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  1. Steven

    Steven My name is Chris, and I was a Scientologist

    Forgive me for my lack of knowledge. I was only there for a year and not on staff, so my knowledge is a bit limited.

    When I was there, Jeannie Sonnenfeld (I've given up on trying to figure out the actual spelling) was ED. Other than her, I honestly didn't know exactly where other staff were on the Org Board. Christina Kasle is Div 6 Secretary, I believe. Her husband, Jeremy, is also somewhere on the Org Board. Ernie Lehman was my first terminal at the church, but he was moved from Foundation ED (I believe that's what he was) to some other lower post near the end of my tenure with the cult. They had him sitting at the desk where they take your money when I left. When I left, Betsy Morris was Field Control Sec, but she joined the Sea Org and is God knows where now. Fernando Vanegas is a Reg. TJ (a long-time SCN whose last name I can't remember) seemed to run the Academy. Phil Campus did something, although I don't know his post.

    I'm not going to go into who the public there are. I don't mind talking about staff by name, but I see public as deserving some privacy.

    The ratio of staff to public was always 5:1. It was ridiculous. Every once in a while there'd be 6 people in the HGC waiting for auditing. It's pure speculation, but I'd guess that the most PCs they had in session at any one time was 10 at a time. The biggest events had a couple hundred public show. Smaller events had 50, including staff. Pure fundraising, like a fundraiser for the Columbus, OH ideal org had at maybe 20 people at them. It wasn't as pitiful as you'd expect.

    Every once in a while there'd be 10 people in the Academy, but there were typically 2-3, including staff on course.

    I was public, and my wife kept staff stuff confidential without exception, so I can't comment on what it was like working for Jeannie. What I can say is that during the short time and my wife were together, she was frequently called in by the ED at ridiculous hours of the night for God only knows what fool's errands.

    I do have to say that everyone at the Org was exceedingly pleasant to deal with, although being public, I'm sure that's not too unusual. I once had a staff member get pushy with me about being on course daily, but they figured out quickly that I did my own thing, regardless of what they wanted. I was driving from Dayton, running a law firm, and caring for my daughter, so there was nothing they could do about my attendance. Where Cincinnati staff really failed was in over Regging me. That' s why I left.

    If Scientology were run intelligently, I'd probably have stayed. They could have nickeled and dimed me for years and I wouldn't have cared. But once the mountain of debt reached a certain point, I couldn't help but see the scam.

    I never believed it was what they said it was, but I did believe auditing worked and it was mostly a blast. Had they not pushed me so hard and helped run my finances into the ground, I'd have been happy to go all the way up the Bridge, even if I never believed the BS about millions or trillions of years. It was only their regging that drove me to leave. Now, I have no desire to do auditing independent of the church because I think that, while sometimes truly beneficial, it was largely a waste of time. Yes, some of the wins stuck, but most of it was no more productive than masturbation. Yes, it felt good, but it didn't accomplish anything.
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  2. Out Ethics

    Out Ethics Out Ethics Ex Ethics Officer

    Steven - wow, thanks for that update.

    I had my friend read it and he does not recognize any of the names except Ernie Lehaman. Ernie was an auditor so he got demoted because they don't have any died in the wooler's left there to run the smoke and mirror, dog and pony show. My friend said Ernie was nice but a bit dim. He will go down with the ship.

    He asked if Jean Sonnenfeld's husband blew? Was their son, Conner, on staff still?

    He wondered who the Ethic's Officer was? Surely you met them during your tenure. LOL

    Thanks for the update and we are happy to hear you are CLEAR - one who knows Scientology is nothing but a money making racket, con job scam.
  3. Steven

    Steven My name is Chris, and I was a Scientologist

    David Sonnenfeld definitely didn’t blow, but he also didn’t seem to have an official post at the Org. He always creeped me out. All he seemed to do was work on his motor home in the Org parking lot.

    Connor Sonnenfeld, their son, is on staff and was my Reg. I have no idea what his actual post is. He wasn’t just a Reg. He was highly placed on the Org Board. I think they told me once he was an HCO terminal, but strangely, I never asked what his post was. He’s a really “good” Reg, and is known to be the best at “finding” money, especially other Scientologist’s credit cards. I really liked him and Jeannie, but I also probably don’t truly know them.

    I wasn’t sent to ethics once. I blew during a Sec check, so is that technically ethics?

    EDIT: I just thought of another old timer who’s around—David Lamb. I’m sure others will come to mind. I don’t think about Scientology all that often any more!
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  4. PirateAndBum

    PirateAndBum Gold Meritorious Patron

    Dave Lamb used to be FCDC staff. Wonder if he's still married to Barb?

    Back in the 80's Cinci was a tiny struggling org. Amazing they went IDLE before Boston and Chicago.
  5. Steven

    Steven My name is Chris, and I was a Scientologist

    I don’t think his wife’s name is Barb. But long marriages seem rare in Scientology. Am I right with that intuition?
  6. PirateAndBum

    PirateAndBum Gold Meritorious Patron

    Yes, scio marriages often are short lived.
  7. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    A big part of that is their insistence that people should be married if they are going to be in a sexual relationship, especially in the SO. People would marry and divorce as casually as dating.

    I at one point thought of marrying a girl so that we would become eligible for our own room, rather than me having to bunk with ten other SO guys in one motel room.
  8. Finance — as common to any business — is their business and is internal business unless you want to go Hollywood and circle the Wagons

    If you post Anything here then anyone / anywhere / anytime can see that so like lets take what I use: The facetious example

    Dingo Alvarez at 03 Hogg Lane in Dothan Alabamas has decided to reveal the REIT in Venezuela that DM scammed from Putin using his — something or other just make sure it is a good story and skip whether it is factual — our Fiduciary Interests in what are their internal matters are not the subject of this fora that I know of since any claim of wrongdoing as to fiduciary breeches → Only an investigator for Public Audit Controls has any business with anyway

    ♦ I have only seen 2 accounts of PI in the driveway across the street but they are spectacular

    If you want to see a Silencer made from 30" PVC Pipe then post on your real name using real address and accuse OSA of Fraud

    You wont be alone nor lacking for attention and in fact you may get local media doing interviews

    I am ego-eccentric and attention seeking but i do not want that and go to extra caution Not to go Oppterm with G.O. ~ though I find it interesting

    Unless your exposure is above the 10-k reporting threshold then take you Hickey and a Hamburger to a tree and get over it