Totally out for a couple weeks

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Steven, Aug 2, 2018.

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  1. TomKat

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    There are brain entrainment machines, and even youtube clips that will space you out. However, part of the Scn high was the idea that you're becoming a superbeing, and the machines can't do that.
  2. Out Ethics

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    Steven - The sad truth about Scientology is that you trusted and Scientology betrayed your trust.

    The entire thing is a fraudulent scam.

    They very cleverly had you sign legal contracts where you unknowingly gave up your rights to your money.

    The staff will say anything to get the stat - they will lie and deceive you.

    This is where you have them.

    When I was the E/O - the Org was very paranoid about anyone asking for a refund to use the words "fraud, deceit and manipulation".
    Here is some advice for those who have money on account for the Bridge:
    If you want your money back - send a letter - hand deliver it, send it regular mail and certified.

    State you felt manipulated and deceived and that there is no state of clear or OT as described by Hubbard at the time you put money on account for your Bridge. That the Church kept vital information from you regarding the founder, the leader and the Organization.

    The leader is sitting on billions of dollars and is not transparent with the money. You feel defrauded. YOU HAVE BEEN!

    Copy your mayor, senator, governor, chief of police, Leah Remini and Mike Rinder and anyone else who will expose how they handle the refund.
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  3. Wilbur

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    One of the people that I recruited into Scientology (actually, the ONLY person I recruited into Scientology) commented to me, when he was getting disillusioned with Scn, that he no longer had anything that interested him in life. Prior to him getting into Scientology, he had been a dynamic guy, with loads of plans and ambitions and projects on the go. He realised that all of those interests had been supplanted by Scn. Nothing else seemed interesting after getting into Scn. After all, how could anything compete with something as important as going up the Bridge.

    I felt a similar way, actually. Nothing was as important to me as Scn, really, even though I wasn't impressed with the REALITY of how orgs were run. Even now, after being out of the church for decades, I can still put myself back in those shoes, thought-experiment wise. Nothing can be as important as those goals that we had, when we thought the church was delivering what it offered and promised us. That's what's insidious about it. You never quite get over the loss accompanying the realisation that the church lied to you, if you actually believed it at one point.

    I have also missed being onlines at various points. But it's not the ACTUALLY EXPERIENCED Scientology that I miss. It's the Scientology that I was promised.
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  4. Steven

    Steven Patron

    I’ve been away for a couple months now, and it’s funny reading my original post here! I was concerned they’d figure out my identity. They most certainly know who I am and I’ve likely been declared by now. I was a parishioner at the Cincinnati Class V Org and ended up eloping with the Field Control Secretary. (That should make it clear for them!)

    I’ve made it a personal policy to respond to every single piece of mail I receive from Scientology Orgs. I send a handwritten letter. When I receive 5 pieces of mail in a day, I may shake my head and resist a little, but I always reply. This is why I’ve likely been declared.

    My typical respond talks about how Scientology is like a hamster wheel. You feel like you’re making forward progress, everyone is telling you you’re making forward progress, but nothing is actually happening. The beautiful thing is that all you have to do is step off the wheel! There’s an amazing world outside, and real freedom lies there, even if it’s difficult to attain. I then offer to help whomever is reading my letter leave the Sea Org or staff.

    It’s been extremely therapeutic writing to them. The mail has died down, but a couple days ago I got another piece and had it. I said some of my typical stuff, but this time I noted that one of these days, someone in doubt about Scientology is going to get one of my letters, and I recommended that they declare me and stop sending me mail. I laughed out loud as I put it in the mail.

    Thanks everyone for your support!

    One of these days I have to get on here and write about the last visit I had to my home. A Sea Org member from Columbus Org and a Class VI (?) auditor from one of the AOs showed up at my door. I didn’t answer, but got into a texting conversation with them. It was quite hilarious. The auditor was trying to throw her weight around, mentioning more than once her Class, like it’d convince me to open the door.
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  5. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    The point where it gets really bad, is when the Bridge becomes more important than your kids. Some horror stories are recounted on this site.
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  6. DagwoodGum

    DagwoodGum Scientology - A Living Quicksand of Souls

    They go so far as conditioning you to de-emphasize all of you non Scientologist friendships as trivial due to the fact that they're mere wogs and have nothing of value to offer you other than dev-t to what's really important, the bridge, Scientology and Scientologists. The world itself only has value in terms of what it will be once the planet is cleared but until them it has little value. Your outside interests fizzle, like you said, and you no longer have a meaningful life except for when you are actively on lines.
    What a dismal waste of one's life.
  7. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    Oh, that's hysterical!

    So they sent a recovery team and instead of talking through the door, you're making them text!

    "We know you're in there".

    LOL!! LOL!
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  8. No One

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    Just an FYI: Sea Org Orgs Front Desks/Receptionists, etc. and general staff are instructed to NEVER accept a subpoena or any certified mail, ever.

    If a process server throws a document at you, you weren't supposed to even touch it, and just walk away.

    At least that was how it was at INT at the Hemet compound. I remember reading this in some orientation or other 'hat pack'.

    Not sure if there is a similar policy at the local organization level, however.

    Welcome and Good Luck to Steven!

    -No One
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