Where Is Shelly? Aftermath

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    Where Is Shelly? Aftermath

    As always, interested to hear your feedback on the show tonight. And as is their pattern, scientology’s response to the show is both predictable and quite bizarre. They are hanging their hat on the fact that this is all a publicity stunt, but now they have gone a step further, claiming it is “intended […]

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    Saw the WHERE IS SHELLY episode.

    The show has ascended to an even more brilliant level this season.

    That show is simply fantastic, probably the most informative media instrument in Scientology's pathetic 68 year crime wave.

    How fucked up does your religion have to be to have 98% of the parishioners leave and hope you DIAWOF? (die in a wall of fire)

    Honestly, how evil does your "religion" have to be in order to generate a weekly hit TV show dedicated to whistleblowing and informing millions of your financial treachery, fraud and terrorism?

    Hey Scientology, Karma just found out what you have been doing all these years---and it's pissed! lol

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    My husband (a never-in) and me (declared in 1983) watched the "Shelley" Aftermath episode last night. I laughed at the start when the cult labeled Leah a "foaming" anti-Scientologist. "Foaming"? The GIFs on Mike's blog are great.

    There was one part I didn't quite understand, and I wanted to ask you all about it. At one point, Tom DeVocht was talking about how Norman Starkey was waiting for Hubbard to come back so that the David problem could be handled. Leah covered her face and exclaimed something like "I never thought of that!"

    Thought of what exactly? That the True Beleebers are waiting for HubTurd to reappear and retake the reins, and boot that nasty-ass midget? Or that Shelley might be, and that's what is convincing her to stay, beyond the standard brainwashing we all have/had?
  5. HelluvaHoax!

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    Yes, exactly what you said. EITHER of those. Or, BOTH of those.

    Because Scientologists are not actually thinking with articulated clairty, they are thinking vague, ambiguously amorphous dim concepts. That's what cult indoctrination did to them.

    If not for that, when someone read the title to "Book One" (DMSMH) they would say: "Oh, jeez, a science? Where's the scientific proof that comes with the book? What? There is not, we just have to take the writer's word for it? LOL. No thanks, I think I'll stick with reality, I decided not to buy the book."

    Scientologists don't actually THINK clear thoughts even though they are Clear. They think fuzzy thoughts. "Ron is coming back" might be somewhere in the 100 vague feel-good nuanced notions that pass through their mind, but they don't actually STOP and PAUSE and recognize it or articulate it into a precise meaning.

    And they certainly NEVER EVER EVER talk to other Scientologists about it. The fear of being "KR'd" (reported) is too great.

    When I started thinking of leaving Scientology, it was on the thought: "I don't ever want to be investigated or handled ever again". I knew the tech was not working at all and all I could manage to articulate in my mind was that vague concept. Later I put the pieces of the jigsaw together and realized: "Hey, I beeeez a disaffected mofo!" LOL

    So, people within the cult have 99.99999999999999% of their "attention units" on production and handing their unhandled case and clearing the cases of the other 7.4 billion unhandled cases "on this planet".

    Scientologists. They the only knowing-how-to-know experts in the history of the world who don't even know what their own organization is doing.
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    I love this episode and how Tom Devocht described the relationship between Dave and Shelly. Also the fact that many of those who have worked under hubtard, while they were kids (Apollo), have endured all the current abuses of Miscavige because they still believe Hubtard will come back..or even just because they are loyal to him as a ''father''. It does explains many things and help to retain empathy toward those who might never wake up..they can't.

    Leah had such a reaction when Tom told about Marc Yager (or Ray mithof) truly expecting LRH to come back. One funny thing is that the camera then focussed on Mike Rinder who replies to it, like if it's something boring..but upon realizing Leah's reaction..he quickly shifts to display a stunned reaction... that was not subtle but somehow funny.. :D

    But I'd say this episode was for me one of the most enlightening about a world I was totally ignorant. I too was impressed at the very high quality of the production: content, presentation, guests, hosts, topics, documentation... A++++

    Isn't it sad to even think of what Shelly's life might be...and how it will end....She never knwew anything out of it..and the 2 fucktards made her mind a prison.

    (were you guys surprised when the Lady said that MissCavige was a sweet guy when he cam in and in the beginning of him dating Shelly )

    I was not...it has ever been written on ESMB..I think he is the true product of LRH and $cientology homo novos...He lost his humanity, his higher self, humane natural values, to grow an elitist megalomaniac EGO mind\behavior reframing system... The Operating Thetan Sea Orger...
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  7. lotus

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    My understanding was that she never thougt that those guys who stayed and never left, are keeping on going on their post to be faithfull to LRH who will come back. Tom mentionned something like kids raised in the SO don't have any other model to rely on in using their critical mind regarding their SO life.
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  8. triumph

