Top 100 Stupid Moments in Scientology PART 4

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  1. HelluvaHoax!

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    As long as the OCA is being discussed, this would be an excellent moment to take a high altitude aerial view of where the OCA TEST fits into the much bigger scheme of Scientology's strategic geography.

    1. The OCA is one of many techniques of "RUINING" the being--so that they can later (at lavish expense) be saved saved & salvaged by Scientology.

    2. RUINING the being is standard tech, right out of Hubbard's HCO Policy on Dissemination. That is how you get someone "on the bridge" and thereafter keep them moving on the bridge.

    3. The RUINING technology states that you either "find their ruin" OR "make one real to them". Any OCA test results, therefore, can be used to "make" a ruin real the the PC. The word "make" is, of course, a euphemism for "lying".

    4. The "find or make" tech (see #3 above) is identical to the Fair Game tech which mandates that you handle others (SPs, enemies, et al) by "Finding or Manufacturing" incriminating evidence against them. Manufacturing is identical to "making", as in "making" something up.

    5. Auditing itself utilized the same technology as the OCA and FAIR GAME. Again, Hubbard gives it a slightly different description, but that is simply misdirection. He calls it the "auditing com cycle"--which has at its core the elements of asking the PC a question that "restimulates their reactive mind" and thereafter continuing the auditing in order to give them relief from same.

    6. In these ways (OCA, FAIR GAME, AUDITING) the startling common denominator is always just this: ENTURBULATING, CAVING IN & SHATTERING A PERSON IN ORDER TO HANDLE & HELP THEM.

    7. The SCIENTOLOGY SALVATION CYCLE is always identical: A) Maniacally mess the person's mind up. B) Sell them relief from "A". C) Over great amounts of time and at great expense, return the person to exactly what they were before you did "A", maniacally messed them up .

    8. Every "level" and the entire Grade Chart itself (i.e. the "Bridge to Total Freedom") is nothing more than a larger scale "Scientology Salvation Cycle". It ruins/salvages the person using many gimmicks such as engrams, R6EW, Clearing, Wall of Fire (OT III), Xenu's BTs (OT IV thru OT VII) et al. Then on OT VIII, the PC is returned to precisely the same place he was when he/she first entered a Scientology center, many decades earlier and $500,000 richer. Because the EP of OT VIII is "I now know who I am not and I am interested in finding out who I really am". But, they already had that mindset, before Scientology. This is why they were curious about Scientology 30-40 years earlier, to begin with!​

    SUMMARY OF SCIENTOLOGY: They quite intentionally mess up ("ruin") your mind after which they promise to fix it at lavish expense. Then they take you on a very long and nasty ride, after which Scientology screeches to a halt at the same ghetto address where they first picked you up--at which moment they kick open the door and dump you on the street. After getting a success story.
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  2. Churchill

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    An unintended consequence of Hurricane Irma for Scientologists will be the challenge posed to the embedded group belief in OT's and reconciling this belief with the catastrophic failure of Scientology's (and Clearwater's) Operating Thetans to safeguard and protect that most precious of Scientology environments; the profitable Clearwater cash cow that routinely produces "Super Powerful" OT's.
    All Scientologists secretly harbor the hidden standard belief that OT's wield superhuman powers, and the fact that Clearwater has become Ground Zero for the most massive hurricane to ever strike Florida will undoubtedly erode this ridiculous belief, and hopefully wash away the delusional foundation upon which it is based.
    I hope that everyone in Clearwater, including Scientologists, will be unharmed in the aftermath of Irma, but I also hope that Scientologists, especially, will question the false hope, and false promises that Scientology offers. I hope it nags at them, until they finally LEAVE, and rebuild their lives.
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  3. Operating DB

    Operating DB Truman Show Dropout

    But you know that instead they'll blame some other entity for the failure of the OT's to alter the course of Irma. They'll blame Hurricane Leah, the 98% of blown SP and PTS ex scios, the ASC, not enough OT's to overpower Irma, church members not donating enough money to their cause, the high number of blown OT 8's...You know, the same old tired BS they spew out.
  4. Churchill

    Churchill Gold Meritorious Patron

    Yeah, that'll work.
    "Our vaunted Operating Thetans were preoccupied watching Leah Remini win an Emmy for exposing our scummy practices of Disconnection and Fair Game, therefore we were unable to prevent the flooding and destruction at our properties."
    Like I said, prepare for a cognitive dissonance tsunami to hit Clearwater, lol!
  5. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Gold Meritorious Sponsor


    Interesting topic--the ability (or not) of the universe's first real OTs to demonstrate disaster diversion--by sending the hurricane AWAY from Flag, mankind's only hope!

