You Can Be Right about Being Wrong or, L. Ron Hubbard and Scales

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    You Can Be Right about Being Wrong or, L. Ron Hubbard and Scales

    Our old friend Terra has come up with another of his thought-provoking essays. You Can Be Right about Being Wrong or, L. Ron Hubbard and Scales L. Ron Hubbard was into scales. All types of scales. If a condition existed in life, the man scaled it. From the Emotional Tone Scale to the Know to […]

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    This is tremendously written and thought out!
    One of the best summations on what the fuck happened to the subject we most believed in and depended upon once upon a time.
    I've often said that when I did my grades I had the cog that Scientology itself had become the biggest service facsimile for it's members.
    They were desperate to make Scientology right and those outside of it's circle wrong, absolutely wrong and there was no other way to be more reasonable about it!
    LRH farted out enumerable derogatory labels that were all about smearing and belittling (was he the very joker and degrader he later condemned in policy, as well as the very suppressive personality he somehow knew so much about?) people who would not throw their lives away to join the cause to clear the planet, getting little or nothing in return.
    But Scientology itself was its own biggest hurdle to clearing the planet and some of us refused to get sucked in on the basis of it somehow being "our responsibility" to make it all go right in spite of itself.
    It had all turned inside out and Scientology had become the bad guys.
    I had got to the point by the late 70's that when I got within visual distance of the morgue, my instincts would kick in and try to stop me from getting any closer.
    I would feel facial twitches, difficulty breathing and a host of other feelings that I'd been trained to believe were "miss-emotions, bank and bt's".
    Nothing could have been further from the truth, my instincts were telling me to run, don't walk and to never come back.
    I eventually listened with no regrets.
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