Withholds, relationships and self-inflicted mind control

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  1. HelluvaHoax!

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    The perfect question!

    Let me translate that for Scientologists and Indie Scientologists that may be away from their homes and therefore out of reach of their inventory of clay.

    Translation: The Ideal question!

    Now that we have gotten those rhetorical rudiments out of the way, let us move on the the next item on our checksheet. The answer to your stunningly stultifying question. It's a question that would be impossible for Scientologists to answer. Because if they discovered the answer, they would instantly jettison something far worse than BTs. BPs!!!

    BP -noun: Body Parasites. To wit, the life-sucking, mind-controlling entities living within Scientologists that monitor, direct and mandate their every action and thought. The wraith-like shadow ghosts of L. Ron Hubbbard, David Miscavige and every other staff and/or public Scientologist in the world that literally RUNS their life. The Scientologist, when fully indoctrinated, willingly and happily carries all these "source" viewpoints around with them at all times, ensuring that THEY THEMSELVES are so buried in the overwhelm of what a "good Scientologist" must do/think, they effectively become part of the root system of the spreading and strangulating cult tree known as Scientology. They are there to seek, find and suck up water (money) which can then be channeled (donated) to the mother tree's ecosystem.

    Jeez, it's taking me a long time to get to the freaking answer, I know, LOL. But, this is a technical briefing which you need in order to secure your eternity, so we don't want to quickie it, right?

    And now....the answer to the question of: "WHEN WAS SCIENTOLOGY EVER SCIENTOLOGY?"

    ANSWER: Scientology was always Scientology ever since May of 1950 when Dr. Hubbard first released Dianetics and the scientific tech proved to work 100% of the time! Scientology continued being Scientology for the next 68 years all the way up until today. And it continues being Scientology, the 100% workable science evermore. It is the only game in the universe where everybody wins! *

    * Scientologists who encounter feelings of enturbulation (due to the perception of being suppressed, invalidated, declared, shattered, disconnected, lied to, bankrupted, stalked, tricked, fair gamed, destroyed, terrorized and worse) are not experiencing Scientology. Because the definition of Scientology states that everyone always wins. Persons falsely claiming that Scientologists are the ones perpetrating all these criminal overts against them are low and the tone scale and need to purchase and do more of of their Scientology Bridge.
  2. HelluvaHoax!

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    Much of what you posted is quite insightful and illuminating.

    However, you speak quite disparagingly about Dr. Hubbard's pink legs tech, as if it wasn't an epic scientific breakthrough that rivaled the wheel and the discovery of fire.

    PinkLegTechtm is the first humanitarian method in recorded history wherein people who disagree with messiahs, saviors, gurus and other deities visiting earth can be handled in a cruelty-free way so that they do not enturbulate the spiritual progress of others. Ron discovered it is unnecessarily cruel to allow them to live and suffer under the crushing weight of their reactive mind. Ron's breakthrough methodology allows the being to disconnect from this lifetime and move forward on their routing form to pick up a new body in a (hopefully) rich Scientology family---where they will be given a second chance to buy their Bridge and do what Ron says.

  3. George Layton

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    scientology: a tech that convinces a person that their life is a game when really it's a persons life.
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  4. DagwoodGum

    DagwoodGum What a long, strange trip it's been!

    And now....the answer to the question of: "WHEN WAS SCIENTOLOGY EVER SCIENTOLOGY?"Hellofahoax

    There are those who claim that after a 10month hiatus in '72, Hubbard came back a different person literally. It has been said that he came back a yelling, rageful maniac and not the cheerful, friendly Ron they had come to know. Therefore some are of the belief that Scientology had been taken over through a doppelganger while the real Ron was held prisoner by the FBI or CIA.
    My thoughts are that his wife and kids would have known right away that this was an imposter. It also occurs to me that when Ron goes bananas he gets hidden away from his public as we've seen in the 80's. So it would seem likely that he went mad in his post OT3 phase and had to be medicated and hidden away from prying eyes. In any event, supposedly Scientology was never the same since '72 and this is the partial story;
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  5. HelluvaHoax!

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    Yeah, I think Ron's auditor mishandled an origination, sending him into a dwindling spiral from which he never recovered.

    You see, Ron showed up for a session on one of those advanced levels where BTs are in abundances. The auditor asked Ron just before the session began session how he's doing and Ron replied: "Well, to be honest, I'm not quite feeling like myself today."

    The auditor thought he was just making small talk.

    But Ron really was originating that he didn't feel like himself because....well this is probably the moment the "walk-in" alien took over LRH's body.

    Thus, we lost the Commodore and perhaps in doing so--lost our path to the stars and beyond.

    I trust everyone can now see how vital it is to handle originations with standard TRs!
  6. DagwoodGum

    DagwoodGum What a long, strange trip it's been!

    Here are some links further into the realm of the governments interest in remote viewing and Hubbard's upper level research as such. I had a half dozen or so interesting conversations with Ingo Swann in mid 1972 over a week or so that he was in Mpls., and this after I railed against name dropping, and what I remember most was his sheer enthusiasm regarding "OT abilities". Whereas I got in repeated trouble with staff for holding "out gradient" discussions in the lobby, he certainly didn't mind and would initiate these discussions with me even if I tried to refrain. I remember hearing something about his having only received his power processing but he may have actually been on his OT levels by the way he spoke as he seemed to be more aware on the subject than most I'd met at the time. He was really the coolest guy I'd met at the Morgue that entire summer, wide open personality. You couldn't introvert around the guy, he had a way of pulling you out from inside yourself.
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  7. DagwoodGum

    DagwoodGum What a long, strange trip it's been!

    I believe that the PinkLegTech period that you refer to is during one of the many times that Elron turned Elmer once again and had to be tucked away from public view in this case due to slipping back into his "Wabbit Hunting" valence, entirely off the rails with hisself having gone "Bt hunting" rather than his usual "Wabbit Hunting".
    Miss Cabage could only turn him loose in the briar patch, cross his fingers and hope for hisselfs return to the camper with VGI's and a floating needle.
    Though he became as masterful at hunting wabbiting Bt's as he was with scwewy old "Wabbits", the public just wasn't ready for this unexplained, out-gradient behavior and he was ferreted away in his Slipstream camper and traveled from one happy hunting ground to another collecting quite the collection of scalps from what would have otherwise been pesky if not downright suppressive, aggressive "Wabbiting Bt's ".

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  8. Francois Tremblay

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    I'm bisexual so... that's not really an issue for me... lol

    I am well aware that we have no control over the flow of our thoughts. I'm not saying we are to blame for any thought that we have. But the thoughts are reflective of our character as well (another thing on which we don't have much control). To assign blame is not the same as careful consideration of who a person is. If someone expresses one momentary thought of killing someone due to frustration or whatever, that's not a big deal. If someone has fantasies of murder every single hour of every day, and revels in those fantasies, that is an issue.
  9. lotus

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    I guess you are talking about thoughts vs intentions here ????

    Yes they are 2 different things.
    There is the normal flow of thoughts, mental activiities and images...including nice and bad...

    but there are also, the thoughts we think as intentions, planning, organisation, decision making process....

    We can't be responsible and to be blamed for the normal flow of thoughts (that are intimate and belong to our privacy)
    but we are responsible and to be blamed for the actions resulting from those intentions we carry as thoughts.

    When I was young and studying psychology, there was a teacher who told us that almost all women carry sexual fantasies of being coerced to have sex...when under sexual excitement..but it doesn't mean at all they want to be rapped in the real life, which we know is far from being fun and desirable. Our brain plays movies and fantasy...but sain persons can differentiate it from other thoughts to organize our life and make decisions , wich are intentions brought into reality.