Vid. of fundraiser for NZ, Sydney org circa Nov. 2015

Discussion in 'Australia & New Zealand' started by scooter, Jan 29, 2016.

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    I don't know how many of you have cringed through this all the way like I did this morning - it was posted over on The Bunker but I can't get DisCus to work for me so I thought I'd drop my 2c worth here.

    This is the offending article:

    One of the "hosts" is Len Collen, OT VIII and fund-raiser extraordinaire. His wife Caroline (former ED Sydney Day org, also OT VIII but now "Needing to do the SRD") is there in a sari. Last I saw them was when Tony O was at the Giant Dwarf in Sydney with Steve Cannane and Bryan Seymour. Len and Caroline were in the audience. Keeping a low profile, just like all good OSAspawn should, until Anna Detheridge noisily "outed" them.:biggrin:
    The other "host" ("Simon?") looks familiar but I can't quite place him.:confused2:

    Among the dancers it looks like the infamous Carli Crutchfield - but that may just be that I've left my usual glasses at work and I'm sitting in a darkened room trying to read this with my sunglasses while a thunderstorm is brewing outside:eyeroll:

    Around the 10 minute mark, Edwin Taylor makes an appearance and spruiks for NZ org. Ed has been Syd staff pretty much since the mid-80s. Interesting how he talks about how big the machine for recruiting "raw meat" was at that time, It was actually decimated after 1983 and what he ran into was a pale version of the early 80s. Yet he's talking about that as something that was awesome and to be aspired to now - shows how bad things are in the cult right now. And they're not noticing.:duh:

    Then there's the "acceptable truths" posed by the (probably) SO speakers while we have the vid. of someone's kid playing around. Hope the kid avoids the recruiters in the future and makes a life for himself.:prettyplease:

    THIS is now the REAL work done by $cientology orgs - as my mate Feral has pointed out on numerous occasions, the orgs are now just "shopfronts" for fundraising - they really don't DO anything but beg for donations in many and various ways. And so I'm sure whoever filmed this and posted it on social media for the "SPs" to "pervert" is now being roasted slowly by OSA ANZO. O hai Vicky.:wave: Managed to convince your seniors at OSA INT that you are punishing the offending juniors already and are all over this "flap?":puke:

    I wanted to post this explanation over at the Bunker so if anyone could cross-post for me I would much like that - I'm heading back to work now and I just don't have the time (nor the glasses :coolwink:) to do it myself.
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    I don't think that's Carli. My background on her, is that I was the one who transcribed recordings of phone calls where she was scamming people in real estate deals. Some were quite long, and it was for a court case. Cherished asked me to help out ... two things I know are her voice and her round face. ;) A good amount of photos were seen by me, and video too. That's not her nose.
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    I've been reliably informed that "Simon" in this video is in fact Simon Neale (spelling?) - he's porked out so much I didn't recognize him. I thought it may have been him but I just couldn't make the call. He's obviously now a much bigger being.:biggrin:

    Pat Jarvis is mentioned in this as being there - nice guy and former International Rugby League player who journeyed to Canberra with Team Cult when Feral, Carmel, self and others fronted the Senate Inquiry all those years ago.:yes:

    He actually spoke civilly to the gathered "SPs" in the cafeteria in Parliament House, something no other member of Team Cult could do.

    There were very few other peeps there for this fundraiser, which shows just how far the cult has fallen. Remember, this is in Sydney, home of the only Advanced Organisation in the southern hemisphere and also has the largest concentration of Hubbardupes in the same hemisphere. That they struggle to get 15 folk to turn up to this "event" tells you all you need to know about the "Straight up and Vertical" expansion happening since The Runt Usurper opened the Sydney Idle Morgue. :omg:

    There's a few other things I'm going to explore to do with this vid that the cult won't want exposed - stay tuned.:coolwink:

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