Transcendent Reality

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Clay Pigeon, Jan 10, 2018.

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    Anytime I ever post anything about OT I always put "OT" in quotation marks. I never was really comfortable with "operating thetan" but I love those things that smack of some transcendent reality.

    I was a New York cabbie in 1976 when the seminal "Taxidriver" was on the screens. Like Travis Bickle I drove the Checker Marathon and there were other actors as well which made the flick pla right inside my t-shirt. It received nominations for both Best Picture and Best Actor but even those critics who deemed the film and DeNiro as worthy winners predicted The Academy would choose something less noir. I felt a bit chafed at the sleight particularly to Bobby.

    Three or four days after the awards I picked up four men in lower Midtown going up to the Eastside. As we rumbled over the potholes of Third Avenue I discovered the man riding shotgun beside me was Jack LaMotta. Four years later I notched another groove in the handle of my In-the pudding-kind-guy sixshooter when DeNiro got his mantlepiece decoration (If I were to win The Nobel Prize or The Presidential Medal of Freedom my acceptance speech would begin "Well, it's not an Oscar...) for playing Jack in "Raging Bull"

    One wonders what hand sets things so and what they mean to such concepts as "OT" but as it happens on a sunny Saturday late last year I had just come out of Amal's Deli and was chatting with one of the Hell's Angel artists in front of The World Famous Mom's Tatoo Shop on Haight when a sleek black limo pulled up before us an disgorged Don Roberto himself. He walks with a cane now but uses it more as an actor's than an old man's prop and his visage is young and his eyes bright and keen.

    The following Tuesday the morning paper announced the passing of Jack Lamotta