What's this "Excalibur" thing? Will it give me OT powers?

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    As I understand it, the Excalibur manuscript was nothing more than a precursor of Dianetics. Perhaps that is just the "Church Line" but apparently, the contents of Excalibur is laid out in Dianetics. This was discussed a briefing which I just happened to see, years ago. I think it was delivered by DM. Don't recall exactly.
  2. screamer2

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    If anything will get you OT powahs, Excalibur will. I could attest to that.
  3. ThetanExterior

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    Anyone who looks into how Hubbard spent his final years should see that not only did he not have OT powers but he wasn't even as sane as the average human being. Excalibur was just another one of the bs things he talked about to make himself look special.
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    I did Captain Bill's Excalibur with him as C/S in the eighties. At the least, I can say it was an exciting and fascinating experience. There's been an awful lot of nasty things said about Captain Bill, mostly by people who never met him, but he was a good friend to me, and never did me wrong. As for Excalibur, I'm glad I did it. It was an adventure all in itself.

    Oh and hello.
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    Welcome Iona, did you continue on up to OT 48?
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    I did his levels up to 14 and lost interest.