The Shadow of David by Romy Erikson

Discussion in 'Scientology-related Videos' started by eyeswideopen, Dec 1, 2017.

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  1. eyeswideopen

    eyeswideopen New Member

    I just came across the oddest channel on YouTube by Helena Ulintz AKA Romy Erikson.
    I came to the forum to do a search for her, as you do, but there is nothing here...

    In one video she is promoting her poetry book, Shadow of David

    In another video she talks about her experience of being 'fair gamed' but none of it rings true and it is very, very odd.

    I wonder if anyone knows this lady or whether she is just trying to cash in on the recent popularity of the subject of $CN to promote herself and sell her book?
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  2. eyeswideopen

    eyeswideopen New Member

    It looks like I was right about Helena Ulintz!

    She put a new video up today:

    I just had to comment and she left an interesting reply (emphasis is mine)

    eyeswideopen: Thumbs down. It looks to me like you are trying for a second career as an ACTOR!

    eyeswideopen: This is now a Highlighted comment? And you love it? I am really just wondering why you are pretending to be an ex-scientologist

    Helena Ulintz: Because I would have loved to have been an actor. Nice to hear.

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