What I hated in scientology !

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Gib, Oct 6, 2016.

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  1. guanoloco

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    Well...ain't this just a negative thread?

    I thought maybe I'd brighten it a little with something I thoroughly loved in Scientology. It was an event like no other that I viewed with wild anticipation. I've often entertained rejoining just to experience this splendid activity once more as it completely embodied the theta, serenity, peace and calm that only Scientology, properly applied, can render with ease.

    I know many of you haters will deny the pleasant and fond memories surrounding this occurrence...but to you lost souls I can only say, "haters must hate."

    Without further delay I must share with one and all...

    The whole Thursday before two.
  2. HelluvaHoax!

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    Wow, I didn't know we could post the good parts of Scientology here! I've been dying to share a huge win I once had!

    It was the time I went Clear. Right after I attested I really felt Clear for a few moments

    I don't remember what happened after that. Before anyone invalidates my Clear state by throwing that "perfect memory" business in my face, let me point out something rather obvious.

    Being a Clear (and a super aware theta being) I was already bumping into my next level, OT I, which (for anyone who hasn't done their Advanced Levels) has some pretty major charge on it. So, it's not unusual at all that my Clear memory turned off like that.

    This happens to big beings who can really confront a lot. Your awareness goes so far out you run into the next level.

    It's not a downstat or anything like that. You have to be incredibly aware for it to happen.
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  4. Knows

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    I dreaded and hated auditing NED! I had no engrams from "this lifetime"....but Scientology found a few from previous lifetimes....sword wounds, blown up, cut up, beheaded etc....:eyeroll:

    Grinding away at my imagination looking for whole track engrams....overts and withholds - that did not exist...so I made them up!:whistling:

    :duh: Scientology is a very Precise $cience of extorting Dollars out of everyone....

    $cientology bamboozled me out of hundreds of thousands of dollars to do that awful Bridge to Nowhere step: NED

    This is what it felt like:

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  5. Gizmo

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    What I hated most in scn ? The lies.

    Hey, that's all there was !
  6. ThetanExterior

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    After every auditing action or course completion you had to write a success story to say how wonderful it was. If you didn't agree that you'd gained anything from it then they would say there was something wrong with you - not the auditing or the course materials.

    Then they would start trying to find out what was wrong with you and correct it, which would probably cost you more time and money.

    Eventually you would realise it was better to just write the success story rather than complain about the service you had completed because complaining was a complete waste of time and money.

    The end result is people see all these success stories and think that they must be the only one who isn't achieving the "abilities gained" that they were promised.

    What a scam.
  7. Enthetan

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    It's like the old story of "The Emperor's New Clothes". Nobody wanted to blurt out what their own eyes saw, for fear of standing out. And you had staff trying very hard to ensure nobody broke the spell.
  8. EZ Linus

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    I once made the mistake of saying, "No thanks." when I was asked if I wanted to write a success story after a service. It wasn't that anything was wrong. I just didn't feel like it.

    My God! I learned never (not) to do that again. They sent me to Qual, then to Cramming. The whole thing was awful. Something was "wrong," and it was my fault.

    From there on out I reluctantly wrote the cliche success stories they expected of me, but always thought it was corny.
  9. EZ Linus

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    I'd have to say that one of the things I hated most about being in Scientology were the events. Hated is an understatement. I despised them.

    I hated how they were "mandatory" too. All that Hip hip hurraying.

    I hated that afterward, you were body routed into an area that had mini booths (pop-up stands, tables, etc.), each for the purpose to sell you the latest repackaged course (tapes and all) or books, Freewinds packages, the Ls, and/or other levels. It was like being at some small version of Comic-con or something. And all the double doors at the Shrine would be manned with Sea Org guards. You could not leave.

    That brings me to the thing I really hated most. Sea Org people guarding exits. They were placed at the exits in the course rooms at Flag as well.

    Of course, I would be vigilant about getting out after events. I'd burst through the crowd, passing through the little reg convention (you had to go through it to get out) and head for the exits before those guys got to their posts. Sometimes they'd be there and grab me by the arm and ask where I was going. I'd tell them that this part of the event was not the mandatory part. Or I'd say, "I'm late for something," which in my mind was not exactly a lie because I felt I was late for being home. I didn't want to lie to a Sea Org member.

    In any case. I hated the Big Brother feeling of being guarded, watched or held against my will. Especially because I felt I wanted to be there and I was handing Scientology my trust yet I was getting this signal in return that I was not to be trusted. What the hell?
  10. Wilbur

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    I also hated that. Towards the end, I started getting very loud in my criticism. At one St. Hill event, I tore into a Class XII who was about to try and reg me for something. She couldn't handle my criticisms at all (to my surprise). It must have been the first time she had dealt with someone who treated her with so little respect. By then, I was very upset with the fact that this organisation to whom I had given my trust was acting like a double-glazing company. At another event, the IAS people completely avoided me - I was waiting for them to come to me, and they were going to get a piece of my mind. They stayed well clear of me.

