Tom Cruise, article - actors with careers that are collapsing

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    1. Tom Cruise

    The success of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol less than two years ago gave his stock a bump, but apparently it was the stunts that were the star of that movie. In the three consecutive flops he’s made since -- Rock of Ages, Jack Reacher and the aptly-named Oblivion -- audiences didn’t even show up on opening weekend out of curiosity. Before Protocol, don’t forget, no one showed up for Knight and Day, Valkyrie or Lions for Lambs, either. Cruise is 51 years old, his boyish charm is finally gone, and he isn’t an action hero anymore. Audiences see him as their weird dad. He should give up on trying to rule the multiplex and start nosing around for more interesting roles like the one he had in Magnolia. Not that he’s fond of Paul Thomas Anderson anymore after Anderson made fun of scientology in The Master.

    Next up: Fighting aliens next summer in All You Need Is Kill. Sure.

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    I went to see The Master and they were showing a preview for Oblivion. Some
    Guy in the preview was asking TC's character why he keeps searching for wisdom in his old books. I said(loudly) "Does he mean Dianetics?" Quite a few people in the theater thought it was very funny.