    In a Scientologist's mind, this is the IDEAL SCENE:

    1. By the miraculous power of postulates (and a helpful assortment of "pressor" and "tractor" beams), the OTs of Clearwater will re-route the hurricane in a pro-survival direction. To wit, so that it slams ethics in on downstats, DBs, SPs and other "counter-intentioned cocksuckers".

    2. Ideally, the hurricane will "obliterate" multiple enemies of "our religion", including but not limited to mental healthcare facilities, the American Psychiatric Association headquarters, Tampa/St. Pete newspaper corporate offices, A&E production offices and the homes of any Pinellas County residents who have watched "The Aftermath".

    3. On all that diabolical devastation visited upon Church enemies (see #2, above), our religion can then send VMs to the disaster sites to be photographed smiling & handing out The Way To Happiness booklets to people still trapped under rubble.​
  6. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Gold Meritorious Sponsor

    Outstanding news!

    Leah Remini & Mike Rinder's whistleblowing blockbuster show on A&E ("SCIENTOLOGY & THE AFTERMATH") was not only nominated for an Emmy, they also just WON the prestigious Creative Arts Emmy in the category of "Informational Series or Special"!


    One wonders what IS the actual difference between mega Celebrity OTs (e.g. Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley, John Travolta, et al) who blithely and indifferently remain in the abusive cult and a mega Celebrity OT like Leah Remini--who "rises above" the insanity and blows--after which they use their entertainment gifts to enlighten the world about the COS (Crimewave of Scientology).

    On the surface, they appear identical! But there must be some subtle distinction, somewhere!

    After exhaustive scientific research, we have definitively diagnosed & determined the diabolical difference!

    Leah Remini has INTEGRITY.

    Tom Cruise has
    done a clay demo of INTEGRITY.

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  7. HelluvaHoax!

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    Scientology 2017: Wasn't the planet supposed to be Clear by now? LOL


    Dearest Clears, OTs, Planet Clearers & Sector Salvagers,

    We heard that things are not going so well for you. I mean, even your own OT mega-celebs are now turning against you with bestselling books, a blockbuster TV series and Emmy awards!

    It's gotta hurt when Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist also write bestselling exposes on your cult, right? We hate to rub it in, but then there was that blockbuster documentary on HBO and all over the world that kind of killed your ass too, right?

    And what about all those other tell-all books by your former elite top execs! Jeez that sucks, especially after you spent an average of 32 years each auditing and training them to be a "total cause" planet clearer for your team. Dude, why are they all leaving?

    Oh yeah, then there's those other documentary films and reality shows that tell all your secrets. And newspapers! And magazines! Jeez! Why are all these people ganging up on you, I wonder?

    OMG, I almost forgot the Internet!! Never-ending uptrending graphs of entheta being released that make people fear and hate your "religion". Wow, that's gotta suck for your business trying to suck in new customers!

    And why are you churning out hate websites against your critics? Doesn't that prove that you are sociopathically vengeful haters, just like all the blown Scientologists claim you are?

    Everywhere a person looks, there are victims of Scientology attacking it. You call the attacks "religious bigotry" but the rest of the world calls it a disgruntled "customer review".

    Well, in any case, I hope this letter finds you uptone and flourishing & prospering! Please keep us advised of your many unprecedented 4th Dynamic wins en route to bringing TOTAL FREEDOM to all mankind, on this planet!


    Don Hubbard

    Cleared Clear
    ( a being who has blown the reactive impulse to go Clear)

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  8. Churchill

    Churchill Gold Meritorious Patron

    The remaining Scientology celebrities are in an awkward position. Do they step into the breach and try to stanch the bleeding? Vonni Ribisi, Elizabeth Moss, Juliette Lewis, and that group of celebs don't usually publicly comment on Scientology, yet are known in the industry as Scientologists. Will they be compelled to join the fray and issue denunciations of Leah, an Emmy recipient? Will they, or their publicists issue OSA composed press releases?
    I don't know, but, I do think that some of the less fanatical Scn celebs may well begin to distance themselves, as Jason Lee did, before he left, and it's quite possible that this may shake some of more pragmatic ones off the "tree." Hope so, anyway.
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  9. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Gold Meritorious Sponsor


    Don Hubbard's letter (previous post) makes one wonder--

    Debunking literally floods in from every direction, sinking Scientology's boat.

