When do the dreams stop?

Discussion in 'Life After Scientology' started by palehorse, Jan 18, 2016.

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    When I was very little, I had a bad dream, and told my mom. She said if you have another one, pinch yourself, and you'll wake up. One night, I did have another dream, and it was something unwanted, so I remembered what mom said: pinch your arm. Just as I remembered her advice, I thought: wait - this is a dream. MY dream. And I took control. Ever since then, I've been able to lucid dream. Of course during most dreams I don't think about it, but sometimes I do. I fly, I do Superman flights (like Neo), or have even taken a challenge from a relative, who said I should take it a step further, by transporting from point A to B without travel, but to instantly zap myself over to point B. That worked, too. After all, it's just a dream. Once you get comfortable with that "pinch" moment of realizing it's a dream, you're in there. It never goes away. That's my experience. I think it could work for anyone who has unwanted situations in a dream.
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    In my experience, control of dreams on a low level becomes quite consistent when you have succeeded in being able to "lucid dream"; having a wide-awake, powerful "lucid dream" is more rare.

    I think there is no lack of advice on how to elicit the full "lucid dream" state more consistently. Google is your best friend in this regard.
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    quit t.v. and movies and computers for awhile and see if that helps
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  5. http://psychology.berkeley.edu/people/matthew-p-walker has a newish book out that talks about this sort of stuff we have a sorta 'friend' (okay, really failed ex-2D to put it in cultspeak lol :p) in common and was hoping to get more of his insight on this but the book itself is quite a good start for those of you looking to get a grip on the topic. Hope this helps!