The Press Weighs in on Scientology's Tax Exemption

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    Amen.... AAAAmen... AAAMMMMEnnnn brothers & sisters. Lay your hands upon the meter and cleanse your thetans from past SINS and pain.

    Do NOT pass go.... DO NOT collect $200! Instead pay all you have to give & then some... all with the approval of your very own GOVERNMENT...

    Yes brothers & sisters you too can be part of something bigger than yourself... bigger than your past.... BIGGER than your future.

    To make your tax DEDUCTIBLE.. yes I said TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION call with your credit card, checking account, mortgage or youngest child's college fund in hand. Operators are standing by to take it all.

    Don't delay... call your friends & relatives.... OR all that are still talking to you and LEAD THEM... yes I said LEAD THEM into eternity.

    This message was approved by your IRS.

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    Sad thing is by ramping up an investigation it will just put the squeeze on the faithful dupes.

    SPs aaaaaaaahhh!