    Even if someone had never heard of Scientology, never watched TV, never used the Internet and didn't read books/magazines--wouldn't their friends, co-workers and relatives all clue them in that they had just joined a crazy cult?

    Scieno-Scenario: Non scientologist Bernie Blinders is spotted by one of his neighbors walking into the local Church of Scientology. When Bernie gets home from work that evening, he is suddenly & shockingly confronted by 37 people crowded into his small living room!

    What the hellllllllllll?

    Bernie we know you joined Scientology!

    Bernie, we are worried to death about you!

    Bernie, we're only here to help you!

    WTF is this!?!!

    37 PEOPLE
    (chanting in unison)

    What are you people even
    talking about. Scientology!?
    Are you out of your minds?!

    Bernie, please don't lie about it.
    We have you on surveillance video
    going into the Scientology center today!
    (hands him a dozen photos)

    Bernie, you are in denial. We
    only want to help you get out
    of that cult, honey!

    Bernie, they are going to destroy
    your mind and then they are going
    to destroy your finances and then
    they are going to destroy your family
    and disconnect you. And then they
    are going to build hate websites against
    you. And then they are going to stalk,
    terrorize and fair game you until you
    are in prison, in an insane asylum
    or dead, just like they tried to do
    to Paulette Cooper!

    Paulette who? What are you people
    even talking about!!!???

    Bernie look what you're doing to yourself!
    Look what you're doing to your family!

    (looks at photos)

    Yes, Bernie. You can't lie to
    us or yourself any more.
    We know!


    Bernie, we know you
    joined the cult of Scientology!

    OMG. I just parked my car and needed
    some change for the parking meter, so I
    I walked into the closest business to
    ask them if they could break a dollar bill...
    I didn't even know it was Scientology,
    whatever that is.

    Really? LOL
    Oh well, better safe than sorry.
    Never mind.

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  10. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Gold Meritorious Sponsor

    A fascinatingly complex conundrum for Scn Celebrities who are about to come face-to-face with an epic "PRESENT TIME PROBLEM".

    Readers may recall that Dr. Hubbard defines a problem as "...intention vs counter-intention, in equal balance".

    --- On one side of the equation is the life-and-death vital necessity to ensure that Scientology is never harmed by "entheta" which could then cause Scientology to fail--rendering the destruction of all life everywhere, made infinitely worse by eternal suffering.

    --- On the other side of the equation is the life-and-money vital necessity to ensure that the Celebrity is never harmed by "entheta" which could then cause their career to fail--rendering the destruction of all personal wealth everywhere, made infinitely worse by eternal film/TV casting rejections. ​

    So who or what does the OT celebrity really care about more?

    I'm betting the latter. Their own career/money.

    Then WHY, one asks, do some OT celebrities allow their careers to be trashed by the cult's manipulation of their careers and reputations in order to protect the cult's precious "PR IMAGE"? Why do some of them stay in past the point their artistic careers have fallen so down Hubbard's proverbial "dwindling spiral" that nobody even knows they were once actors/musicians? (examples: Michael Roberts, Peter Schless, Jeff Pomerantz. . . )

    WHY: Aside from OT celebrities being slow-cogniting stragglers, they can also simultaneously be quite stupid about what is going on in the world and in their own lives. Ergo, they don'e even realize they are "shattering" their own artistic goals before it is way too late. That's why once, long-ago, successful actors like Roberts/Pomerantz spend their time hard-selling mega donations to the cult for which they get commissions--using any remaining vestiges of acting skill to convince people by giving the cult everything and going bankrupt, they too can have a hugely successful acting career and save the universe!
  11. Churchill

    Churchill Gold Meritorious Patron

    The 2nd Gen Scn's weren't seduced into the cult the way we were, and I suspect that for many of them the fear of disconnection is a greater motivating factor than the (false) hope and promises that 1st gen'ers like us bought in to.
    We don't see them moving up the bridge with the same determination, despite their having the wherewithal to do it.

