Volunteer Ministers gear up to exploit Hurricane Florence

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by triumph, Sep 14, 2018.

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  1. triumph

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    Doyle Mills hasn't left Clearwater...facebook: out trolling liberals with Penny Atwell around Clearwater
    Mirit..social media is quite, her Disaster tourist companions, are quiet
    the Volunteer Ministers facebook pages are silent.
    not a single mention on facebook...

    the Carolina's may be Volunteer Minister Free...
    post # 18 Murit mentions "Be Right Back Raleigh" NC the state capitol

    I believe they are planning a base in that city..

    Mirit is the President of the Vulture Ministers in Florida.

    the briefing....will they lock them in a REG them into the floor...
    they are getting an awful start..

    Judy Fagerman Is the coordinator for the VM's
    Sue Taylor runs the DC Org..
    and the founding Hubbtard Chicken and Waffle house

    Sue took a group into the Haitian Embassy with Sylvia Standard,and John Carmichael ...they were asked to leave about a week later..

    0:54 they interview a Scientologists and show the Yellow Jackets swarm the Embassy,Sylvia Standard

    Sylvia Standard 2:42
    and Scientology took credit for the flights and supplies coming thru the Embassy.

    I imagine Raleigh will be a target... Fill a Bus and a supply truck...

    John Travolta fire up that bucket of bolts...and deliver 300 diapers, and 2 1/2 box's of soap with Muki aka Alim Muhammad, so they can claim to have doctors on board
    hide the Orphans

    Ideal org in Raleigh by the weekend! hip hip,....ahhhh hooie
    they will look for a "commemoration" and hound a few public servants...

    Young Scientologists paying their own way ,lousy bunking...bad supervision..nothing but touch assist and Way To Slappyness booklets and really bad decisions..mooching supplies for a photo-Op

    what could go wrong?
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  2. triumph

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  3. triumph

    triumph Silver Meritorious Patron

    Mirit loves her Hurricane emoji
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  4. hummingbird

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    Don't know about the rest of you, but this photo just sticks in my craw.
    It's so windy! I'm so cute! It's me in a hurricane! I'm so cute! People are suffering! I'm so cute!
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  5. Terril park

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    Well said!
  6. screamer2

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  7. HelluvaHoax!

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    HELPFUL TIP: Scientology VOLUNTEER MINISTERS might want to lose those IAS baseball caps, in favor of ones that read:

    I Am a Stupid Scientologist
    Or possibly. . .

    Make Blinkless Lying Great Again

  8. Enthetan

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  9. triumph

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    they would screw that up too...
    it would force an underpaid overworked kitchen and food prep staff at Flag... to slave extra hours..
    DM would find a way to price gouge and profiteer the per meal pricing...
    and use it as an excuse to hand out TWTH as an after dinner mint..

    plenty of real efforts going into feeding people in shelters and emergency personnel

    Chef Jose Andre and non-profit, World Central Kitchen, is on the ground providing hot meals to residents of the Carolinas and Puerto Rico where he served 3.6 million free meals

    the question arises ..do people in the Carolina's really want VM's to distribute foodz?

    I would have used Mirits post about finding pork rinds at a whole foods during their disaster tourist excursion but she deleted it....
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  10. HelluvaHoax!

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    And they could have handed out free CARTONS of cigarettes to the survivors, to ensure that due to the disaster's destruction of factories, facilities & storage tanks (loaded with toxic chemicals and other radiation-emitting materials) that they would not get cancer.

    Scientology doctors (chiropractors) could be on hand to prescribe and dispense the right dosage of cigarettes for each survivor. . .

    How come that guy got 3 cartons containing 30 packs
    of Marlboro and I only got a half carton containing 5
    packs of Camel lights?

    Oh, that's because he's twice your age
    and twice as big. As a Scientology doctor
    I take great care and total responsibility to
    make sure not to overprescribe to you, because
    he's 8 and you're only 4. Trust me this is a safe
    dose for you, I consulted with another doctor.

    Really, who is that?

    Doctor Hubbard. ​
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  11. triumph

    triumph Silver Meritorious Patron

    Heh... we haz da Tek
    and so it goes
  12. triumph

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    Mirit hosted the Patriots Banquet... The Office of Special Affairs will be doing a Hurricane Florence Briefing a day later..just before Mirit and her crew of 2 went on a weekend excursion
    they brought in a retired NYPD ..
    with Scientology its an excuse to celebrate the Vulture Ministers........and REG money

    this can't be said enough

    all the table settings,centerpieces,table cloths etc,..the tables and chairs the set up, the meals and the servers
    and dishwashers.
    and right down to the the stage equipment,lighting and entertainment...

    Is provided by slave labor, many are from foreign country's-then Scientology takes their passports
    meager pay,long hours,sometimes horrid living conditions
    slaving away on a Billion Year contract...

    the paying guests,.... dine with Scientology blinders on

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  13. triumph

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    woot VM's have Chill E.B....keep em

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  14. triumph

    triumph Silver Meritorious Patron

    Chill E.B. call to armz
  15. Leland

    Leland Crusader

    WoW! He looks toasted...
  16. triumph

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    fend for yourself..
    why dosen't the ISA supply that expeditionary gear?
    why no convoy of supply trucks and relief supplies..

    hand out toiletry kit(supplies extremely limited to first 100)
    and live off whatever relief supplies they can mooch (and for the photo Ops)..

    a place to set up a stupid yellow tent ...

    love the list of cheap gear to bring
    $14 sleeping bag...
    there will be plenty of poor choices in footwear...
    inadequate clothing (or clean clothes)
    toiletries they will have to ration..
    poor improper rain gear...

    should make it wet cold and miserable...for some

    see post # 13 for reference
    Doyle Mills in NC..different location and purpose.. heh.
    what two kids drew the small straw and got assigned as one of Doyles ambulance chasers
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  17. triumph

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  18. triumph

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    Meet Mirit the Volunteer Minister...pay no attention to the man behind the curtain
  19. triumph

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    Vultures : birds of a feather flock together
    Vulture Minister Prez Mirit Hendrickson addresses the Nation of Islam disaster response team

    with Fruit of Islam captain Dennis Muhammad, who runs a outreach program for the NOI called Peacemakers

    More NOI
    third video Is 17 minutes of Murit babble
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  20. triumph

    triumph Silver Meritorious Patron

    Largest private disaster relief force...ever!
    looks to be mostly teens,

    another summer camp shot