There Is No New Church of Scientology in Perth

Discussion in 'Mike Rinders Blog' started by RSS Feed, May 8, 2018.

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    There Is No New Church of Scientology in Perth

    This is Scientology’s headline on their website following David Miscavige’s parking lot ribbon yanking: DOWN UNDER’S “CITY OF LIGHTS” WELCOMES NEWEST CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY This is a double lie. First, there is no “new church of scientology” in Perth. There is a new building, but that is not a “new church.” It’s the same crappy[.......]

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    Puny man with puny mind and puny soul living in a bubble but thinking he runs the world. High school dropout. No real understanding of how the world works. This is a lawyer's dream come true. They saw him coming a mile away. The lawyer's and PI's laugh in their beds at night.:D
    Wife, SP's, disconnected rejoice. You are free from tiny tyrant.:cool:

    Buying up land does not make you relevant. Will be remembered with Jim jones and other losers of the past. Gold and titanium will be used in the future as.... gold and titanium. A few artifacts so future homoSAPIENS [no such thing as homo novis] will laugh at "works" of shabby, delusional con man. :(

    To LRH!!;)

    I shoulda been a lawyer.... or a PI...