Two Main Types of Ex-Scientologists

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  1. HelluvaHoax!

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    If I may. . .

    After conquering the above 3 corners of the "I AM MOCKING IT UP" triangle, the Scientologist un-scientolgys themselves (blows) with rapid-fire, chain-cognitions on the 4th, 5th and 6th corners of the triangle:





    "Ron is mocking me up": The ethics condition below Confusion where one gives the tech support agent (Ron) remote access to one's keyboard (and mind), so that they can diagnose and resolve your problem. They begin the tech support session by warning you not to use your keyboard or your mind while they are working on fixing it for you. The session last approximately 3-4 decades, during which Ron mocks up your dynamics for you according to the factory default settings he installed in the operating system back in 1950.

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  2. Operating DB

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    WOW! What an excellent analogy! I think I just went Clear!
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  3. JackStraw

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    I'd swear I have posted this before but I can't find it so, here goes (again...)

    I recall some missionaires to the mission I worked at and one or both were extremely happy to be told they were "going over the rainbow" meaning they were going to work directly for LRH personally.

    I came to understand this to be the perfect analogy for working for Hubbard.

    Dorothy wants a way home, Tin Woodsman wants a heart, Scarecrow wants a brain, Lion wants courage. They go to the Wonderful Wizard of Oz who promises to deliver what they want but only after they pay a great price: the broomstick of the witch. They make the perilous journey, get the broomstick and return only to be given substitutes for what they asked and paid for. Instead of a heart, a clock is given, instead of a brain a diploma, instead of courage a medal and a failed attempt to get Dorothy home.

    Over the Rainbow indeed.

    Wizard of Cause! :dieslaughing:

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  4. guanoloco

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    Well, with all the meltdown and bleed out from the "Church" of late I was going to post something like "L. Ron - Where Art Thou?" and make it a plea because we really, really need Ron now more than evahhhhhhhhhhh!

    If there was ever a time for Ron to demonstrate his OT powahz it would be NOW, NOW, NOW and definitely "buy" Thursday before two! He could do it without having to go through all that messy and MESTy being born crap because he's Cause Over Time! Like a good [STRIKE]Retard[/STRIKE] Wizard would be.

    Then I thought about the story of the Wizard of Oz and it suddenly dawned on me just how many things the Wizard of Oz and Scientology have in common.

    First of all, they're both big and glamorous Hollywood productions surrounding a fictional, fantasy, make believe story.

    They both have heartless, brainless cowards running around looking for a place to fit in that they can call home.

    That is...after they get sucked up in a terrible whirlwind...that happens to both scenarios.

    They both have impotent Wizards that turn out to be helpless old men behind a curtain of smoke and mirrors and are nothing but two-bit con artists. These impotent Wizards task our heartless, homeless, brainless cowards with impossible tasks to sell them something that they already possess.

    In the end the impotent Wizards are handing out worthless trinkets to commemorate the heartless, brainless, homeless cowards to give them status and empower themselves with...and then they float away at the whim of hot air...powerless themselves...proving that the Wizards need the heartless, homeless, brainless cowards more than the heartless, homeless, brainless cowards need the Wizards...well, I guess Ron was just full of hot air but float away at the whim of government investigation he certainly did...more than once.

    One follows a convoluted, winding road beset with pitfalls and the other is a rickety old bridge to who knows where.

    Magic and witches (SPs) and flying monkeys! Well, Scientology would be better with flying monkeys...dontcha think?

    Did I mention the munchkins?




    ...although Miscavige is more of a tough guy like these characters...mwah, schee?


    In the end it's all just a bad dream...except in the movie you have a home to go see, in the movie you lose that in the beginning to find you actually get it the real life fantasy you start out with it and lose it at the end...
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  5. Peter Soderqvist

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    The truth is very simple regarding gains or not gains in Scientology?
    Ok you got gains in Scientology but your gains don't impress me!