The First Dianetics Death

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    Dr. Rowland Walker, Medical Director of the Dianetics Foundation, died in late 1950 in the home of Dianetics co-founder Joseph A. Winters.

    This was the first verifiable death directly connected to Dianetics, which came at the time that L. Ron Hubbard wrote that he was researching techniques of "narcosynthesis and physical torture" for the Defense Department (per his letter of 5/14/1951)

    Was this event the inspiration for court action by the New Jersey Medical Board in January 1951, which ultimately led to the collapse of the Dianetics movement of the early 1950's?

    Additional details are now available at (links in "LRH in the Headlines" section).

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    Dianetics - the modern SCAM that creates Mental Illness

    Great blog - love the video about Nuerontology from the Saturday Nite Live crew..


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