The Sole Source Myth

Discussion in 'L Ron Hubbard' started by jerryf25, Mar 16, 2007.

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    PS: This thread is loaded with information, links, and links leading to links leading to more links. Some of the links no longer work, most do.

    It's sloppy and somewhat redundant, and some areas, such as that of abreaction (catharsis), are not covered as fully as they might be.

    However, if one has the patience to wade through it, and its derails, and search its links, IMO, it's a pretty good compendium of actual sources for Dianetics and Scientology.
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    (Hubbard then goes on to say how soup cans give better meter reads than the 1" diamater metal tubing used by Mathison, despite their having similar electrical characteristics; he was right, and electronics wonks were wrong.)

    Really Ron? You discovered all the rest?

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    Our resident Scn Inc. Harlem Org staff member, Tom Booth, recently presented these two old quotes, which conveniently saved me the trouble of searching for them, which I've been putting off doing. Thanks to Tom for that, and give my thanks to the entire staff of the Harlem Org for keeping the Great Work of the Great Beast 666 on target!

    Look around when you're on post at the Org, TB, take in that Scientological ambiance, because you're not likely to be there long.


    'The Best of the Sole Source Myth' thread:
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    And this from Gib. Thanks, Gib. :)

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    And this from Type4_PTS (Click horizontal arrows to see quoted text from Jon Atack by way of Tony O.:

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    Public service announcement re. Wise Old Goat

    The information from Wise Old Goat is extensive and, sometimes, quite accurate, but approach with caution.

    Wise Old Goat posted on various forums, including on ESMB, as Roadrunner . All his posts are still here.

    He is a devout Hubbardite and, as far as I can tell, although I'm not sure, he believes that something happened to Hubbard, somewhere in the 1970s, that changed Hubbard ("PDH"?), or that, perhaps there were multiple Hubbard's. (The most popular multiple Hubbard theory is that Hubbard, while hiding out in Queens, New York, in 1973, was kidnapped and replaced with a doppelganger - a double. Whether Wise Old Goat/Roadrunner believes this, I don't know. But the guy, IMO, while appearing to be a source of much information, is not a reliable source. Someone with a morbid curiosity greater than mine can further research this area if curious.) :)

    Wise Old Goat believes, for example, that Hubbard really did - truthfully - discontinue Fair Game, and has a contorted explanation as to why that is so.

    So sift through his voluminous (initially impressive looking) stuff with caution.

    Wise Old Goat on Fair Game:
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    Thanks Veda. My bad. These are not the droids you are looking for.
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    Finally, an explanation of your avatar Veda. Ever since I came to this board I've been wondering WTF it was; a painting by Dali? Anyway, now I know.


    Sorry for the derail. Carry on!
  10. Elronius of Marcabia

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    Nope Hubbard was'nt source of many things he put his brand on.

    To use and old west analogy he was a rustler, using a branding iron to slightly
    change or recode an idea claiming it for his own.

    An intelectual fraud and plagerist with an unsatiable appetite for being seen
    as wise and worldly lord of the manor, ascot draped about his neck.. so and so forth
    if pressed for any kind answer that required more than half a sentence.

    He rarely did face to face real time interviews and when he did they were staged
    cut or edited so as not to see:omg: just how ignorant the man was in real time.

    Master of puffery :write:and plagerism and pompousity, a bigamist a forger a thief
    and a conman with little talent as writer, drug addict and money launderer
    faudulent guru and douche nozzle, dickhead extraordinaire !!
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    No problem. No derail at all. :)

    Patricia Waldygo's painting of the Tree of Life (above) relies mainly on color and images, by-passing words. IMO, it's the best, and simplest, depiction of the "Tree."
  12. Elronius of Marcabia

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    no derail its right on topic, I recognised immediately because of my
    interest in chakras and other maps of consciousness old and new
    and even have one I made for myself based on what I found as core
    of each of my chakra's.

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    The Kybalion is a book from 1908 purporting to be the essence of the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus.

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    The stolen source
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    I saw a PDF online last month that had a lot of Hubbard think in it. Really almost identical in some paragraphs. It was The Master Game by Robert S. de Ropp. It's a free download of his published work from 1968.

    Free PDFs at this link

  18. Hatshepsut

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    Excerpt Vol 5 from Initiation Into The Seven Rays by Alice Bailey

    3 March 1952 MILESTONE ONE Lecture on Entities. Transcript of 12 pages

    I think they were doing 'cloud' sharing of discoveries... stored in the ethers... during the first half of the 20th century. And everybody had a get into that cloud.

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  19. TobyJensen

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    The Master Game by Robert S. de Ropp was eerily familiar.
  20. SPsince83

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    There was a clear (no pun intended) change in literary style in HCOBs in the late 70s and early 80s. It didn't feel like Elwrong's cadence or vocabulary, as bullshit as it was when he wrote stuff. The later stuff was definitely funky. We chalked it up to the lack of reading skills in the public schools so El Magnifico had to dumb it down. But all of us in our HGC noticed it every time we High Crimed the latest blather.

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