We asked Marc Headley about NXIVM’s Allison Mack using his Scientology lawsuit as a defense

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    There is a new post up at the Underground Bunker

    We asked Marc Headley about NXIVM’s Allison Mack using his Scientology lawsuit as a defense

    [Marc Headley and Allison Mack]

    [NOTE: For coverage of the stabbing at a Scientology facility in Australia, please see the story we posted last night.]

    Last week, the New York Post discovered in a court filing by Allison Mack’s attorneys that they had cited a dismissed lawsuit against Scientology in their defense of the Smallville actress.[.......]

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    Hey, wait a minute, is this article telling me what I think it is telling me or is it reporting on a past incident but making it seem present?

    The line in the Bunker's article that stuck out bigger than a sore thumb was this -

    "However, what did interest us is that Mark “Marty” Rathbun was trotted out to take a swipe at his old friend Rinder and at Leah Remini. And although it looks and sounds just like the same sad litany of smears that Rathbun has been putting out for three years now, we think this is actually a small bit of new material.

    In the video, Rinder is ridiculed for being seen to nod his head in agreement with Remini — the church even fashioned a bobblehead toy of Rinder to make the point — and Rathbun obliges in his short segment:

    He’s saying less and less, and just sagely nodding and confirming what Leah Remini’s saying. And of course Leah Remini’s in no position of expertise on these things she’s talking about. And so she’ll just create facts, and Mike Rinder will acknowledge it and say, ‘Exactly right, Leah,’ or ‘Absolutely, I agree with you a hundred percent,’ or simply nod…

    Rinder, who knows everything he’s saying is absolute, unadulterated bullshit, right? And how do I know that Mike Rinder knows that it’s absolute and unadulterated bullshit? From Mike Rinder himself.

    Well, we’re no longer surprised at how far Rathbun has fallen after his career as a Scientology rebel. But we still can’t help wondering what Rathbun gets out of the bargain as he jumps into his suit for the cameras when Miscavige needs him to bark like a seal."

    Is the above indicating that Rathbun is now back supporting Scientology and Miscavige's smear tactics? Anybody? Link to the article in OP