    The multiple rape allegations against one of their own, Danny Masterson, has taken a toll, and shaken them, even as they struggle to defend him. But the constant thought of three accusers...

    Forgive all these stupid conjectures, but after all, this IS the stupid thread, and I feel eminently qualified.
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  12. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Gold Meritorious Sponsor

    The most ethical people on the planet will descend to any depths of depravity & deceit in order to protect serial celebrity rapists in good standing.

    David Miscavige is to Danny Masterson as Johnny Cochran is to OJ Simpson.

    "If the out-PR facts don't fit, you must bull-shit."
    -L. Ron Hubbard, David Miscavige &
    every other lying, conniving parishioner of the
    COS (Crimewave of Scientology)
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  13. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Gold Meritorious Sponsor


    Cross-posted from another thread trying to find the answer to: "WHO IS THE SENIOR C/S INT?"

    Discovering this is beyond vital, if we are to rise above this slave planet and achieve eternity!

    For starters, if nobody knows who the Senior C/S Int is--how can our PC folders possibly be sent uplines and routed the right terminal when our cases are bogged?!

    I started a GoFundMe link so that a PI can help us find out who our spiritual guide is. . .

    UPDATE: Our PI just forwarded some astonishing intel along with a surveillance photo!

  14. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Gold Meritorious Sponsor


    The Church of Hoaxology's analytics division has been tracking a very curious half-century old phenomenon that has endlessly repeated itself since the time the Commodore commanded international Scientology in the 1960s!

    We are referencing here the nullification of all previous Scientology leaders, executives & celebrities and highly acclaimed OTs by the six (6) deadly "D"s:

    1) Declare!

    2) Disconnection!

    3) Dead Agenting!

    4) Disappearance!

    5) Degradation!

    6) Denial & Debasement!​

    I first observed this back when I was a naive, gullible and hopeful young teen who joined in hopes of living life in some new merry, magical & miraculous dimension! It happened when I heard of, read about or met beings who had attained God-like powers, acclaim and status. whether by means of achieving the highest levels of "OT", Celebrity and/or mythical mystique by helping Ron save the planet as an elite staff, tech or Sea Org member. It surprised me at first to hear that a previous Scientology Saint had been declared, offloaded, RPFed, beached, busted or even fair gamed!

    Somehow, seemingly overnight, they went from Demigod to DB! A "PR" (shore story/acceptable truth) explanation always accompanied their disastrous demise. Frankly, I lost count of all the heroes that were lost in homo novis' epic war to save the planet.

    Over the decades, it became apparent that the frequency of declaring/dissapearing these hideous infiltrators-- intent on sabotaging & denying mankind total freedom--became more and more frequent. And along with this notably accelerating rate, the methods used to gloss over their disappearance from church promo (present and even past!) became more routine and polished.

    After a half-century of practicing this routine, church leaders (Commodore/COB & their delegated goons) have it down to a science! We see this with startling clarity in the past 3-5 years as the vast majority of "elite" international execs and celebs have begun to exit the cult en masse.

    To wit, there is now a systematized checklist of what to say/do when a former exec/celeb blows. Their image is removed from previous cult promo. Any reference to them is struck or edited out. And their achievements (formerly used by the cult to inspire new recruits/donations) is trashed beyond recognition.

    FOR ELITE EXECS WHO BLOW: Their former high rank is denied and a new debased history is written for them. A formerly acclaimed "International Spokesperson" thereby becomes a ". . . failed roadie whose only experience in front of a microphone was when one spilled out of a gear box they clumsily dropped while working in the church's shipping department as a lowly stock boy." Then, naturally, comes the obligatory "...and thus after giving them many chances, they proved to be a habitual drunk that we had to fire--which more than abundantly explains why they became the bitter, lying, vengeful religious bigot they are today."

    FOR ELITE CELEBS WHO BLOW: Their former artistic, commercial & critical achievements are fully trashed (the very same ones the church touted in glossy promo pieces) and history is re-written so that they become: " grubbing haters who will descend to any depths and despicable deceptions--in order to stuff their pockets with blood money, no matter how many people they destroy by trying to hijack the church of Scientology's unprecedented popularity and beloved status on this planet!"

    Well, this recent critical mass acceleration has created a new problem for the CosS. That there are very few people remaining that can appear in church promo.

