What really lures people in and makes them sacrifice so much?

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Emmanuel Goldstein, Dec 24, 2017.

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    The writing style in the bit you quoted even sounds a lot like Hubbard.
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    Bent and a few other mission holders really had a good momentum. They were a kind of cabal competing with each other in a friendly way . Their stats went far beyond other mission holders in success. I think it bordered on arrogance and made them a target from jealousy. OTs and Class VIIIs from the church acting with malice? Yep.
    Bent made mistakes: he and Bobby had to know about the credit union shenanigans. Div 2 regs told me and I was Honolulu staff....So Bent knew. How much that played a role I don't know.
    The guardians office jumped on that. Think it was fighting with the IRS at that point.
    Maybe the orgs were unhappy Bent wasn't sending much public to LA? Dont think Honolulu sent much public out to Aina Haina really. That really is the design of a mission.

    In the end when you leave the COS and can look back and see what is pretty obvious; even if you assume the technology works, and I'm not, there are some serious flaws in the organization and the policies contained in the green columns. Like that famous football coach said "the numbers don't lie , you are what you are" . Following the green volumns impoverished many capable and earnest people with the best of intentions, created an antagonism against the church and its staff and broke up families; and worse.

    There are some people inside I really miss. It would be best for them if we didn't meet again.

    But I hope the ones that left come out to this site. Lots of staff on board with Walter Florian before I joined in 1975. Would like to hear from them.
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    Okay, I'll change my question a bit:
    When, what year, did Bent Corydon lose the Honolulu Mission?
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    I think Pineapple has the right answer on that, but I would place it at 1981 around the time just before the infamous mission holders conference
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    Wow! I am surprised that it was 1981 instead of later.
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    Yeah, must've been '81. Figuring backwards ...

    I left Hawaii in October '81. That's the point where I decided I wasn't a scngst anymore. Before that there was a period where I wasn't on staff anymore but was still living with and working with scngsts (and catching some nasty vibes). I figure this must've been about 6 months, so that takes us back to early '81, when I left staff. I left staff very soon after Jeff Youmans arrived. I told myself now was the time to do it, before I got into the habit of taking orders from yet another* new ED. And Frank was around until Jeff arrived.

    I don't remember anything about the hand-over of power or what explanation was given for it. My later days in scn are hazier than the early days; I suspect this is an effect of growing cognitive dissonance during that time. And some things just weren't given to us rank and file to know, and of course we weren't supposed to dwell on "entheta."

    I thought I'd seen something somewhere explaining why Bent lost the Honolulu Mission, but now I don't remember where. I thought it might be in "Messiah or Madman," but I searched this text-only copy and it's not in there.

    If I come across anything on that I'll post it here.

    * Honolulu ED's 1975-1981: 1) Walter Florian; 2) Abbie Hedengran (for the GO); 3) Joanie Mongiello (always intended as temporary, I think); 4) Earl Rehder; 5) Frank Walker; 6) Jeff Youmans. Six ED's in about 6 years.
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    Just re-read my last post and realized I left out an ED. John Ruane was ED in between Joanie Mongiello and Earl Rehder. Here's the amended list.

    Honolulu Mission ED's 1975-1981:

    1) Walter Florian;
    2) Abbie Hedengran (for the GO);
    3) Joanie Mongiello (always intended as temporary, I think);
    4) John Ruane;
    5) Earl Rehder;
    6) Frank Walker;
    7) Jeff Youmans.

    Seven ED's in about 6 years.