This new image of David Miscavige makes years of Scientology Watching all worth it

Discussion in 'Tony Ortega' started by RSS Feed, Oct 6, 2017.

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  1. hummingbird

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    I am still gob-smacked by that picture of Saint Hill with that statue in front of it. That's really SH? For reals? And that statue isn't a shoop? O.M.F.G.

  2. ThetanExterior

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    Yep, that's Saint Hill Castle - built in the 1980s. Saint Hill Manor is in the same grounds and was LRH's home.
  3. exseaorgclocmoflagetc

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    the wedding ring posed in the forefront sure is something else! very strategic planning and good PR...not lol.........for the millionth time..where is shelly!!? bt wthe I the only one that noticed the that he is making good use of his tanning bed and has had plastic surgery...other pictures show the face alteration even more so...depends on the angle. Donation money well spent? ha!
  4. JackStraw

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    I took another look at the new pic of DM and thought: Looks like Bart Simpson, all growed up."

    Well done, SCN.

  5. HelluvaHoax!

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    I wonder if Scientologists are required to buy the new STANDARD COB PORTRAIT for their homes?

    When COB called me for marketing advice, I suggested to him that all Scientologists worldwide should be ordered to a "mandatory briefing", at which they should be r-factored that they need to buy TWO (2) of COBs color photos.

    The LRH reference on that would be the 2 e-meter mandate. It has nothing to do with doubling profits with the stroke of a pen. It's because if an meter suddenly stops working in the middle of a session, the auditor has a standby meter ready to go. So that the PC doesn't cave in and suffer irreparable damage.

    It doesn't matter that in the 67 year history of Scientology that never once happened.

    So yeah, they need to buy TWO (2) photos of COB, in case the first photo is destroyed (in a rage) when they realize that their COB guru is a scheming sociopathic liar and physically violent con man who defrauded them out of all their money and time. When that happens, after they do lower conditions and make up the damage to COB, they will still have another wall photo of COB to stand and applaud throughout the day.

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  6. pineapple

    pineapple Patron Meritorious

    I would think there's also the possibility of one COB portrait being stolen by SP's who want to deface it. But if you've got a second one in a secure place you won't be caught short.

    If, as you suggest, you should momentarily go Type III and destroy one portrait yourself, I would think your amends would include buying a replacement portrait, so you'll ALWAYS have two -- just in case it happens again. With the level of suppression in the environment so high, you can't rule out the possibility.

    (I actually DID once have my meter stop working in session, in the middle of a Dn chain. I finished the chain without a meter. I asked erasing/solid after every run-through, and when the pc cogged, I said "Your needle is floating" (though in fact it was just lying there), then took a break and got another meter. The pc never even knew anything happened. I wrote it all up, VWD on the session, no cram.)
  7. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Gold Meritorious Sponsor

    Cool story.

    That's one of the fascinating things about Scientology---that the identical event, action or statement can be interpreted in many different and contradictory ways. Like the classic Japanese film ROSHOMON. There's even a new term in usage, "Rashomon Effect".

    --scenarios: Imagine that your org during that period (totally unrelated to the above anecdote) happened to have totally crashed Gross Income stats. Further imagine that the Commodore went into a rage and fired off his fiercest SEAT ORG MISSIONAIRES, tasked with INVESTIGATING WHO IS SQUIRRELING THE TECH AND PURPOSELY INTENDING THE ORG TO BE DESTROYED FROM WITHIN".


    Your lovely session (taken to EP, just like Ron would have done in the early days without the aid of an e-meter) would have been cheered as a "modern miracle" by Ron himself (about his auditing); a feat for which he then collected hundreds of millions of dollars for himself.

    But, let us recall the HUBBARD LAW OF COMMOTION, wherein every policy and piece of tech has an equal and opposite policy and piece of tech".

    Back to our little scenario. Well, my friend, the Missionaires would have found your auditing session and screamed with delight that they had found the SP at the bottom of the org's demise.

    You would have been ripped off post, put on mest work and Com Ev'd.

    The Com Ev would have published a public lynching of you and your character and your evil intensions.

    All Scientologists would have disconnected from you, the declared SP.

    Eventually (months or years later) another better "WHY" would be found when the Data Series geniuses "uplines" did an eval and found that the org crashed because the upstats were being attacked by SPs.

    Yet another mission would be fired to your org that demanded the ED and top execs get you back on post so that the stats would revert!

    So, the same session could mean you "made it go right".

    It could mean you are trying to sabotage Ron's dream of a planet without insanity, criminality and war!

    It could mean that you were a "PLANT" sent in by psychs or pharma to destroy the org with squirrel tech.

    It could mean that you are a badly degraded being that instantly needs to purchase 200 hours of auditing and your Bridge up thru OT III (where Ron declares the cause of all DBness originates from).

    It could mean (if you tell them that you are already OT III) that they demand you re-do it because you "quickied it"!

    It could mean that your OT III is okay, but you need NOTS, which handles the real reason behind the reason that beings are degraded.

    It could mean that you didn't get the gains because your ethics was out and the remedy is to donate $ 50K to your Patron status.

    Jeez, everything in scientology means everything else.

    OMG, that reminds me of A = A = A!

    If that had happened to me in session, i would have indicated to the pc:


    (we were really in that psycho stupid f*cking cult?!!! LOL LOL

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  8. lotus

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  9. exseaorgclocmoflagetc

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  10. DagwoodGum

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    Corny the COB, Infamies Hardy Har Don.

    Narly lookin butt plug if you ask me.
    The machine I mean.
    Looks pneumatic, wonder who holds patent on it?
    Could catch on, they've managed to peddle worse.
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  11. guanoloco

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    When I look I see...


    ...or maybe...

    tumblr_nm3a9vrHa41tv4cyio1_400.gif MAD-Magazine-Alfred-E-Neuman-Norman-Mingo.jpg

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