Who is the current Senior C/S Int?

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by renegade, Jan 27, 2017.

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  1. HelluvaHoax!

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    It is a sad day for a Scientologist to read that post and realize that EVEN RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS provide a vastly superior exchange to their staff members than Scientology! LOL
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  2. Cat's Squirrel

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    Slightly offtopic, but it may be significant (maybe it needs its own thread); I've just had a look at the Flag website and what I find remarkable is that there's essentially no information there about anyone in Scientology or who works at Flag, and certainly no pictures of anyone apart from Miscavige (there are even very few of him).

    As far as I know this is entirely unprecedented for a Church or an organisation which calls itself one.
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  3. TheOriginalBigBlue

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    I have to imagine that anything that goes on the internet is vetted by OSA - the seat of paranoia. Who can they trust to prop up in the public eye anymore? Old issues of everything must be culled because they are full of SPs, defectors, people who were once held up in esteem and then subjected to OSA's character assassination machine. Must be much easier to avoid letting anyone become notable rather than having to retroactively erasing them from history.

    And the flip side of this may be that Scientologists are looking around and starting to realize that the higher one is elevated on a pedestal the harder the character assassination machine must crush them when it inevitably turns on them. Also, I'm guessing that Google and the internet are starting to pop up as the SP in "PTS/SP "Search and Discovery" sessions. So whenever they expose a Scientologist to the internet they are potentially creating a situation where that person must eventually decide to "Handle or Disconnect" from the internet and that would include anything the Church put online that includes them.

    This whole thing must be becoming awfully awkward, especially for the lowly sod who has to prepare material for internet distribution. If they put the picture or name of someone on the internet and it ends up on The Bunker, ESMB or an internationally popular news site and things go sideways then who gets sent to the RPF now? I'd just show empty rooms with teddy bears and dolls sitting in the chairs also.


    HCOB 24 Nov. 65 Search and Discovery
  4. Enthetan

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    It used to be that you would see LOTS of pics of smiling Flag staff and public in the mags. I would guess they don't want somebody in a pic later doing something to be an embarrassment to Flag. Like becoming a whistle-blower.

    They also want to be able to plausibly deny that somebody was on lines, which is hard to do if their pic is captured as being on your website.
  5. ThetanExterior

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    A few years ago I was trying to tell an ex-scientologist friend of mine about the Debbie Cook letter but he didn't know who she was. So I pointed out she was the blonde SO member who was the smiling face on most of the Flag promo. He immediately knew who I meant.

    That's probably why they no longer want real people in their promo. If someone leaves they can now deny that person was anyone of any significance.
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  6. TheOriginalBigBlue

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    This of course would be a complete perversion of the Simon Bolivar policy. You are supposed to flow power to subordinates so they become powerful enough to flow power back up lines. These kinds of things aren't just static. If you try to not let anyone become an internal celebrity by virtue of editing them out of promo - then the flip side of that proposition would be to punish anyone who actively tried to get themselves included in promo.

    This must add a whole new level of organizational schizophrenia. They need opinion leaders within the organization to influence celebs, ride rough shod over other orgs, take point in events and tours, etc. but they can't let them become too popular or at least severely limit their ability to cause damage when they get tossed under the bus by not letting them know too much of the inner workings. I don't think we will ever see another Heber.
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