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Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by TheRealNoUser, Apr 26, 2011.

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  1. I told you I was trouble

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    Wot? (rhetorical question, no need to answer).

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    Sect is more directly derived through the old french and from the latin 'sectus', participial form of the latin verb 'seco,secare, ...'. This verb has the common meanings "to cut, carve, cut off, ...", etc.. The participle implies "having been cut off", or "that which is cut off from ...". Thus a sect is a subgroup cut off or carved out from a larger group.

    The reference to 'sequi' is incorrect & misleading. Although it is possible for the forms 'seco' & 'sequi' to be related, they are very different verbs, both in form & meaning. If they are related they diverged long before the formal development of classical latin.

    Mark A. Baker
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    What's your point?
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    Exactly that which I wrote.

    Mark A. Baker
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    Welcome Paolo!

    Welcome Paolo, old friend. Nice to see you here and to read your contributions.:thumbsup:
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    Hi Julie!

    So glad you and David are both here.

    My love to you both :bighug:

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    If he did return he may not be wiling to identify himself if he reads the internet. :eyeroll:
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    Thanks for the lovely music Mark and justsayin :thumbsup:
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    Or possibly,

    e. No. Ephemeral, personal identity does not "re-incarnate."

    Like temporal, seasonal fruit of a season-spanning tree, they are unique, disposable, one-time only expressions of a commonly-shared, timeless self. Recollection of contiguous past life memories through a fog of a postulated, accursed amnesia are likely to only be the delusional wishful yearnings and imaginings of an anxious ego, fearful of its own blessed and ineluctable death following a short but rich lifetime of individual growth, ripening, and decay.
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    Good post .

    I have looked into that perspective a lot too. What makes a person fight against the 'ineluctable' experience of death? It's that something is keeping him from being aware that he HAS the ability to come through another 'expression'. So on some counts a person may be fighting to prove this to himself. I think when this is achieved one doesn't worry about the fog of accursed amnesia at all..
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  13. paradox

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    An oversimplified and imperfect analogy, but to carry through with it somewhat and ignoring the obvious physiological shortcomings, it would be as if an apple developed a self-reflective awareness of itself as an individual appleness and mistook its own mind forms (thoughts, images, memories) as defining itself.

    It would develop anxieties about losing these relational forms, over losing its mind and established relationships with other apples of the tree. It literally becomes lost in thought and thinking thoughts about thought. Ignorant that it's own real and timeless being is rooted within the tree from which it emerged. The himself/herself, he/she, it concepts of self being illusory boundaries formed from a mentality rooted in temporal, organically physical existence. This appleness could never prove satisfactorily to itself that it had the ability to come through another expression of itself because there is no timeless "itself" as an individual appleness; only the timeless tree - which apples - gives seasonal expression of those applenesses.

    The little self-reflective apple, once it stills its own thoughts sufficiently to become aware of the grounding presence of which it is only a small part, can truly and silently rejoice in that realized ineffable connection with the larger ground (or sea, if you like) of nameless being.

    And it can then fully resume carrying on with the temporal world of apple thoughts and thinking thoughts about thoughts, and enjoy the incomparable experience of being an individual apple and know a world where all things are relative to one another. But perhaps without the anxiety, worry, stress, struggling, and relentless searching for meaning, immortality, and other illusory, but nonetheless real, symptoms of an apple whose tree has not yet been realized.

    It would continue to experience the ebb and flow of growth, ripeness, decay and - being self-reflective about such things - continue to worry and suffer along as the composite appleness it is; but it would not take it too seriously, and would always have sanctuary and peace within the background presence of the tree from which it emerged and the grounded roots to which it will return. Well, either that or as somebody's applesauce.

    Past lives, as such, are completely superfluous and irrelevant.

    That's my retarded sounding, apple-minded spiel, and I'm sticking with it. No extra charge for the worms. :p
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    While "on decks"* in SO at PAC in the beginning of 2003, I had a friend (from South Africa) who was put "on decks" by IJC. Cool guy with good sense of humor.
    He shared with me privately that he was reincarnation of Hubbard. He was in his 20s.
    He had stated that to some senior "terminals" (and of course insisted that he should go "uplines"), and found himself "on decks" at the same time as me.

    I'm sure he wasn't in PAC RPF after "decks" in 2003 since I went there and he didn't land there at the time of my "RPF tenure" which was until Sept 2003.

    Now he's out of S.O. (since he's on Facebook). He has a job in California.
    But he's still a Scientologist (I conclude that since he defriended me on Facebook at the same time many others did so due to my being friends there with Marc Headley and Jeff Hawkins - word was spread around in PMs without me knowing).

    So, that's the story I know of.

    Perhaps, there are some more "reincarnations of Hubbard" around (among and limited to current Scientologists).

    * I put quote marks around "on decks" because I don't know if it's an acceptable term in common English.
  15. I think it is C. He tried but Miscavage put him in RPF :)
  16. degraded being

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    I want
    I want to be your apple pie,
    the apple of your I,
    I want your I and the I of me
    to have a little toke and see
    how wondrous it is
    that Death need not hurt,
    when we know we are nothing but a fruity desert.
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    Paradox, could you start a new thread with this? :prettyplease:

    imho, it deserves a separate discussion.
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    An apple ickable analo gee!

    No wonder JC told so many parables...they really communicate the essence of the pie! :yes: :wink2:

    Great post by Paradox - as acknowledged above. :thumbsup: :clap:
  19. paradox

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    Excellent summation!

  20. paradox

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    Ah, jeeze, VaD, then I'd have to be all sociable n' shit, and drag out all the good china and silver plate, serve tea.... Just for a bit of apple strudel à la Mode. Here, it's hep yerselves. Hmm, that cherry would go good on top, tho'.