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Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by TheRealNoUser, Apr 26, 2011.

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  1. paradox

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    Were you gonna try to have it all for yourself? - :nono:
  3. paradox

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    Not at all - there's already a good crowd gathered here. Self-serve is all. :p

    Besides, I see you started a very good topic of your own. Hope you don't mind my plastering a batch of YouTube clips of a talk I really personally enjoyed over there . If they bug you, I can wipe 'em out.
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    I just pulled that out of the box yesterday as a tape to put in and walk in the park to. I actually bought that one twice. It was also a boxed set by itself.

    Hearing Alan Watts talk about the the other religions and what he deduced while in seminary school was amazing
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    Almost everyone here is an exmember. Some did more harmful things when in the cult than others.

    At what point can a person move forward?
  6. Voltaire's Child

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  7. It all depends on the individual, everyone makes mistakes, most people try to put themselves in the shoes of the people they hurt, learn from it and move on, others don't want to, and some can't because they are are not capable of thinking about anyone other than themselves. I'm sure Hubbard never felt sympathetic for anyone but himself, he obviously never moved forward.
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    OK, I will answer, since you are TR3'ing it.


    For being so stupid as to be a part of Scientology for ANY amount of time, for supporting it, and for spreading the nonsense to others (no matter to whatever large or small degree), you must forever wallow in the shame and guilt for what you have done! You have been very bad boys and girls.

    The Lords of Karma created Scientology as a "test", sort of out of curiosity, to see just how many REALLY DUMB Earth humans there were who would accept such a mountain of nonsense. And, especially who would compromise their realities as they happily and willingly spread the disease to others.

    But, for those who did buy into to, YOU HAVE TO PAY! :yes:

    The last time I checked with them, the Karmic payment period for having supported Scientology was minimum 7 lifetimes. But, for people like Sea Org regges and recruiters, it gets over 150 lifetimes! They don't consider this "supporting Scientology" thing to be a "minor infraction".

    (note: just kidding)

    Any person can move on when he or she can easily "let it all go".
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    Next question:

    At which point can others let go and understand the fact that exes like David and Julie Mayo are also trying to move forward?
  10. That one I can't help you with, since I really don't care if they are moving forward or not, it's not like they owe me anything, but I will say I am glad David Mayo came out to put Misicavage's former waterboy in his place though.
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    Coolness, Chuck. I really do enjoy our discussions. :)
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    When whatever questions they have are answered to their satisfaction, when whatever emotions they have about it have run their course, when whatever plans they've set in motion regarding such things have either been brought to fruition or consciously abandoned.
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    VaD has accused me in another thread of not answering his/her questions posed in this thread.

    Could either VaD, or another please summarise the extant questions. I simply cannot read thru all 32 pages of this drivel again.
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    Should we have someone appointed here to look thru all the posts to collect all the questions to "The REAL NO User" (mind the name of a poster!) here?

    Wow! He treats himself with such a honor that he won't "go down and dirty" to read posts addressed to him. :clap:

    And then "His Majesty", that condescended to us from OCMB, considers all our posts as nothing but "drivel"...
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    From Mark Baker @ post 271 (I think).

    Unfortuantly for me, this was how I proceeded up the Bridge to Total Freedom too. And I feel that by not really "buying" it - at least in my heart, it made me stay in longer.

    Does that make sense?

    Did I ever think I was freeing beings while auditing on NOTS?

    I don't know.

    Obviously, I don't think so now.

    Veda made a good point earlier though about TPFE. On a date/locate - you have to hit it right on the button to get the blow (according to Hubbard).

    In a way, that's what made NOTS slightly fun. You could just go "poof" right on the inspection and (with appropriate meter phenomena and checks), its all over. Total avoidance of the dredded date/locate. I used to just cringe when asked to "point".

    Later on I got better at it - just more hypnotized I suppose.

    I'm just guessing that that's at least a part of what Mayo's now saying about "misconceptions".
  16. Mark A. Baker

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    Well then I guess $cientology could be said to be a Hub-turd burger topped off with liberal complements of Mayo-naise!:eek:
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