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  1. Dulloldfart

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    It is ASHO's SP/Deadfile list, acquired in person by someone when she infiltrated ASHO a few (3?) years ago. She got caught. There's a thread on ESMB about it. Google "tampon cam" (she hid the camera in a tampon) [it wasn't used in situ].

    Note it's ASHO's list, not a general international list.

  2. TheOriginalBigBlue

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    I recognize quite a few people. I think this is a legitimate list. I'm curious about how it is distributed. Wondering if regular staff in missions or lower level orgs have routine access to it? Probably restricted to HCO/Ethics or people who organize events and prepare mail/call-in lists, etc.
  3. Dulloldfart

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    I first came across it around 1986 when I was working with OSA Int. Candidates for "going uplines" (to the Int base at Hemet) were sec-checked on it after filling it in to make sure they hadn't omitted anything -- so "sex with my donkey" would get expanded to how many times, details, oral sex, anal sex with it, etc. Its use gradually spread to all SO (the questionnaire, not the donkey), then all staff AFAIK. The hard copies kept getting lost and one would have to fill it in again. Since it took HOURS to do, some people kept a copy on a personal floppy disk.

  4. Terril park

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    Here is the 1992 Scn enemies list. Note how many groups
    have been disbanded. From tjhe names they are mostly
    Independent/FZ groups.

  5. tesseract

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    Hi Sarah, I'd recommend you to read the excellent comment below which got many upvotes, made today over at Tony Ortega's blog. Go to the link and read it in full, I've excerpted just the beginning. Today's article by Tony and the rest of the comments are quite interesting too, as they deal exactly with that problem of honest feedback being an impossibility and a "thought crime" for active scientologists.

  6. Veda

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    1967 at St. Hill Manor.

    Fair Game, Disconnection, and Security Checking had not yet gone into disguise mode, yet look at all the happy faces.

    Link to Standard Security Check circa 1961 (second one down in the link), and several other Security Checks of 1961:


    A small sampling of some of the Sec Check questions:

    Have you ever had anything to do with pornography?

    Have you ever practiced homosexuality?

    Have you ever exhibited yourself sexually?

    Have you ever practiced sodomy?

    Have you ever made a practice of having sex with a member of your own sex?

    Do you collect sexual objects?

    Have you ever practiced masturbation?

    Have you ever had any unkind thoughts about L. Ron Hubbard?


    Scene from the "good old days."

    Circa late 1960s. Commodore's Messengers dressed for a double wedding. (Pat Broeker and Gerry Armstrong were the grooms.)
  7. strativarius

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    When I look at this image I hear a voice screaming in my head saying 'How could you ever have let yourself be conned by or believed a word this person ever said!'

    He looks like some power-mad dictator (which is of course what he was), but at the time I had nothing but complete trust and faith in the man and I completely suppressed that thought if it ever did arise. Doh!
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  8. TheOriginalBigBlue

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    Oh, boy! This auditing session just went in a whole new direction.
  9. pineapple

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    I never saw this picture while I was in scn. I got out in 1981. Is it a later shoop?

    If I'd seen it while I was in, it would have made me uncomfortable even then. I believed in "the tech," but I never completely trusted "Ron" or bought his "mankind has no greater friend" b.s.
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    Just ran a Google Image Search on it. Pro Scientology sites use it so I think it is legit.

    But curious - could this possibly be another clue hinting at LRH's idolatry of Charlie Chaplin?

  11. Lulu Belle

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    Oh, yeah. It's real.

    It was used a lot in promo, etc. when I was in (80s and 90s).
  12. Free to shine

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    I certainly had to do such a questionnaire in the 80's to join Guardians Office staff. I still have a copy of part of what I wrote.
  13. TheOriginalBigBlue

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    I believe one of the missionaires who was on the project to implement the Life History Questionnaire in PAC around 1980 has posted details of the project and an apology on ESMB. If I am correct, I know who she is and we worked together on several other projects. I liked her very much and I’m sure she deeply regrets having been made a part of the implementation.

    EDIT: I may have seen the missionaire's post on another forum.


    Life Hstory form used by Sea Org
[20 Aug 1997]
    Between the information disclosed on this form and the information members divulge in
    "confessionals", "integrity processing", "counselling sessions", and other "auditing
    actions", is it any wonder SO FEW ex-Scientologists ever speak out about injustices,
    abuses, illegalities, etc. witnessed while in the Sea Org? Who amongst us has not sinned?

