Top 100 Stupid Moments in Scientology PART 4

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by HelluvaHoax!, Apr 25, 2017.

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  1. Karen#1

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  2. DagwoodGum

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    What I nearly got talked into would have been my personal stupidest moment in Scientology but I didn't follow through with their suggestion.
    What it was is, upon completion of the Ministers Course and turning in some forms to get my draft status changed to Minister (though provisional) some staff encouraged me to file a "vow of poverty" form whereby I would have become exempt from paying any and all social security taxes on my income.
    The idea was that the amount that my cash flow would increase would help fuel my progress up the bridge, especially if I put it all on account - which was their intention.
    Had I made that colossal mistake I would now be ineligible to collect Social Security, Medicare and that would really screw my living expense cash flow now that I'm retired.
    So glad I didn't, but I nearly went for it.
    Man, the things they'd try to talk you into - your total self destruction if you didn't watch it.
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  3. RogerB

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    Ya, close call, Dagwoodgum!

    I know of too many good people who believed in "the goodness" of the cult, who as staff members, did the no Social Security Tax deduction and no income tax "trick" . . . only to end up in mature years after the blood bath of circa 1982-3 occurred that they were out of their position on staff or as Mission Holders and had their property stolen from them . . .

    Then came the drama of no old age pensions or Medicare . . . Helen Geltman was the classic case of one who died penniless and ill and broken hearted.
  4. DagwoodGum

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  5. Operating DB

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    Ooh! Gotta add Bullshitting Buddha 2.0 to my ever growing list of alternative names for hubbard. At first I thought 2.0 was whatever that tone is on the tone scale but then I realized it's the second revision of Buddha.
    Thanks, HH!
  6. HelluvaHoax!

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    It's at moments like this that I simultaneously both LAUGH and CRINGE.

    --- Laughing at the sheer absurdity & audacity of Scientology's never-ending avalanche of lies. ​

    --- Cringing at the distant but haunting thought that if L. Ron Hubbard had issued a major new discovering (based on his wholetrack research into why OTs did not allow themselves to use their miraculous powers over the MEST universe), I fear that many Scientologists (myself included?) may have been swept up in a feverish jubilance that included standing, applauding and boisterously cheering a jumbotron image of mankind's Source & Savior. ​

    Yes, if Dr. Hubbard had "discovered" that a vow of poverty was the tech that beings needed to apply in order to escape the ravages of the physical universe trap, I dare say many Scientologists would have lined up to sign such a pledge in order to speed their journey to OT. Those that still had doubts might have signed anyways when huge posters of golden rocket ship cartoons hurtling through intergalactic space were revealed, bearing a bold headline that said: "ROCKET YOUR WAY TO OT!!!" I believe the crowd would have been filled with murmurs of "Wow, that really indicates!" and other spiritual epiphanies.

    At this moment, I am sincerely trying to use all my paranormal postulates, prayers & preternatural powers to prevent such pitiably pathethic perceptions about myself. LOL

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  7. DagwoodGum

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    HelluvaHoax, had you ever heard of this before?
    I wonder how many took this option being bandied about when I did the ministers course back in the mid 70's?
    It could be the worst decision of one's life here in the US.
    I admit I took the minister's course because I got a low military draft number and I thought they wouldn't want a chaplain from an oddball cult.
    So I nearly tripped over myself getting my classification changed with the draft board.
    Luckily for me the Vietnam war was over and I wasn't to get called anyway.
    But the people who recommended my doing that were SO smug about being SO slick that they'd caught on to doing this...
    Wonder if their smug slickness is "what really indicates" now?
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  8. HelluvaHoax!

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    Actually, no. Never heard of that vow of poverty being used as yet another "religious angle" by Scientology before.

    Yeah, I hear you about the minister's course. I remember when the orders came "down line" for EVERYONE TO IMMEDIATELY DO THE MINISTERS COURSE. And I either heard or read that all auditors had to immediately wear ministerial costumes. I cannot easily express in words what a horrifying concept that was to me, LOL.

    I instantly vowed in my mind that I would NEVER EVER EVER wear a f*cking fake costume and cross like that. I think it was the very first time I began to connect the dots between:



    It was a all done under the cover of (wink-wink): "You know those wogs and their aberrated suppressive games, we have to "handle" them with standard PR that is "within their reality".

    That probably was my first questioning moment of: "What the hellllll is this?!" It took a few hundred more such moments over the next 15-20 years for it to finally dawn on me what it was. The thing that really pushed me over the top was realizing that the tech wasn't working on me (being SP and all, that kinda made sense, LOL). Then i realized that when the tech didn't work they started to try to fix you with ethics indoctrination (which also didn't work).

    Ethics, I finally understood, is not the reason tech doesn't work. It is what is done when the tech doesn't work. Ethics is used as coercive re-programming of your mind. You are (at first) invited to "take a look" at how what you did/thought was contra-survival. And you were nicely invited to "change your considerations".

    Not long later you were no longer being ASKED, you were being TOLD to change your views/thoughts.

    Following that you were ORDERED to change your views, or else fall prey to Scientology declares & disconnection.

    Ultimately, when none of the previous "standard handlings" worked, you were subjected to threats, duress, dead agenting and vicious fair gaming.

    That's what Hubbard calls "ETHICS".

    Hubbard was "putting Paulette Cooper's ethics in" by trying to drive her insane, into a mental hospital, into a prison for bomb threats she never made and, finally---trying to drive her to kill herself. This is "ethics" according to Hubbard.

    I will confess that Hubbard was not always this hypocritical. He apparently got his own ethics in, back in 2006, when he killed himself by (according to Scn. leaders) leaving his body. That is, factually, the only win Scientologists ever had on the subject of exteriorization.

