Featured What is expected from you as a Life Long Scientologist pt 1

Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by Emma, Jan 19, 2007.

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  1. Pixie

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    Here it comes.. burp... burp...

    :hysterical: Thanks Free To Shine, that just made me howl with laughter.. the 'bringing it up' bit.. :hysterical: Thanks!! :thumbsup:
  2. Free to shine

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    God you made me laugh too!
    Sometimes I don't even see exactly what I write until later, the words just appear. :duh:
  3. Thrak

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    Excellent Post

    I'm new here. Scn is a difficult thing to understand. There is nothing simple about it. I have left after 15 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars but I am not upset. I had to know I guess and I don't feel I was necessarily wrong.
    Something is very right about scn but also VERY wrong. I had too many wins over the years to just say it's a fraud. What's even more ironic is it's easiest to understand what is happening with it in scn terms. For example "that which you fight you become" I believe is totally happening to the church. Just way too much outflow towards enemies. But I think everybody who joins joins for all the right reasons. I guess we all hope something comes along that we can join and have no regrets about. Maybe scn put in our minds something that should be there but that scn itself came short of. I guess in a way it is good that so many WOULD give so much for the common good. I think we should all be validated for having the right intention and not just taking the easy way.
  4. Good twin

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    Welcome Thrak! You have come to the right place. Keep reading and keep posting. :yes:
  5. Tanstaafl

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    Welcome Thrak! :)

    King Crimson fan by any chance?
  6. Vinaire

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    The Church of Scientology has been fighting the excesses in Psychiatry, and so it has become its own enemy...

  7. PirateAndBum

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    Yes, I totally understand what you are saying Thrak. That is part of the process of sorting out where you are and what you've been doing for the past 15 years. This board is of tremendous value in that process. Keep reading and posting. Happy to have you here with us.
  8. Mark A. Baker

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    Understandable. I tend to put it simplisticallyas:

    A. Auditing Tech is Good.

    B. Church of Scientology is Bad.

    C. All the manifestations of "policy" lie somewhere in between.

    Mileage on the above varies a LOT depending on the actual people involved and whether they are sane/helpful/robotic/insane in their own dramatizations.

    There is a lot of truth to that.

    Mark A. Baker
  9. Thrak

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    Thanks for the welcomes. And yes I'm a KC fan as well as all the guys in it. Huge Adrian Belew and Tony Levin fans. It's good that it seems others here know of these guys. In fact that kind of relates to another thread. There is pressure at the church to BE a scn. I never felt I was but simply that it was something I did. I AM an artist and art is my real religion. I can listen to an Allman Brothers song and have a religious experience like nothing else. And it is my desire to create effects like that on others that really drives me. Scn was always to me a tool to try to get what I really wanted. But I guess that wasn't good enough. To quote Bob Dylan "I gave you my heart but you wanted my soul". I think I'll hang on to my soul I might need it.
  10. Vinaire

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    Nice viewpoint! :thumbsup:
  11. Tanstaafl

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    Glad you got loose from the CoS Whipping Post! :thumbsup:

    BTW, sorry to break this to you but you backed another also-ran. Church of Holdsworth is the one true religion. :happydance:
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    I think I may actually be Alanzo. I keep running into posts of his that are pretty much my story. Damn story thief. He even knows all the people I used to know. So if you want to know my story just read Alanzo's. Crap, I thought I was one of a kind. Oh wait, I think he's a guy, so I am the female version of Alanzo. I'm so glad I finally figured out who I am. I can go to sleep now.

    Love ya,
  13. Zinjifar

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    Maybe you're one of his BTs?

  14. Good twin

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    I used to think I was the female version of Alonzo. Then I met grundy. My goal is to become the female version of Zinj.:yes: ( that will probably change - morphing a lot here)
  15. Kathy (ImOut)

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    Great story. Very concise about Scn. Next time I have to explain the cult I was in, I'll have people read that post. Gives the whole story.
  16. nexus100

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    "With a northerly breeze it lies placid and sheltered,
    inviting the storm-tossed craft to tack into it for rest and

    Then come the sudden swirl round of the wind, the blistering gale
    from the south-west, the dragging anchor, the lee shore, and the
    last battle in the creaming breakers. The wise mariner stands
    far out from that evil place."

    Arthur Conan Doyle
  17. happynow

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    Hey Zinj,

    I just saw your response:hysterical: :hysterical:
    One of his BTs:hysterical:
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    Hey Good Twin,

    Nice to finally read your post and hear from you.:bighug:
    Being the female version of Zinj is so far above anything I could
    ever possible imagine. I'm just not that witty.:duh:
    But you go girl.:thumbsup:
    :omg: Time for bed.
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    Zinj, I expect you will, as anyone in right mind would, take proper advantage of the situation. Just be kind.
  20. Mary

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    Emma just mentioned this thread to someone.

    Is it OK to bump it up, as there so many new people joining that may not have seen it.

    I think it's brilliant!
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