What Happened to the Way to Happiness?

Discussion in 'Mike Rinders Blog' started by RSS Feed, May 16, 2018.

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    What Happened to the Way to Happiness?

    Before the “Colombian Miracle” where, according to scientology, distribution of The Way to Happiness reduced crime in Colombia by 90%, there was the Venezuelan Phenomenon — the Way to Happiness literally “saved the nation.” Two of the earliest IAS Freedom Medal winners were awarded their bauble for getting the WTH used by Government[.......]

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  2. HelluvaHoax!

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    QUESTION: What Happened to the Way to Happiness?

    ANSWER: Senior church management immediately canceled TWTH when it was discovered that it was very effectively eradicating crime, causing their own income stats to crash1.


    1 Criminality, coercion, fraud and terrorism are Scientology's greatest "Successful Actions"

  3. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    There comes a point where the fiction put out by IAS becomes a liability due to its own ridiculousness.
  4. Type4_PTS

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    I suspect a poster at Mike Rinder's blog may have come across the problem:
    It seems that the SP transcriptionists have struck again!
  5. F.Bullbait

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    Heh, the way to happiness: Venezuela is ruled by a dictator and most of the population is eating rice and beans (if they are lucky). I guess that SO model "saved the nation".
  6. pineapple

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    The Way to Happiness took a sharp left at Bullshit Corners.
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  7. ThetanExterior

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    I've got a leatherbound Way To Happiness. I bet that could save a whole country all by itself.
  8. guanoloco

    guanoloco As-Wased

    Truthfully if TWTH worked this is exactly what would happen. Scientology has nothing to sell in a calm environment.

    Christian churches and leaders would be the first to denounce a second coning just like Miscavige would be the first to attack a revenimused Ron.

    I should say a re-venomoused Ron.
  9. pineapple

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