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    (See Edit of my of my previous post.) :biggrin:

    In one of the last bands I played with before I retired, we've had 1 Russian and 2 Ex-GDR-citizens. All about the same age and all living in West Germany for many years.

    Although there were quite a few similarities, there were also significant differences in their 2 "frames of references".

    From what I've heard fro their conversations, the Russian experience must have been a lot more pleasant than the GDR one. One Ex-GDR guy even said so - he's spent a few years working in Russia, so he should be able to tell, I guess.
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    I've been told by someone who lives in Germany that their government is so co-dependent on the U.S. State Department & fearful of getting a negative rating in the State Department's annual Human Rights report, that they've, essentially, buried their heads in the sand, thus allowing destructive cults like Scientology & neo-Nazi groups to flourish in Germany.

    "I think Angela Merkel has done next to nothing to address this problem (Neo-Nazi violence). From a politician's point of view, that is quite understandable. It's not a major electoral issue; it's not a vote winner. And Merkel is known for focusing her policies on vote maximization, so I'm not surprised."

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    When I was at MPEI, our dorm had a lot of Cubans in it. We got together to teach the Russians baseball - North America vs Europe, until the Russians got wise and demanded some Americans and Cubans for their team.

    I got to be friends with some of them. This was 1990, things were not so hot in the USSR, economically. I asked them if they were going back to Cuba after graduation. They looked at me as if I'd just told them I was a $cientologist, and said "no fucking way, we are staying here!". :yes:
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    Hmmm and I believed my English is getting better. Damn.:grouch:

    Na, not lots, but they get observed too. :wink2:

    Ich würde sagen, "der Übergang ist teilweise fließend".