URGENT Looking for someone to interview for UK women's magazine

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  1. MellyF

    MellyF New Member

    Hi there, I'm a freelance journalist working on an article for a UK women's magazine. We are looking for anyone who's been affected by scientology, be it that they have escaped, or maybe their partner or child is a scientologist and they struggle with this.
    I would just need to interview you over the phone and I would of course definitely read it back or email it back. and you would be paid for your time and trouble. I do hope this is something you might be interested in.
    My email is mel.fallowfield@closermag.co.uk
  2. Churchill

    Churchill Gold Meritorious Patron

    Karen De La Carriere posts here and is very knowledgeable. Suggest you pm her.Or Tory Magoo. Both have You Tube channels and can be easily contacted. There are many, Many others, as well. Good luck.
  3. Tilly

    Tilly Patron

    Mike Rinder has a blog, you might try posting there. Good luck