Why I left Scientology is simple

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by Oscar, Nov 15, 2017.

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  1. Oscar

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    I left Scientology in the mid 70s, after having been a Scientologist for about 12 years, for basically one reason.

    During the 12 years I was there, L.R.H never once visited the org, or appeared at any of the gala events that were held there.

    That's it, in a nutshell. I felt he really didn't care, and it was all about making money. That's no religion, in my book.
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  2. Demented Hubbatd

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    Looks like a strange reason for leaving. Let's say he had visited your Org regularly. Would you still be a Scientologist?

    I left the cult after I had discovered that Dianetics doesn't work. I spent 4 months in Sea Org and after that I was a public Scientologist for about a year.
  3. TheOriginalBigBlue

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    Well, I think you are right - he really didn't care, at least not about you or the org, and money was a major motivation, along with power, control, narcissism and outright vindictiveness. But I'm sure it wasn't quite that simple. The image that they tried to push was that he was so busy with research to help humanity and because of SPs and blundering peons he was constantly getting dragged back into saving the organization from emergencies and screw ups, or because of so much success and expansion he was busy creating new management tech to handle it - that he just didn't have time for this kind of thing. He told us he essentially despised know besty ivory tower intellectuals so certainly he wouldn't be cloistered off somewhere and because the tax laws forbid it he certainly wouldn't be directly involved with management or finances.

    But at Big Blue we could see the people from "Over the Rainbow" coming and going, dealing with logistics, on a regular basis so it was pretty obvious he was nearby, and anything of significance was only accomplished through the CMO who we all knew got their orders directly from LRH, and after the raids we knew he was avoiding the FBI. So for much of the time period you are describing he was busy being fabian, hiding from very real process servers, revenuers, reporters and interpol, etc. plus an army of imaginary enemies from cointelpro and psychs to off world implant stations (read: alien psychs).

    Personally, I also think he was very much aware of Aesop's parable, "Familiarity breeds contempt", and so deliberately cultivated an air of mystique to establish and preserve "Ethics Presence". What would your impression have been to see some obese, chain smoker with grodie teeth autographing your Hymn of Asia?

    Scientology calls the ability to control the flow of information and opinion "PR Area Control"? I do think during this time it was quite effective given that there wasn't an internet. There was still a lot of information in the media but Scientologists complied with self censorship in order to stay in good standing. The us vs them attitude and the very long list of ways to negatively categorize people and groups also neutralized critical information from non-Scientology sources.

    So I could see how a Scientologist could independently arrive at a conclusion like that from their respective place within the bubble. Here you have TV evangelist types for other groups that are on their followers like white on rice but LRH is rare as hen's teeth, ...hmph.