What did LRH mean by this?

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by ChrisO, Mar 10, 2018.

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    Holy Toledo!!!!

    I thought those images were just 'spoofing' the original Aberree issues. I kinda am in a rut thinking....."Say it ain't so, Joe."

    The devil images spooked me in particular, as just last week, I was looking at the obits of some old timers. The two who wrote up the first HASI charter in Pheonix actually look like the devil from the Aberree, and also resembled LRH very much in 1954. I feel like I'm watching Rosemary's Baby and wondering, who actually IS a worshiper of the 'Lightbringer'?

    These guys from Phoenix in 1954 actually were sincere and helpful in the 70s. But, I had to laugh looking at Veda's supplied image above, and then remembering the feelings I got about them at the time. I entertained notions that they were all secretly witches.... back in the early 70s. LOL. The Masonic organizations were so common in their heyday. Nobody would think that LRH had been involved in anything having to do with Aliester Crowely or that the earliest practicioners had any occult leanings; not at the time of the local missions anyway.

    Hrrrmmph.....I deleted their pics out of respect for the families who provided the old Scientology photos as part of their memorials online. Interesting old pics though with comments about early Scientology. Oh well.
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    I was curious about this picture of "a once-widely-known Dianeticist" with CO2 cylinder. Found this very interesting account. Excerpt:
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    I looked at my copy of "A Doctor's Report on Dianetics" and found that Winter (there's no "s" on the end) describes experiments with CO2 therapy on pgs 186-188 (in my 1951 copy of the book). He says

    Later he says

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  5. pineapple

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    In describing his CO2 experiments, Winter mentions someone named "Meduna." I looked up Meduna and found that he was the originator of carboxygen therapy, which was "very useful for revealing previously unconscious fears." However, he's better known as the father of convulsive therapy. Meduna started out inducing seizures with drugs, but by the mid-1940's electricity had become the preferred method.

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    During the first few minutes, Peter Levenda hits the nail on the head talking about how the military also got into the woo of the 40s and 50s in their endeavors to control the mind. They brought pain and misery to many souls during their experiments. War is Hell and all is fair in the name of investigative science I guess? :moodswing:

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