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    Scientology Attorney Demands Jezebel Remove Our Story on Shelly Miscavige's Alleged Disappearance
    Anna Merlan
    A lawyer representing Shelly Miscavige, the wife of David Miscavige, Scientology’s leader, has demanded that Jezebel remove a story we ran yesterday on Shelly’s alleged disappearance. The attorney, Jeffrey K. Riffer, writes “Mrs. Miscavige is not missing” and that she is “appalled” by claims that she has disappeared. He adds that in running our piece, Jezebel furthered the harassment of one woman by another.
    The allegations that Shelly Miscavige has disappeared come from Leah Remini, an ex-Scientologist turned one of the church’s most prominent critics, via her show Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. Our blog yesterday featured a recap of the most recent show, which dealt entirely with the fact that Miscavige hasn’t been seen in public since 2007, as well as how Scientology responded to the airing of the program. Remini filed a missing persons report in 2013, asking that Shelly’s whereabouts be investigated, which Riffer correctly says was closed and labeled “unfounded” by the Los Angeles Police Department.
    more@ link


    In his letter, Riffer, who works for the Los Angeles-based firm Elkins Kalt Weintraub Reuben Gartside LLP, opens by saying that the Miscaviges have been married for nearly 40 years, and that Shelly has been a Sea Org member for about 45. (The Sea Org is reserved for the most dedicated members of the church; Scientology acknowledges Sea Org members sign a one-billion year pledge to serve, saying it is “a symbolic document which, similar to vows of dedication in other faiths and orders, serves to signify an individual’s eternal commitment to the goals, purposes and principles of the Scientology religion.”)
    “Jezebel is a feminist website,” Riffer adds in his letter. “It should not be a tool to allow one woman (Remini) to harass another woman (Mrs. Miscavige), her husband and her religion.”
    From there, the letter makes some specific claims about both Shelly and Remini, which are as follows:
    1. Mrs. Miscavige is not “missing.” Remini previously filed a “missing person” report about Mrs. Miscavige with the Los Angeles Police Department (“LAPD”). LAPD investigated. It then immediately concluded that Remini’s report was “unfounded,” which means the report was false and meritless. Mrs. Miscavige has no interest in appearing in public merely because Remini – who is no friend to Mrs. Miscavige, her husband or her religion (see below) – wants to use that as some cheap publicity stunt to get ratings.

    more good stuff@ link
  9. triumph

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    too juicy: DM's fallen overboard.. all hands on the poop deck

    2. Mr. David Miscavige has been the subject of death threats, including by people incited by Remini’s program. Remini has fawned over a program guest (Brandon Reisdorf) who was a convicted felon and the subject of a criminal restraining order (for threatening to physically harm Mr. Miscavige). No responsible person would have booked such a guest on a television program in the first place. Remini (a) booked him for her show and (b) applauded him on the air for his criminal and psychotic acts.
  10. lotus

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    It smells fear...fear within the guts..

    Wether they like it or not it is factual that Shelly has disappeared from the public scene..my understanding is that this is the fact alleged by Leah.
    It has not been alleged that she is held agaisther will not prisonner...since it has been made clear that she might refuse to leave if given any chance.
    Although, it has be demonstrated taht the security at CSI bases, in the event she has been ''posted'' there, won't allow anyone to simply leave.

    So, we are glad to hear that Shelly has not disappeard (from public scene) and we are all stucked to our screen to watch an address of Shelly to all members and concerned people that she is doing fine, so anybody, especially her very dear friend Leah, would nod be worried anymore reagearding her duddent disapearance in 2006.

    Indeed, if Shelly is doing fine and is able to provide her attorney instructions to sue...we can expect she can leave a few words for us.

    I hope it gets to the court and look forward to seeing how they will manage the fact that they won't have shelly to depose...lol
    This is the one thing we are totally certain 100%...neither Davey will depose...

    Leah made it clear..she doesn't abandon her friends...and all coming civil suit will make it good for the producers as it will act as a soap opera to watch on all means taken to silence a loud celeb critics and producer, drawing a large audience.

    Good for the pr... Public will see and observe Shelly Miscavige (meat body) is totally missing in her civil suit alledging she (shelly Miscavige body) didn't disappeared.:D
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    СМЕРШon Rutube has not shared the latest episode - S3E6 on Ideal Orgs. I am in Australia and this is the only place I have been able to find it. Any other pointers for Ozzies?
  12. ThetanExterior

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    It's a bit too soon for Episode 6 to appear on rutube. Give it a few hours or a day maybe.
  13. Cat's Squirrel

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    I haven't seen the program but I have read Mike Rinder's thread about it. which makes the very good point that the CofS have brought this on themselves by using Shelly so extensively for all their publicity material before she disappeared.

    It seems to me that the Scn top brass (and Miscavige in particular) aren't overly concerned about what the "wog" public, let alone exes like us, think of their cover story - they probably know full well that it doesn't stand up to any intelligent scrutiny at all and that anybody with half a brain would be asking Miscavige to do the obvious - produce Shelly if there's genuinely no problem with doing so.

    The people whose opinion they're concerned about are those who make donations to the CofS (and the "whales" in particular) who have, it may be surmised, drunk enough of the "kool-aid" to not look too critically at anything Miscavige or his lawyers might say

    Their cynicism is transparent, but then we already knew that.
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