    Int Base: Mission Dirty Laundry
    • Quote
    Postby J. Swift » Sat Nov 17, 2007 10:09 am
    Time: Circa 1994-1997 and into PT.
    Place: Int Base, Hemet, California.
    Form: Build a secret database that would contain incriminating information on all Int Base personnel and those in Gold Orgs. COB RTC, Mike Rinder, Warren Mc Shane, Marty Rathbun would have instant computer access to this data whenever needed.

    Int Base IC for Mission Dirty Laundry: Jesse Radstrom, RTC Exec.

    Purpose of the Mission: To set up a computerized dossier system on all Int Base and Gold Org personnel. This mission, which I will call Mission Dirty Laundry, was a multi-year project aimed at systematically culling all of the auditing folders and ethics files of Int Base and Gold Orgs personnel in search of illegal activities, lurid sexual confessions, overts, out-quals, 2D history, street drug use, post history, PTS connections, etc. Once this data was compiled and formatted into computer files, it would be available at the click of a computer key to DM, WMcS, and MR, and others on a "need to know basis."

    Scientology: Religion or Intelligence Agency ?
    The view from the lion's den.
    This paper is not for publication or distribution in England or Wales because certain of the points raised are aspects of current litigation. This paper is copyright, 1995, to Jonathan Caven-Atack. Copies may be made for private study without profit. All other rights are reserved.
    A paper by Jon Atack, delivered at the Dialog Centre International conference in Berlin, October 1995.
    HTML and links by Tilman Hausherr
    With former scientologists, documentary evidence and testimony demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that Hubbard and his wife both ordered the use of scientologists' supposedly confidential confessional folders. During a Scientology session, the "auditor" keeps a written record of the subject's utterances. Anything scandalous should be reported to the Ethics Section and from there it would find its way to the Intelligence section. Nowadays, prospective employees are asked to fill in a 110 question "Life history". This is not held to be confidential by Scientology management. It includes the demand: "Make a chronological list of the names of all persons with whom you have had sexual relationships and what you engaged in. Approximate the number of times you carried on any kind of activity, and note any perversions you engaged in. Be as complete as you can."(56) It is understandable that very few former members dare to speak out.

    We’ve heard from numerous ex-Scientologists that the organization seems to have a particular preoccupation with masturbation, and a real interest in their members’ sex lives in general. If you want to join the Sea Org, you have to fill out detailed documents about every sexual partner you’ve ever done anything with, from kissing to intercourse. And you have to spell out your masturbation habits. Three years ago, we leaked copies of these “life histories” that we’d obtained. They contained questions such as “Have you ever engaged in homosexual activity?” and “Have you ever engaged in perverted sexual activities?”
    Click link on page to see form:

    http://www.matrixfiles.com/Scientology Materials/Reference/Flag Orders/Begin.html
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    Here is a note from an 8 year old Slave stuck in the SEA ORG - Scientology....

    Scientology is "genning the kid" on how to BE -


    You may be able to find the guy to interview - he is a grown man now and he is now homeless, living on the Streets of Portland...

    Homelessness - one of the many adverse side effects of Scientology.
  17. Churchill

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    You're absolutely correct.
    Hubbard was a real-life James Bond villain; a sadistic megalomaniacal sociopath...and we were completely taken in by him!
    More than anything else, the whole shitty waste of it all has served, for me, as an indelible lesson in humility.
  18. strativarius

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    I'm certainly less deferential since my scientology experience. I remember reading something Hubbard had written about LSD while I was a staff member and thinking to myself 'this is complete bollocks, he hasn't a clue what he's talking about' but I just put it to one side and went on swallowing everything else he said.

    If I had believed in myself and questioned what was going on around me a little more, perhaps I wouldn't have wasted so much time searching for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
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    There was that "What's true in Scientology is only what's true for you" bit, which I thought was really cool at the time, but now realize was a trap. They tell you you can ignore the parts you don't agree with, but that's only tolerated up to a point; after that any disagreement is the result of MU's or "out-ethics." By the time I got out I could foresee reaching a point where I was in a state of double-think where I'd know something was wrong and simultaneously assert that it was right.
  20. strativarius

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    My problem was that I had an older brother who I looked up to and had implicit faith in, and if he said scientology was a good thing then I simply accepted it, and that's what happened. He was taken in and I followed.

    My involvement only lasted ten years and compared to many here I got away without being too badly burned financially, emotionally or psychologically.