeenth century. (Inquisitions and institutions). Please know that this is the history of the Roman Catholic church, not the “Catholic” Church. Please know that I am not speaking of the witch hunts where of the Protestant (Protesters) burned people at the stake on a whim.

    I make the distinction of the Roman Catholic church for one main purpose. Though She had become a world power, she poorly represented a Catholic view. Why do you think Luther and Calvin were so adamantly opposed to her? But to better express my point, let me review some Church history 88.

    The first century church called themselves simply Christians and when it spread to the gentiles, they dubbed themselves Catholic which means, “Universal”. Why Catholic? Simple, because salvation was for ALL. You see, Jesus was opposed to global authority (Rome and the Jewish authorities) and frankly, the religious leaders of the day had skewed their interpretation of YHVH's word (Torah[First 5 books of the Bible]) to exclude the gentiles etc. In other words, only good Jews could go to Abraham's Bosom. Thus, the term Catholic reclaimed the purpose of the Church (God's chosen people), which was to be a light for all the nations by setting good examples, proper discernment, feeding the poor, taking care of the widow, and treating others with respect just to mention a few.

    The early Church had some issues, and they worked them out the best they could. For the sake of space, one of many council's were called in the early 300's. The Coptic's decided they didn't care about the issues, and went back to Egypt. To date, the Coptics have never had any issues, nor have they ever been in a war. Still, the church was one entity. In 1054, the East and West (which have always been known as Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism) divided over the authority of the Papacy (Pope) and the doctrine of the trinity.

    I point these out for consideration and for the fairness to the Church, and Christianity as a whole. True, many evils have been done in the name of Christianity just as many evils have been done by the Jews as recorded in the Old Testament under the guise of religion. But I can assure you this, that when atrocities occur, such as the ones listed in your book, under the label of Christianity, it's usually Christians that aren't being very Christian.

    I believe it's our selfish human nature that drives us to such atrocities and one thing I noticed in $cientology when I was in, was how everything was centered in, with the guise of looking out. Perhaps I misunderstood and my perception was off...

  19. Mick Wenlock

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    Not really - it would depend on what triggered the collapse. For example if the collapse was triggered by a failure of the supports on one side of the building at ground level the building would, if the collapse were big enough, topple tending toward that side.It would not, however fall straight because skyscrapers do not maintain their rigidity (they are not a tree or a solid block IOW).

    IN the case of the WTC towers the main support was in the center of the structure. The building withstood the impact of the crash. the problem was that no-one had calculated how burning jet fuel and other combustibles would weaken the steel to beyond its plastic limit.

    Once the internal columns an the trusses were weakened and started to collapse, the building collapsed from the inside and with that action, dragging down the external supporting structure.

    The impact was not the direct cause. Both planes had full fuel tanks.

    I agree with you. The amount of people, entities and material that have to be conceived of to pull this off is monumental and it runs into the thousands upon thousands of people. Finding that amount of people willing to murder thousands and then keep quiet? Hmm. The US government cannot even shut the NYT up when it publishes details of some of its misdeeds.
  20. Dulloldfart

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    In that case, how come it came down at free fall speed with most of the building literally pulverised into dust? :)


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