Tom Cruise on the prowl again...!

Discussion in 'Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes' started by The_Fixer, Apr 2, 2017.

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    Say what? I can be Troubles assistant today...two
  3. The_Fixer

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    So, he's 53 and she's 28.

    That will always end well.....
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  5. TexasLurker

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    Doesn't an article like this come out about him being smitten with every one of his movie leading ladies? It's a favorite Tom theme, along with 5 year old Suri photos..
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  6. The_Fixer

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    Actually, I think you may be right there.

    Must've been a slow news day.

    But Woman's Day do love their gossip.

    No, I don't normally read that mag. It just came up on my news feed and well, it is becoming a gossip and ad feed now.

    Might have to start looking elsewhere for news. :yes:
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    It's hard not to click on those links, looking in vain for Tom's Scientology Tell-All interview. :eyeroll:

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