The new list of Scientology donors is out early this year — and the biggest whale is missing!

Discussion in 'Tony Ortega' started by RSS Feed, Nov 30, 2017.

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    There is a new post up at the Underground Bunker

    The new list of Scientology donors is out early this year — and the biggest whale is missing!

    [Hey, whale — have you seen Bob anywhere?]

    Our thanks to the tipster who got us the new Impact magazine right away, something we always look forward to. But please be aware, there are several things unusual about this newest publication from the International Association of Scientologists.

    First, the timing. Each October, the IAS holds[.......]

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  2. Little David

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  3. Leland

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    WoW, looks like the Duggans have split up.
  4. HelluvaHoax!

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    Yes, the full article and comments at THE BUNKER confirm that they split up their properties in Fla.


    Jeez, that was so unnecessary!

    Too bad neither of them took Ron's advice and read "HOW TO SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE".

    Because it totally explains how to save your marriage.

    So that would have totally handled the Duggan's marriage!

    Just the book!

    They wouldn't even need a half million dollars of 2D marriage confessionals and co-audits.

    They wouldn't even need to do the clay demos on the SCIENTOLOGY MARRIAGE COURSE.



    Ron stated in the filmed interview that the book confirms "thousands of saved marriages". It's strange that "thousands" were somehow contained in that tiny 106 page book.


    Even more miraculous is that Scientology's marriage saving tech is so powerful that it (apparently) totally handled divorce on this planet--based on the fact that they don't even need to publish that book anymore.

    SCIENTOLOGY KOAN DU JOUR: If Scientology marriage tech can save anyone's marriage, but it cannot save the marriage of its most elite, ethical, on-Source, OT billionaires (L. Ron Hubbard, David Miscavige, Tom Cruise, et al) what then is the definition of the word "save"?

    HELPFUL CLUE: The word "save" (in the book HOW TO SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE) means the same thing as the word "freedom" when a Scientologist imprisoned in a chain locker is writing a success story about "total freedom".

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  5. lotus

    lotus autonomous rebellous

    Who's that kid (looking old) left alone on the right side of the pic ????

    Liberace's son ????
  6. Leland

    Leland Crusader


    Good one...
  7. ThetanExterior

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    If the Duggan's have split up it's just another example of the hypocrisy of scientology.

    Founder L. Ron Hubbard, Chairman of the Board David Miscavige, biggest star Tom Cruise, biggest donor Bob Duggan, all have had marriage problems despite believing scientology has all the answers.

    And none of them were or are Clear or OT either because those things don't exist. What a load of BS scientology is.:moon: