World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE) against vaccination requirement

Discussion in 'Scientology Front Groups and Alliances' started by CommunicatorIC, Nov 15, 2015.

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    There were a collection of instructions from LRH which were originally directed to the LRH Communicators on how to set up an LRH office. This is probably where the attitude towards the avoidance of things with a strong scent or perfume started. He had OT perceptions and was very sensitive to odors. There was also a period where he didn't want anything metal around, which again may have been due to some special perception or a temporary sensitivity that developed during an advanced phase of auditing or tech research. I have a vague recollection that this was fairly well known in the Scientology community and some people became more self conscious about metal hypersensitivity and perfume when they reached the OT Levels, having to take off their Clear Bracelets, etc. After the creation of the Commodore's Messenger Organization my impression was that the LRH Comms became kind of redundant and focused on cleaning, ongoing maintenance of the R Offices and refreshing his obligatory pack of Kool Menthols but the CMO did the heavy lifting of designing and constructing them. In either case, these kinds of instructions would have been circulating from the first moment someone anywhere set up an R Office and they were required in every org.

    I still need someone to explain to me how Kools don't stink, OT or not.
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    A scientologist chiropractor or herbalist may decide his relationship with the org is senior to any mandatory reporting requirement.
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    That was supposed to be refreshed? Whoops!:duh::roflmao:
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    If I were the curator for the Kool Museum, I would most definitely hit up the LRH Comm INT to fill any gaps in the collection.
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    Unfortunately, you are almost certainly correct.
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    I have never read or heard anything by Ronny against vaccines, but my observation has been that Scientologists as a whole are afraid of "medicos" AKA real doctors and balk at treating anything with pharmaceutical drugs or even taking over the counter medicines or painkillers. They are also prone to believing conspiracy theories, so adding one about vaccines into the mix is easy since they already fear "psychs" injecting "drugs" into their kids.

    From my experience, Scientologist parents often claim "religious exception" to get out of vaccinating their kids. Back when the health dept was more strict about it, I've known Scientologist parents to go as far as to falsely claim to follow an obscure religion that explicitly forbids vaccination (the name of the sect slips my mind, but I could find out if anyone is curious), but since they now don't check to see what religion you really practice, you can just claim "personal belief exception" without specifying your religion.

    Sadly, Scientology schools have had problems with outbreaks of childhood diseases that should be eradicated by vaccines like whooping cough, mumps, measles, etc. I know of a health department shutting down a Scientology preschool for a time because these preventable diseases were traced back to them. These diseases can be very dangerous to the kids and also to people with immune deficiencies or pregnant women. It's so sad too because we almost succeeded in completely eradicating these illnesses from the world. I don't think Scientology is completely to blame here, since many middle-to-upper class, mostly white, new age yuppies are anti-vaccine, and Scientology just happens to have the same demographic.

    I do recall a HCOPL specifically praising chiropractors as good and useful. (Does anyone know its name?) WISE has targeted chiropractors for recruitment for as long as I can remember. The history of chiropractic "medicine" goes back to roots that believed in a unscientific "vital energy" which is an analog to "theta" or "chi/ki" in Eastern medicine, an invisible energy flow like what nerve assists are supposedly "unblocking." Chiropractors like to push vitamins and herbal supplements and often cross over into homeopathy (which is based on impossible claims), so that lines up well with what Scientologists are already primed to believe, and I suppose the same is true for chiropractors getting into Scientology. I have seen anti-vaccine propaganda in chiropractors' offices (some of whom were Scientologists), so I'm not surprised WISE would push that button.

    Personally, I have had both good and bad experiences with chiropractors, but the better ones act more like very hands on physical therapists with a focus on spinal mechanics and massage, while the old school ones think they can cure the common cold by cracking your neck and that babies need to have the bone plates in their skulls "adjusted." :(