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  9. Irayam

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    Fortunately for this planet it was in 1986 that the dear Founder droped his body!

  10. Karen#1

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  11. DagwoodGum

    DagwoodGum Conspiracy Analyst III

    Roger, hate to be a pest but what were the basic details of the blood bath that went on? I had moved to the boonies of Montana during those years and w/o the internet I was completely out of touch with Scientology, both the cult and my friends in it.
  12. HelluvaHoax!

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    Ah yes, the caste system of Scientology. The description(s) of death are dramatically altered, depending on your status:

    LRH - SCIENTOLOGY SOURCE: "Because he was so OT, his body was an encumbrance so he causatively shed it in order to save all beings in the universe by going into deep space to research upper-advanced OT levels."

    OT: "He decided it was the greatest good to get a new body".

    SCIENTOLOGIST IN GOOD STANDING: "He dropped his body."

    SP: "He pulled in a major motivator for his crimes and totally fuckin' died!"

    I was always fondest of the bold market positioning that Ron's obituary copywriters took. Apparently, since the Buddha 2.0 positioning he took during his lifetime miserably failed, they took the next best messianic messaging to mankind: "He died for your overts".

    Well, think about it! LOL. That is the message delivered to rapt Scientologists at the "Ron's Not Dead, He's merely Stunned" event. Ron had to die in order to complete the research---but not for himself because he was already full OT. Ron (essentially) sacrificed his own life in Christlike fashion in order to save man.

    Have I mentioned recently that Scientology has some of the worst mythology writers in the history of this planet, on this planet?

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  13. RogerB

    RogerB Crusader

    Check out the info on the "infamous Mission Holders meeting" of around 1982-3 in which Miscavage and a bunch of SO Gestapo descended and killed of the Mission Network by declaring all of the Mission Holders.

    This was also the time when Miscavage was "killing off" all the old-timer Scientologists who knew the history and correct tech of the enterprise, and many of whom had worked with and had known Hubbard for years . . .

    A lot of that historical event is recorded here . . . and in other ex-Scientology forums and sites.

    Check Alan's posts here . . . he wrote some info on it.

    Also, I did a post regarding details of why Mark & Ellen Jones (search for their names here) dropped out and then got axed following their protest that the findings of a Comm Ev conducted my Ellen that found a field auditor was innocent of charges weas overturned by the "Convening Authority" to declare the innocent guy guilty. Mark and Ellen were outraged and acted to correct the scene only to themselves be axed.

    1982-3 was purge time of all freedom and independence within the cult.

  14. DagwoodGum

    DagwoodGum Conspiracy Analyst III

    Thanks, this confirms a lot for me.
    When I left, never to return, in the late 70's I had got such horrible vibes from the Sea Orgers who were pushing my friends to KR the living shit out of me over things like starting to refer TC (Mpls) org as the Morgue as it was unheard of to let loose perspectives like that at the time. I wasn't really guilty of much else other than reading "Miss Lovely's" book at the public library which contained the OT 3 fable. Nevertheless I had friends getting sec checked on "what is he saying?" during chunks of auditing they'd paid for. This made it hard for me to stay friends with anyone at the Morgue so I just walked away. I never knew too many of the horror stories that were to follow.
    I did know that my friend Dillard "Bud" Eubank, who knew Ron and had introduced Mary Sue to him, was declared, of all the injustices that were sponsored by the new regime.
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  15. Karen#1

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    Short, pithy, straight to the point, new video

  16. Type4_PTS

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    Absolutely it's a possibility! Their documented history shows that this is part of their playbook.

    Regardless though of whether the bomb threat was self-generated or it was from an outsider, per the Scientology "scriptures", the "church" of Scientology IS absolutely responsible. If it was a legitimate threat, what did Co$ DO to pull this in?
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  17. HelluvaHoax!

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    cross-posted from another thread discussing
    "Scientology Management Success"


    Using the Church of Hoaxology's search engine and other wholetrack research, I was able to successfully find some helpful stable datums:

    HELPFUL STABLE DATUM: There are actually three main types of WISE companies:
    (1) Companies delivering Scientology management consulting, and:
    (2) Companies doing regular activities, like chiropractors or software development.
    (3) Companies pretending to help business owners--using "suitable pretexts", "acceptable truths" and other winning lies, like #1 and #2 above.

    HELPFUL STABLE DATUM: A regular company would not want to be a WISE member, unless:
    (1) They were lied to that WISES' admin scale had a purpose to make
    them flourish & prosper---instead of the clearly defined (in writing) purpose
    to make WISE flourish & prosper, and/or;
    (2) They were "standardly handled" by one or more tools from the cult's coercion toolbox.

    CONCLUSION: Have I mentioned recently that Scientology's "Stable Datums" have a stunningly perfect track record of making people unstable?
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  18. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Gold Meritorious Sponsor

    From another thread, The Mark X E-Meter, that has
    some very funny comments worth checking out. . .


    I think those screens are radar tracking devices that aid the Pre-Ot to scan his/her vicinity, in order to spot:

    -- SPs (Suppressive Persons, who are trying to stop you from flowing power to your Bridge)

    -- BTs (Body Thetans, who are trying to stop you from flowing power to your Bridge)

    -- ESs (Evil Salesman, who are trying to get your "power flow" before Scientology can)

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  19. phenomanon

    phenomanon Canyon

    Basic details?
  20. DagwoodGum

    DagwoodGum Conspiracy Analyst III

    I'm getting the idea that I really do need to read some of the expose books covering vast periods that I missed.
    It took me two years on the board just to realize that Mark & Marty Rathbun was the same person not to mention a key figure in what went down.
    I am reading "Lucifer's Bridge" by George Witek but found myself skipping ahead to chapter 8 where the original OT 8 is covered in depth. Have to get back to it.
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