    The tawdry tinsel of the events was a contrast to how things were in my local org when I first got involved. The course packs were simple and unadorned, the course room was quite spartan, and the Mark V e-meters looked like something you could knock together yourself in a workshop. Then I watched it all change - the course packs were updated to make them look pretty, mark super-duper quantum up-quark e-meters made with a sprinkling of moondust, etc. I began to see then that they weren't selling anything. Prior to that, the simple approach seemed consistent with an organisation that was selling something real. But the subsequent focus on outward appearance made it obvious to me that they were not.

    Natter was supposed to be caused by missed withholds. I doubtless had some, but it wasn't the source of my natter at that point. At that point, my natter was simply an application of the ethics gradients (start by noticing an outpoint and commenting to a third party on it, followed by raising the matter directly with the person concerned, etc).

  11. TheOriginalBigBlue

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    "I felt I was late for being home." LOL, LOL!

    I guess I stopped going to these before they got that weird but they were weird enough already. Trust me, it's no fun being part of the events crew either.
  12. ThetanExterior

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    I was a member of public and one day I was in the courseroom before the course started and I could hear staff members moving around outside. It was obvious they had just had a staff meeting and they all seemed gung-ho about something.

    Then one staff member, who had been my auditor, rushed into the courseroom and made a beeline for me. He had a new LRH book in his hands and he quickly said that all staff members had to sell them so he wanted to know how many I would buy from him.

    I said: "None". When he asked why I said: "Because I don't like being railroaded.".

    He looked completely defeated and walked out of the courseroom.

    When he left I had to look up the word "railroaded" because I don't think I'd ever used it before. I was surprised to find it fit the situation exactly.

    I suppose that was a win actually. I'd used a new word in the correct context and got rid of an annoying staff member.

    When the course ended that evening I had to get out quickly and make a run for it before any other staff members got hold of me but I was used to doing that. It was one of the things a public scientologist had to do to survive scientology.
  13. Wilbur

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    Me too. I had to retread my first comm course because of this (like you, I wasn't unhappy with the course; I just didn't want to write a success story). I learned, like everyone else, to write a banal success story every time, after that. I now think that the reason for the extorted success stories is so that, once you leave, they can say "but you got wins out of every course. Look, it's in your own handwriting". I recently learned that that's why they often look for excuses to offload you if you are on a leaving staff routing form. They did that to me also, just before I reached the end of the LSRF. I was delighted (but bemused) when they did it, but at the time couldn't understand why they were offloading me, for something I had already had handled before I even joined staff. To compound matters, I had coughed up money for an intensive of auditing, for the LSRF sec-check, on the agreement that I would be given a smooth exit if I coughed up. If I'd known I was going to be offloaded, I would have saved my money.

    It's almost the definition of a service facsimile. Scam artists.

  14. Knows

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    I HATED the effervescent, waxing enthusiastic "Suck-Sess" Stories that never said anything but did a good job of hypnosis....so that we would want these amazing wins too. :whistling:


    I also HATED how WE then WOULD REPEAT the same words when we completed our Bridge Steps to NOWHERE....:eyeroll: Talk about a implanted CIRCUIT.

  15. Gizmo

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    What I later came to realize was that Dr Hubbard copied previously successful brainwashing methods & honed them on a small cadre of followers.

    Once he had that first cadre brainwashed he unleashed them to brainwash others into the cult.

    & so on down the line.

    We got KSW1 ground in time & time & time again.

    At least most of us woke up & left.
  16. ThetanExterior

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    It was all about the organization.

    The Church of Scientology was everything. The individual was nothing.
  17. TheOriginalBigBlue

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  18. Gizmo

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    This thread so reminds me of the last ever 'event' I attended. The exits were guarded so I couldn't leave the way I came in -& this when the event itself was over !

    Then to be forced down a narrow gauntlet of starving salespeople made it my last ever event.

    When I was sternly told an event was " mandatory " I always asked to see it in writing. No staff member ever had anything in writing about mandatory events. So, end of story _ I insisted in being ' on policy '.

    But, for the prices we paid, we had to bring our own TP ? That's INSANE !
  19. JackStraw

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    Hey, Gizmo,

    When on mission staff I was occasionally ordered to hand out promo or tickets to intro movies etc.

    I eventually got out of it by explaining to the staff ordering me:"You familiar with the definitions of the word 'overt'?
    The one that says it's "doing something to another that you wouldn't want done to you?" Well, I hate it when people come up to me and try to tell me I should join their religion, so, for me, it's an overt to do it to another.

    Oddly, they bought it!:happydance:

  20. Gib

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    yah, in the beginning it was about the individual, being self determined and all and how to obtain and even obtain a status known as being "pan determined", turns out it was being a "crowd" member known as the collective " a scientologist".