    In face, as this trend continues it will become mandatory for the COS to entirely eliminate any recognizable faces--so that when they blow or are declared (which 99% of them will assuredly be!) the COS will not have the exhausting Sisyphean task of constantly having to re-write history and "disappear" them from church records and media archives.

    PREDICTION: Within 5 years, the COS will begin resorting to an iconic avatar to replace the Commodore who was, in turn, replaced by COB. Thus, when COB is found to have been embezzling hundreds of millions of dollars of COS cash (after which he is disgracefully removed from post, declared and sued to death) there will need to be a new religious leader to appear at events.

    Especially sacred events, like the ribbon cutting at new Ideal Orgs!

    But, it has to be someone that won't ever get declared!

    Someone who is always VVGIs!

    Someone who is always WINNING!

    Someone who is always COGNITING!

    Someone who is always BLOWING DOWN!

    Someone like......


    IDEAL ORG RIBBON CUTTING! Lead by (far left) the Honorable L. William Bleauxdoun, whom L. Ron Hubbard delegated the ultimate responsibility for and executive control of worldwide Scientology on this planet, on 4/01/86. Mr. Bleauxdoun was chosen to replace the Commodore in great part because of his stellar track record as a war hero, bestselling author, doctor and nuclear scientologist. Mr. Bleauxdoun is also lovingly referred to by parishioners as simply "Billy"--or most often as "The Cause-odore", because of his personal favorite hobby, which he describes thusly: "When I'm not busy Clearing the planet, I like to kick back with total-cause games like FNing & writing success stories!"
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  17. ThetanExterior

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    A while ago I was talking to an ex-scientologist who is involved with Ron's Org/Freezone or whatever they are called. He told me that scientology may be struggling on this planet but it's booming on other planets.

    I asked how he knew this and he said someone told him.

    That proves it then.:wacko:
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  18. anonomog

    anonomog Gold Meritorious Patron

    (We need a new smiley for the -simultaneously stunned silent but laughing uncontrollably)

    Did they possibly mention which planet was top of the charts? Any special kind life form that finds it particularly attractive?
  19. ThetanExterior

    ThetanExterior Gold Meritorious Patron

    No further data was given. I think it's secret.
  20. cleared cannibal

    cleared cannibal Silver Meritorious Patron

    Important meeting coming up. Be there!

    Hello Portland friends!

    I am totally looking forward to coming to your amazing city, Portland! I cannot wait to brief you on EVERYTHING!

    You may know that I’m a Commissioner for Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) and I work on CCHR issues in Washington, DC. Before that, I spent many years studying all the different brands of therapy in the “mental health” field, looking for the tools to help people and not finding them. I got a doctorate in psychology and many other credentials along the way, before I came to the end of that road. I moved into the neighborhood of the San Francisco Ideal Org, walked in, and found the only true workable tech on the planet. The credentials I have, that meant nothing to me before, because I did not get what I was looking for, are now valuable in our work on Capitol Hill.

    Basically… I have a Ph.D in discrediting psychiatry and psychology.

    We, you and I and all Scientologists, are factually changing the world. The IAS is the most important organization on this planet. We are guaranteeing the future of Scientology for all generations to come, and with that, FREEDOM!

    I work flat out in Washington, DC on CCHR issues and also travel to do briefings for the IAS to ensure you are kept in the loop on significant developments. I want to share with you surprising developments and wins that will make you happy and proud to be a Scientologist.

    If you look at the news, you see the merchants of chaos are more frantic than ever. They are going crazy because we are winning. I’ll let you know what we just did has caused the bad guys to flip out.

    This is a unique opportunity to get a first hand briefing from the front line, complete with insider stories and details about multiple wins. The briefing is inspiriing. I really want you to HAVE this.

    We are in the midst of the ultimate stakes battle --- slavery or freedom. I will share with you the specifics so you have mass and reality on what psychiatry is doing, what we have done, and the offensive we are mid. You will likely be shocked at what we together have accomplished. I cannot indicate anything further in an email, but will personally give you the details when we meet.

    Of course, I would like your help through the IAS, and of course any descion will be entirely up to you.

    I look forward to seeing you on the 23rd of September at the Portland Ideal Org! Delish dinner is at 6:00 pm!


    Linda Lagemann, Ph.D

    Commissioner CCHR

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